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List of the spells used in the series

To Invoke the Power of Three

Hear now the words of the Witches,

The secrets we hid in the night,

The oldest of Gods are invoked here,

The great work of magick is sought

In this night and in this hour,

We call upon the ancient power

Bring your powers to us sisters three,

We want the power,

Give us the power


Power of Three Spell

The Power of Three will set us free

The Power of Three will set us free

The Power of Three will set us free


Summoning a Lost Witch

Powers of the witches rise

Course unseen across the skies

Come to us who call you near

Come to us and settle here


To Vanquish the Source

Prudence, Penelope, Patricia, Melinda

Astrid, Helena, Laura, and Grace

Halliwell witches stand strong beside us

Vanquish this evil from time and space


Vanishing Spell

Let the object of objection become but a dream

As I cause this scene to be unseen


To Banish the Woogyman

I am light

I am one too strong to fight

Return to dark where shadows dwell

You cannot have this Halliwell

So go away and leave my sight

And take with you this endless night


To Summon Belthazor

Magic forces black or white

Reaching out through space and light

Be he far or be he near

Bring us the demon Belthazor here


To Summon a Spirit

Hear these words, hear my cry

Spirit from the other side

Come to me, I summon thee

Cross now the great divide


To Summon the Book of Shadows

I call upon this ancient power

To help us in this darkest hour

Let the Book return to this place

Claim refuge in its rightful place


To Vanquish the Demon Cryto

What Witch is done, is now undone

Return this spirit back within

And separate him from his skin


Spell to Hear Secret Thoughts

For those who want the truth revealed,

Open hearts and secrets unsealed,

From now until it's now again

After which the memory ends

For those who are now in this house

Shall hear the truth from their own mouths


Erase A Memory






All of these you hold

onto tightly

What I now mention

you will release.


To Bind

I take your hands

in mine

And with this string

I will entwine

Your powers

I'll forever bind

From now until

the end of time


Past Life Spell

Remove the chains of time and space

And make my spirit soar.

Let these mortal arms embrace

The life that haunts before.


to Reverse Awakening Spell

What was awakened

from it's sleep,

Must once again

slumber deep.

Return the disease

to whence it came

So life can ease

back to the same.


Shax Vanquishing Spell

Evil wind that blows

That which forms below

No longer may you dwell

Death takes you with this spell.


Enchanted Object Love Spell

From strike of twelve

Count twenty-four

That's how long this spell is for

If to abate my lonely heart

Enchant these gifts

I thee impart.


To Banish Suxen (Nexus)

From ancient time

This power came

For all to have

And none to remain

Take it now

Show no mercy

For this power can no longer be.


Time Travel Spell

Hear these words

Hear the rhyme

Heed the hope within my mind

Send me back to where I'll find

What I wish from space and time


Banshee Tracking Spell

Let the piercing cry that feeds on pain

And leaves more sorrow than it gains

Shall now be heard by one who seeks

To stop the havoc that it reeks


Bring together my prince and me.

Bring together my prince and me

let him fall on bended knee

I summon him to my side

that he may take me to be his lawfull bride


Character Review: Chris Halliwell
He is the second son of Leo Wyatt and Piper Halliwell, younger brother of Wyatt Halliwell on the show. He is the third known "Whitelighter hybrid" on the show.  Chris first appeared on the show to warn the Charmed Ones of the impending danger of the Titans. He claimed to be a Whitelighter from the future, but could not answer all their questions, as they might affect the future in ways they could not foresee. Although he was helpful in the defeat of the Titans, he orchestrated the promotion of Leo as an Elder.  When Leo left to stay in the Heavens, Chris was appointed the Charmed Ones' Whitelighter. Leo was suspicious of him because he would not reveal his full history. As Leo departed Chris altered Leo's course mid-orb to send him to Valhalla. Later, Chris uses his telekinesis to kill a Valkyrie by crushing her heart. Chris began sending the Charmed Ones after numerous Demons with little to no explanation, with a focus and passion reminiscent of Prue. He also had several side agendas which were not revealed for some time. He was forced to take a potion to block Phoebe Halliwell's newly emerged empath powers so that she would be unable to read him. Leo later uncovered evidence that he had killed two Valkyries but opted not to use it because Chris had finally earned the Charmed Ones' trust.  Leo and Chris remained at odds, though Chris did unintentionally use the first wish from a Genie to gain Leo's trust, friendship and forgiveness. It wasn't until Phoebe saw a brown-haired younger brother of Wyatt several years in the future in a premonition, that she uncovered the truth that Chris was her nephew and Piper's son. When she confronted Chris about this, he finally broke his silence and said "only if I can get Piper and Leo back together in time". After telling Phoebe this, he enlisted her help to have Piper and Leo sleep together so he could be conceived before he would cease to exist. Chris was conceived thanks to a night spent in the ghostly plane between Piper and a mortally wounded Leo. Chris, Phoebe and Paige managed to rescue them from this alternate world and have Gideon heal Leo from his Darklighter arrow wound just in time.  Chris apparently died from wounds suffered in a fight with Gideon just after becoming close with Leo and solving the mystery of who was after his "baby" older brother. His body disappeared as he passed away, however, proving that he had changed the future and that perhaps an alternate Chris with different memories would survive. Hours after the future Chris's death, the present Chris was born.  In the final episode, a very much alive Chris once again arrives from the future, this time with Wyatt in tow, because young Wyatt's powers were taken from him by the Hollow, rendering future Wyatt powerless. Since this Chris comes from a future in which Wyatt remains good, he is a different Chris from the one who died at Gideon's hands. In the end, Wyatt's powers were returned.

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