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the seventh season...

7.1 A Call To Arms

Reeling from the loss of their future son Chris, an overprotective Piper and Barbas-obsessed Leo are forced by Phoebe and Paige to attend a Hindu wedding, where they inadvertently receive the powers of the Hindu's Ultimate Lovers, Shakti, the Goddess of Creation and her lover, Shiva, the God of Destruction.


7.2 The Bare Witch Project

Paige almost loses her fight to save Magic School when a bored student accidentally conjures Lady Godiva and Lord Dyson, a demonic land baron who feeds off humans' repressed emotions.


7.3 Cheaper by the Coven

Against Piper's wishes, Paige and Phoebe summon Grams for Chris's wiccaning. To put an end to the brother's sibling rivalry, Grams puts a spell on them, but in the process turns the sisters back to bickering teenagers.


7.4 Charrrmed!

On a search to find witches who have been disappearing, Paige encounters Captain Black Jack Cutting, an infamous 18th century pirate who is searching for the Fountain of Youth to reverse a curse that causes him to age but never die.


7.5 Styx Feet Under

When a demon, Sirk, tries to destroy his human half by killing off his remaining blood relatives, Paige casts a spell that inadvertently blocks all death from occurring. Annoyed that he now has a back-log of work, the Angel of Death insists that the Charmed Ones help him clean up the mess and "kills" Piper so she can help him restore the Grand Design.


7.6 Once in a Blue Moon

The Elders' suspicion of Leo causes them to assign a new Whitelighter to the girls. However, when the new Whitelighter is nearly killed by beasts, the Elders blame the attack on Leo. Trying to prove Leo's innocence, Piper, Phoebe and Paige discover that the beasts are actually the Charmed Ones' themselves, transformed by a blue moon.


7.7 Someone to Witch Over Me

Agent Brody convinces Paige to help him solve a mysterious string of accidents, only to discover that the demon Sarpedon is capturing innocents' Guardian angels and using them to protect himself from the forthcoming threat of a New Power.


7.8 Charmed Noir

While investigating a murder at Magic School, Paige and Agent Brody are sucked into an unfinished novel written twenty years ago by two students. They suddenly find themselves in a 1930s film noir, where they are chased by gangsters in pursuit of the famed Burmese Falcon.


7.9 There's Something About Leo

Leo reveals to Piper that he is an Avatar, despite the warnings from Alpha and Beta that Piper should find out in her own time. Phoebe and Paige call on Kyle for help, but his reaction to the news causes disastrous results.


7.10 Witchness Protection

The Avatars insist that Leo protect the Seer because she has information that can help them destroy the demons. The Seer shares with Phoebe a vision of a future in which there are no demons, leading the sisters to consider the possibility that the Avatars might be good and allowing Leo the opportunity to admit he is an Avatar.


7.11 Ordinary Witches

Still not completely sure that the Avatars mean well, Piper agrees to switch powers with Phoebe so that she too can see Phoebe's premonition of a Utopian world. During the spell, Zankou, the most powerful demon in the underworld, senses the girls' vulnerability and attacks them, accidentally transferring their powers to innocent bystanders, who run amok with their new abilities.


7.12 Extreme Makeover: World Edition

While the Avatars prepare to transform the world into a Utopia, they inform the Charmed Ones that the human world must be put to sleep so that they can kill any remaining demons. Brody, doubting the Avatars good intentions, calls the Elders for help but is instead kidnapped by Zankou and agrees to help Zankou stop the change by placing a paranoia spell on Piper, Phoebe and Paige. During the Utopian transformation, Brody uses Paige's paranoia to attract and kill an Avatar. However, Brody pays a high price for his actions.


7.13 Charmageddon

While the Charmed Ones enjoy their new conflict-free world, Leo learns that in order for the Avatars to protect their Utopian world, they also control everyone's destiny by deciding who lives and dies. Wanting to stop the Avatars, Leo joins forces with Zankou to undo the change. Paige receives a special surprise and Leo's fate relies on the Elders.


7.14 Carpe Demon

When Paige attempts to hire a new professor for Magic School, she learns that one of the candidates, Drake, is an ex-demon who made a deal with a demonic Sorcerer to become human.


