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the fourth season...

4.1 + 4.2 Charmed Again (Feature Length Episode) (82' 48")

Piper and Phoebe grieve Prue's death and struggle with the demise of the Power of Three, until they discover their long-lost sister Paige whose existence has Phoebe and Piper fighting to save her from the source, who has 48 hours to turn her to the side of evil. Leo and Cole must stop an investigator from finding out the Halliwell secret.


4.3 Hell Hath No Fury (41' 37")

Paige uses the Book of Shadows for personal gain, while Piper's inability to deal with the Prue's death makes her vulnerable to the Furies.


4.4 Enter the Demon (42' 31")

Paige creates havoc when she mixes potions that switches her body with Phoebe and must battle evil that has opened a portal between two worlds.


4.5 Size Matters (40' 26")

A hideous demon shrinks Phoebe to a powerless five inches and uses her as bait to trap her sisters.


4.6 A Knight to Remember (41' 09")

When Paige discovers she was an evil enchantress in a past life after conjuring a medieval prince, Phoebe and Piper are trapped in the Dark Ages, leaving Paige and Leo to rescue them.


4.7 Brain Drain (42' 21")

When the Source taps into Piper's brain and alters her perception of reality. Phoebe and Paige must work quickly before she gives up all of their powers.


4.8 Black as Cole (40' 57")

Phoebe encounters Cole's demonic past when the sisters help track a widow seeking vengeance on a demon that killed her fiance. Paige helps Piper and Leo with their baby issues.


4.9 Muse to My Ears (40' 53")

The sisters fiercely battle Warlocks who are enslaving the world's muses to use their divine creative inspiration for evil.


4.10 A Paige from the Past (42' 46")

Haunted by her parent's tragic death, Paige travels with Leo back in time while Piper and Darryl must prevent the marriage of Phoebe and Cole, whose bodies are inhabited by outlaw ghosts.


4.11 Trial by Magic (42' 45")

Phoebe must convince other jury members of the existence of magic while Piper, Paige and Leo frantically search for the real killer in time to free the innocent man.


4.12 Lost and Bound (41' 16")

The sisters must teach a 10-year old Firestarter how to use his power for good, which also brings up issues for Piper and Leo who are keen on having children.


4.13 Charmed and Dangerous (42' 35")

The Source taps into the ultimate power of the Hollow, which consumes all magical powers, to unleash an ancient evil that goes after the sister's powers one by one, forcing the powerless Charmed Ones into a battle with the source, without Leo to heal them who has been shot with a poisoned arrow.


4.14 The Three Faces of Phoebe (42' 35")

When Phoebe casts a spell to decide if she should marry Cole, she faces her past and future, while Cole is unable to control the evil growing within him.


4.15 Marry-Go-Round (42' 44")

Phoebe fights her sisters on her wedding day while The Source, which has completely taken over Cole, orchestrates a demonic ceremony.


4.16 The Fifth Halliwell (42' 15")

Paige, who feels like a fifth wheel among her happily married sisters and husbands, becomes convinced that Cole is still evil.


4.17 Saving Private Leo (42' 41")

When two ghosts seek revenge on Leo by killing Piper, Phoebe and Paige face the horror of losing another sister.


4.18 Bite Me (41' 39)

With the hopes of unseating Cole as ruler of the Underworld, a Vampire Queen orders her fanged charges to attack Paige and turn her into a blood-sucker to get a Charmed One on their side. Paige's undead transformation isn't sealed until she takes her first victim, and the Vampire Queen urges her to feed on her own sisters.


4.19 We're Off to See the Wizard (42' 03")

Piper, Paige and Leo team up with a magical Wizard to stop the coronation of a new Source, not realizing that the new head of the Underworld is Cole and Phoebe is his Evil Queen-to-be.


4.20 Long Live the Queen (41' 34")

Phoebe has chosen to stay with Cole and take on the role as Queen of the Underworld, but a premonition of an innocent in danger compels her to rejoin her sisters. Word spreads that the Queen is responsible for saving an innocent and Phoebe and Cole may be facing a bloody coup, with the only solution to prove their dark allegiance being to kill Phoebe's family.


4.21 Womb Raider (40' 41")

As Phoebe's unborn baby starts to show signs of having fierce demonic powers and a violent hatred for Paige, The Seer plots to steal Phoebe's baby thereby gaining the power bestowed upon the heir of The Source.


4.22 Witch Way Now? (42' 03")

Phoebe, Piper and Paige are visited by the Angel of Destiny, who offers the Charmed Ones the chance to chart a new destiny as a reward for vanquishing the Source of All Evil. The sister can remain Charmed or choose to relinquish their powers and lead normal lives again. Piper and Leo learn some good news of their own.


