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The Power of Three (November 1999)

Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell didn't think reading a magical incantation would really work. But it did. Now Prue can move things with her mind, Piper can freeze time, and Phoebe can see the future. They are the Charmed Ones -- the most powerful of witches.  But being enchanted has a price. There's a warlock who wants to steal their powers. And he'll do it any way he can -- even if it means killing them!


The Kiss Of Darkness (July 2000)

Something changed Prue Halliwell on New Year's Eve, when a stranger gave her the most passionate kiss of her life. Now Prue feels driven to kiss every man she meets.  At first, Piper and Phoebe think the new Prue is fun. But when Prue grows weaker with every kiss, the Charmed Ones know that evil is at work. Now Piper and Phoebe must save their sister, but can they do it with only the Power of Two?


The Crimson Spell (July 2000)

Prue, Piper, and Phoebe don't know that a coven of warlocks is hunting them. They don't know that one of the warlocks has entered their lives disguised as a friend. And they don't know the coven's mission -- to drain them of their magical powers, even if it means destroying them to do it! Now the Charmed Ones must figure out which of their friends is really their enemy.  Because sometimes what you don't know -- can kill you.


Whispers From The Past (October 2000)

Phoebe Halliwell is having a very bad day: A demon has pulled her centuries into the past. She has no way to tell her sisters she's alive, no way to get back to her own time -- and the demon is trying to kill her.  Back in the present, Prue and Piper are devastated at losing their sister. But that isn't their only problem. Something is wrong with them, too. Somehow, they're turning...evil.  But why? And how can they stop it -- without the Power of Three?


Voodoo Moon (October 2000)

It's time to party in New Orleans. The Halliwell sisters are on vacation in New Orleans.

But on Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's first night in the Big Easy, Phoebe has a dream filled with images of strange, violent rituals under a full moon.  When the Charmed Ones try to find her, they are drawn into a dark world of voodoo sorcery.  Soon after, a new friend of Prue's disappears -- on the night of the full moon! When the Charmed Ones try to find her, they are drawn into a dark world of voodoo sorcery...a powerful magic like nothing the sisters have ever seen.


Haunted by Desire (December 2000)

Phoebe Halliwell thinks taking a college course will add some intellectual excitement to her life. And she is definitely excited when she meets Brett, a gorgeous guy in her class. Too bad he's got a jealous ex-girlfriend, Wendy.  When Brett and Phoebe spend time together on a class assignment, Phoebe starts to receive threatening notes. Wendy's the obvious culprit, so why does Phoebe sense that the notes are from someone else—someone with supernatural powers?


The Gypsy Enchantment (April 2001)

Prue is in a serious funk. Her latest photo assignment for 415 is an in-depth article about the Carnival Cavalcade—circus acts in a tent, and a midway with games and food. Prue hates circuses, but Piper and Phoebe are up for meeting the tattooed snake-charmer, clowns, and especially Ivan, the handsome Gypsy animal trainer. But a dark sign seems to make him, and Phoebe has a vision of Piper—strangled by a handsome stranger!  Could Ivan be a demon in disguise? A mysterious fire and a tragic death compel the Charmed Ones to use their gifts. Now it's the Power of Three against the magic of ancient Gypsy forces!


The Legacy Of Merlin (June 2001)

Prue lands a summer trip to England to buy medieval books for a collector, so Phoebe and Piper tag along to the quaint village of Hay-on-Wye, in the heart of King Arthur country. While Piper reads how to make love charms from flowers, Phoebe meets the darkly and some Niall. But she's shaken by a desolate vision of him on a windswept heath, holding an infant. Is Niall a warlock?  Then Piper discovers a secret Druid ritual in progress, with Niall at the center of it! She freezes the group, and the Charmed Ones set out to discover Niall's secret. They learn that a local villager is in terrible danger from the Druids, and only a magical spell from centuries past can save her. The Charmed Ones are convinced that only a long journey can win against the Druids—a voyage back in time to Camelot!


Soul of the Bride (August 2001)

Prue's editor at 415 magazine offers her a challenge: if she takes a really fantastic photo, he'll run it on the cover. This could be Prue's big break—if she can come up with a killer concept. Then Prue gets the idea to shoot a group of models in the Halliwells' Victorian mansion. She'll even use an antique camera to capture the style of an old-time photo.  But when Prue snaps the shutter, all the models collapse into a deathly slumber! To rescue the innocents, the Charmed Ones descend into Hades, fighting underworld perils and uncovering an unholy plot. To rescue the missing models, they must match wits with the greatest of the ancient Greek gods—and one of the sisters might not be allowed to return to her mortal life.