7.15 Show Ghouls

When Darryl fears his friend Mike is possessed, Phoebe, Paige and Drake discover that Mike had been working close to a site where a cabaret was destroyed in a fire in 1899, killing hundreds of people. The spirit of one of the victims is using Mike to plead for help on behalf of all the Lost Souls who are trapped in the cabaret, forced to relive that night for eternity.


7.16 The Seven Year Witch

Already stressed out awaiting word on Leo's fate, Piper is attacked by demons and ends up in a coma. Stuck in the cosmic void between life and death, Piper's spirit is surprised to find Cole waiting for her and even more surprised when he tells her that he is there to help keep her and Leo together, which he hopes will restore Phoebe's faith in love.


7.17 Scry Hard

Zankou sends his underlings to attack Leo in hopes of luring the sisters out of their house so that he can search for the Nexus and release the Shadow, the ultimate power. Terrified after witnessing demons attack his parents, Wyatt magically shrinks Piper and Leo and traps them inside a dollhouse for their protection.


7.18 Little Box of Horrors

The Charmed Ones are in a race against time when the mythological Pandora's Box falls into the hands of Katya, a shapeshifting demon who intends to open the box and fill the world with all of its sorrows. Phoebe and Piper try to find Hope, the Guardian who can return any released evil spirits to the box.


7.19 Freaky Phoebe

After a spell is cast on Phoebe by the power-hungry sorceress Imara, their souls switch bodies and Phoebe ends up becoming trapped in a cage.


7.20 Imaginary Fiends

Unbeknownst to the Charmed Ones, baby Wyatt's new "imaginary" friend is actually the demon Vicus, who is trying to win Wyatt's trust to turn him evil. Piper casts a spell to be able to understand baby Wyatt, but inadvertently brings 25-year-old Wyatt back from the future.


7.21 Death Becomes Them

Zankou's plan to make the sisters vulnerable so that he can take control of the Book of Shadows starts to work when Phoebe is left guilt-ridden after a classmate is brutally killed in front of her and comes back from the dead to blame her. Also part of Zankou's plan, Paige is devastated when she finds her new charge dead and realizes she was powerless to save her.


7.22 Something Wicca This Way Goes

With the Book of Shadows finally in his possession, Zankou plans to open the Spiritual Nexus and take in the power of the Shadow. To divert Zankou's attention away from the Nexus, Piper, Phoebe and Paige successfully goad him into coming after them instead. The sisters come to the realization that the only way to stop Zankou may be to sacrifice themselves.