Character Review: Paige (Includes some later season spoilers)
After the funeral, Paige and her boyfriend Shane went to a rooftop to make out and were attacked by Shax. Phoebe and Cole Turner observed the fight and that Paige unknowingly orbed out to avoid an attack by Shax. Her magical powers had been reawakened after Prue's death. Sadly Shane was not as lucky and was injured. Phoebe and Cole attacked Shax, but he and Paige both escaped. After checking on her boyfriend at the hospital and speaking to police, Paige went to the Halliwell Manor. She was together with her sisters and the Book of Shadows for the first time, thus reconstituting the Charmed Ones. This reunion was interrupted by Shax, but Piper and Phoebe were able to get Paige to assist them in saying the spell which would vanquish him. Freaked out by what she saw, Paige ran off. Hoping he could turn Paige evil before she cemented any bonds with her sisters, The Source possessed Shane in hopes of getting her to use her powers to kill a man falsely accused of abusing his child (in reality it was the mother, and the father was covering, and refused to do so anymore). Paige then went to meet the nun who she was given to as a baby, who told her angels left her at the church.  Paige was approached by Piper and Phoebe, who told her that, like Prue, she had the power to move objects with her mind: Telekinesis. Skeptically, Paige tried to move a candle by waving her hand at it, and failed. While saying that she must not be one of them if she could not make a candle move, she gestured at it again, and the candle disappeared from its stand and reappeared in her hand. Paige soon learned she could orb objects by calling for them verbally. She was then approached by a Source-possessed Shane, claiming someone was hunting him. She left with him, fleeing the sisters. The Source of All Evil then took Paige back to Shane's place where he tempted her to use her powers to kill the man who she thought was abusing his child. Later at work Paige was killing him by calling out his heart, but Phoebe and Piper were able to stop her and Leo orbed her to the Halliwell home. It was discovered that the man was innocent and it was his wife who was abusing the child. The Source of All Evil then dealt a mortal blow to Cole, leaving him to die slowly. Back at the manor Paige threw a fit, and The Source of All Evil attacked them. The Source of All Evil tried to tempt her into evil, but she chose to be with her sisters when The Source attacked Phoebe. The Source then boasted of killing Cole and tried to kill a police inspector who was spying on the sisters, but the inspector was saved by the healing powers of Leo Wyatt. The sisters and Leo then found Cole and were able to use the combined powers of Leo and Paige to heal him. Paige then reconciled with her sisters, but Shane, having jumbled memories of his possession, left Paige. Phoebe and Piper then took her back to their home and used a spell to summon the spirit of Patricia Halliwell to reunite the long separated mother and daughter.  Like Prue, Paige has the power of telekinesis. However, it works differently due to her Whitelighter side: when she calls the name of an object it will orb to her. For instance if a Demon threw a fireball at her, she would hold out her hand toward it, yell "Fireball!" and be able to orb it away from herself, or even right back at the demon who threw it. She does not have to be terribly accurate with the words she uses, being able to orb away some acidic demon spit with the words "Icky stuff". She also orbs a shuriken away from Phoebe Halliwell with the words "Weapon..Thingy!" She can also orb someone to herself; she once orbed a leprachaun to her by yelling "leprachaun!". She is the first person ever known in good magic to have this power, as she was the first whitelighter/witch. This is called telekinetic orbing. She has shown signs of power advancement like when she orbed Excalibur to the attic without calling for it in a season six episode. However, this was one of only a few times she did this. When unable to speak, Paige was able to telekinetically orb Wyatt to herself as Piper and Phoebe interlocked arms with her and called out, "Wyatt". Also, in season eight, she could orb the dollhouse to the attic without saying anything. She was able to make white lights move around her and Henry's heads when she told him that she was a witch, similar to Leo's conjuration of lights on his wedding day and in the sixties. It is also evident that Paige can now orb people and demons to any location by saying the location, for example, she orbed Phoebe back to the manor by saying, "Home!". Also, in season 8 episode, she orbed the demon Krychek to Magic School by saying "Magic School!". Another orbing advancement through the years came in her ability to orb things away and seemingly making them disappear. Towards the end of season eight, Paige finally orbed demons and people with her powers. The most prominent example is when she orbed a member of the triad directly into a fireball thrown by a different member.  Her Whitelighter side allows her to use Whitelighter powers such as orbing, glamouring (changing one's appearance), sensing her charges and sisters, healing, and hovering. This is a major advancement because for a long time the show explained her inability to heal with being a "half-whitelighter." But due to the fact that she has started to work for the Elders as a whitelighter, it is likely that that is the reason for the advancement, and sensing people. Due to her being a Charmed One, Paige can write and cast powerful spells as well as make potions.  Paige's orbing ability is also roughly comparable to the usefulness of Prue's astral projection ability, largely refilling that lost niche in the sisters' powers. It proved more beneficial in that Paige could teleport her entire self and other objects and people to other locations, whereas Prue could only project herself to another location temporarily. However, unlike Prue, Paige lacks the ability to be in two places at once.

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