Beware What You Wish (October 2001)

While photographing Stephen Tremaine, a wealthy businessman running for public office, Prue notices an ancient stone statue from South America. Then, the next morning, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are disturbed by the number of tragic incidents in the news. Wishing she could foresee more calamities in order to prevent them, Phoebe suddenly gets dizzy, but the feeling passes.  Soon Phoebe is having more visions than she can handle—and the sisters can't keep up with the impending accidents and disasters. Then a terrible vision sends the Halliwells to a charity carnival, where Tremaine will face his opponent. The Charmed Ones must summon the Power of Three to avert a tragedy and save San Francisco—if they can find out which disaster to stop!


Charmed Again (March 2002)

Piper and Phoebe Halliwell are devastated by the loss of their big sister, Prue. But even in their grief they can't forget that they, too, are in mortal danger. The power of the Charmed Ones has been broken, leaving them prey to every form of evil. Even Leo, their Whitelighter, and Cole, Phoebe's demon boyfriend, can't protect them.   In frustration and despair, Piper casts a spell to summon a lost witch and bring back her beloved Prue. The spell does work, but not as Piper intended. A lost witch is found -- heir to a shocking Halliwell family secret. But can Piper and Phoebe persuade her to assume her powers and complete the Power of Three? Click here to order this book


Spirit Of The Wolf (May 2002)

A Native American group is suspected in the bizarre goings-on at a new Sierra Nevada resort. Some say the spirit of a powerful shaman and his brother, the wolf, have returned. The only claim the tribe has to the land is a wampum belt, which is missing. The wolf knows where it is, and Phoebe can find out by touching him to cause one of her visions. But now the wolf is hunted--and only the Power of Three can save him.  At a remote resort in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a tree bursts into flames, an animal skull oozes blood, and a wolf threatens to attack, then vanishes like a ghost. The police suspect a nearly extinct Native American group that was forced off the resort's land long ago. Others blame the owners of the resort for defiling sacred tribal lands.  Phoebe and Paige arrive for a pre-opening weekend and some sisterly bonding, but are soon drawn into danger by incidents both natural and unnatural. A powerful shaman holds the key to the mystery with his secret knowledge -- knowledge that is shared by the wolf haunting the land. The sisters call upon Piper, Leo, and Cole for guidance -- and summon all their powers to confront a demon as cunning as any they have ever encountered!


Garden Of Evil By Emma Harrison (July 2002)

The Halliwell sisters and their honeys are enjoying a rare afternoon off from fighting evil. Even though the two couples try to keep the vibe free of romance, Paige can't help feeling like a fifth wheel. But where to find a guy who not only embodies everything she wants in a boyfriend but will also understand her witchy lifestyle? Then while saving an innocent, Paige connects -- with the girl's boyfriend, Micah.  Micah seems perfect -- he's attractive and attentive, and he lives in a beautiful mansion in the hills outside San Francisco. Paige thinks he could be her Prince Charming. But the fairy tale turns sinister when he invites her into his garden -- an enchanted prison from which there is no escape and where the strongest bonds are those of love.


Date With Death (September 2002)

As Piper and Leo contemplate parenthood, and Phoebe and Cole enjoy their engagement, Paige is feeling more of a push to find a significant other. In a moment of whimsy, she signs up for an online dating service. Needless to say, she soon finds herself flooded with eager responses. Almost every night she embarks on a new date that seems to lead nowhere -- despite the fact that Paige has a perfectly good time when she's out.   Or does she? Before long the sisters discover that Paige spends her "dates" in a catatonic trance -- she hasn't actually gone anywhere! Soon afterward her suitors are discovered to have committed evil acts. Paige is acting as a conduit for dark powers -- and soon she is projecting her energies onto her sisters. Will Piper and Phoebe be able to save her using only the Power of Two?