Character Review: Leo Wyatt (contains minor spoilers for next season)
Leo was born May 6, 1924 in San Francisco, California, the son of Christopher Wyatt, and grew up in Burlingame, CaliforniaLeo was once a medic for the United States Army in World War II. He was also married during this time, to a woman named Lillian. While taking part in the Battle of Guadalcanal, two friends of his, brothers named Nathan and Rick were killed, on November 14, 1942. Upon his own death a short time later, Leo became a whitelighter for his good deeds. Leo is a pacifist, disallowed by the Elders to kill. Leo has watched over many of his charges: those who were future Whitelighters and good witches. After his death, he went to Lillian in a dream and encouraged her to move on with her life.  In the late 60s, Leo befriended Penny and Allen Halliwell, the grandmother and grandfather of the Charmed Ones. One of his fellow trainees was a woman named Natalie, with whom Leo became good friends after World War II.  Leo was sent by the Elders as the Whitelighter of the Charmed Ones. Because he wasn't supposed to reveal himself as a Whitelighter to them yet, Leo got a job from the sisters as a handyman fixing up their old house. Phoebe and Piper immediately became attracted to him. As Leo worked on their house, Piper and Phoebe competed for his attention, though he found favor in Piper, and Phoebe was only attempting to make both Piper and Leo jealous. Piper invited him for dinner at Quake to look over stain samples to refinish the wood in the house.  Although Piper and Leo started dating and consummated their relationship, he had to leave her because relationships between witches and whitelighters were not allowed. Leo was forced to be given another charge, but he watched over and guided the Charmed Ones on many occasions.  When Leo returned, Phoebe discovered him using his levitation to change a light bulb and he confessed the truth to her. He was later injured by a Darklighter's poison arrow, attempting to protect his charge Daisy, and went to the manor for aid, where Piper learned he was a whitelighter. Piper used a spell to switch powers with Leo, so she could heal him while Phoebe and Prue protected Daisy and vanquished the darklighter in love with Daisy. Although Leo offered to give up being a whitelighter to be with Piper, she didn't want him to turn away from his calling.  Piper went to the future with Phoebe and Prue, and learned that she and Leo were divorced, and they had a daughter named Melinda HalliwellPiper tried to move on, and started a romance with her new neighbor Dan GordonThe Elders have a rule of not healing when the injury/disease is not caused by a demon. Leo broke that rule when he saved Piper from a deadly disease. Because of that, Leo was suspended from being a whitelighter for at least three months.  Leo eventually earned his wings back as well as Piper's heart. He asked Piper to marry him when they got back from the Whitelighter Dimension.  A warlock named Eames was killing many witches and other supernatural beings to reach his great goal. A whitelighter named Natalie went to Leo and the Charmed Ones for help. Phoebe had confided in Leo that she didn't really vanquish Cole. The Whitelighter Elders were so happy with the Charmed Ones performance against Eames they lifted their probation on Leo and allowed him to be engaged to Piper.  The ceremony was performed by Grams, and the Elders allowed Patricia Halliwell to return from the dead for one day to witness her daughter's wedding. The ceremony was also attended by Phoebe Halliwell, Prue Halliwell, Victor Bennett, Cole Turner and Darryl Morris. Although the marriage was considered legal in the magical world, it was not in the mortal world, due to Leo and Grams' status as being legally dead.  Soon after, Piper became pregnant, she and Leo had their powers swapped by their unborn baby for a short time, until they learned to appreciate how hard each other's lives are. Piper gave birth to their son, Wyatt Matthew Halliwell. Piper named the baby Wyatt after Leo's last name for being a very protective father and to honor his past life.  When Piper and Leo's arguing began affecting Piper's powers, Phoebe suggested that they visit a marriage counselor. Piper cast a spell that allowed them to relive the good and difficult times during their relationship, which reminded them of why they got married. But as well as reaffirming their relationship, the session allowed them to realize that they had issues to work out.  Leo's marriage to Piper was turbulent, especially when he became promoted to an Elder after saving them. As an Elder, Leo was not allowed to live with his family, though he promised always to watch over them. However, Leo is highly mistrustful of the new whitelighter Chris Perry, and stays involved in the family's life as he tries to figure Chris out. Chris seems no more fond of Leo than Leo is of Chris, though later, when it is revealed that Chris is actually Leo and Piper's second son. Chris admits that Leo was always there for Wyatt, for the Charmed Ones, but never for him, as he was often eclipsed by Wyatt's "Chosen One" and ultimate power status. Chris's presence in the past, coupled with his unerring dedication to saving little Wyatt from the evil that corrupts him, helps them mend the relationship.  Leo loses him, however, when Chris is stabbed by Gideon, a fellow Elder and the headmaster of Magic School. At that point he has realized that Gideon was the one trying to kill Wyatt. Leo also realizes that Barbas had cornered him and made him live his worst fear - killing an elder and the older (evil) Wyatt killing him. He realized that Barbas must have been working with Gideon. While he has lost Chris, he still has the opportunity to save Wyatt, and goes after Gideon, killing him and saving Wyatt from becoming evil. While on the run and hiding the truth from the other Elders, Leo becomes reunited with his family, Leo eventually clips his wings and becomes the headmaster of Magic School, staying with his family.  In season eight, Leo is taken by the Angel of Destiny in exchange for his life, so that Piper will be motivated to fulfill her ultimate destiny. He is returned to her briefly when she and Billie alone survive the great battle, taking her away to Phoebe's condo and bringing her back to rationality. He is taken away again when Piper goes back in time, but is ultimately reunited with his family, living to see his grandchildren with Piper.

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