Dark Vengeance (November 2002)

The Charmed Ones are feeling out of sorts. Phoebe misses Cole, who's gone away for a week of solitary reflection. Piper is overwhelmed with the responsibilities of overseeing her household, Charmed affairs, and P3, her nightclub. Paige is still adjusting to her role as a savior of innocents, and is increasingly sensitive to all levels of human pain.  Soon, though, Piper is distracted by an energetic musician auditioning to play at the club, Phoebe is making a new friend in her Web design class, and Paige is meeting new people at the homeless shelter where she volunteers. But it isn't long before the girls discover that a sinister force is working against them; Phoebe's short-term memory is shot, Piper can't control her emotions, and Paige feels thoroughly exhausted. At the same time, their powers are diminished. Could their new acquaintances be connected to the threat? It's a real-life family feud -- one that could have deadly results....


Shadow of the Sphinx (January 2003)

Paige Matthews is having a minor identity crisis. She is slowly but surely embracing her long lost sisters' witchy ways, but she doesn't want to overstep her boundaries. After all, she wouldn't ever want to replace Prue Halliwell -- even if she could. So Paige considers it a stroke of luck when, one day, her experiments with magic turn her into a cat. Who knew she had a knack for shape-shifting?  One problem: She can't shift herself back. Her sisters inadvertently betray her when they deposit her at a local animal shelter. Suddenly she finds herself the familiar of a cult that worships ancient Egyptian deities, and is catapulted into ancient Egypt! Piper and Phoebe discover the identity of the stray cat and rally a rescue mission, only to discover another cat-woman, also entrapped within a fortress-like sphinx. This kitty is one feline femme fatale, and the sisters are going to have to put human heads together to defeat her!


Something Wiccan This Way Comes (March 2003)

Paige Matthews is new to the whole "Power of Three" thing, and looking to explore her powers. So when she reads of a Wiccan convention taking place just outside of Las Vegas, she thinks it's a great opportunity for her and her sisters to learn more about their witchy ways. Though the girls are all over saving innocents, they aren't that heavy into Wicca practices, and Paige thinks the retreat could be enlightening.  Piper and Phoebe, however aren't so sure. They're certain that while they spend their days battling honest-to-badness black magic, their so-called supernatural sisters will be nothing more than a bunch of blessed wanna-bes. Soon though, they hear a rash of murders committed against practicing Wiccans, and making an appearance at the convention becomes top priority. But as they head for the desert campgrounds, are the Charmed Ones headed straight for disaster?


Mist And Stone (May 2003)

Paige Matthews is accustomed to the requirements of her job as a social worker, and she's willing to endure substandard pay, long hours, and emotional drain. After all, she wants to make a difference -- sometimes in a non-Charmed capacity. But she is unprepared for the anger and rage she encounters in Todd Corman, a young boy who has been bounced from caregiver to caregiver for so long that he doesn't trust authority. Still, Paige is sympathetic and determined to break through.  But when Phoebe stops by the agency for a quick hello, she is rocked by a vision that involves Todd. Strangely, the vision is shrouded in fog. After some investigation, Leo explains that this particular mist has nothing to do with the weather, but rather suggests that Todd's fate may not be set in stone. Todd has been targeted, and if the Charmed Ones are going to reverse destiny, they're going to have to race against the clock!


Mirror Image (July 2003)

Phoebe Halliwell is stunned when her latest vision involves her younger half sister, Paige. The vision reveals to her that Paige is actually an imposter who will infiltrate the Power of Three and break it apart. However, Piper is dismissive when she learns of Phoebe's concerns -- so much so that Cole and Leo end up taking sides as well. Before long, all involved are on edge.  Paige senses that her sisters are acting strangely around her, so when she meets Timothy McBride, an attractive young stranger who purports to be a witch, she decides not to tell them. She wants to have something of her own, separate from her Charmed duties. Secrets are estranging the sisters from one another, and the timing isn't good. Women are turning up all over the city, dead by supernatural causes. The perpetrator may be connected to the sisters' past -- but if they can't work together, they might not be able to stop him.


Between Worlds (November 2003)

The Halliwell sisters are no strangers to Halloween hijinks. But this year, the Wiccan celebration of Samhain is met with a rash of destruction throughout the city. Upon further investigation, the Charmed Ones learn that the demolished buildings they've heard about are actually melting. These sites are in fact the location of dimensional portals, and they're under attack.   Piper, Phoebe, and Paige will need to secure these barriers in order to prevent all havoc from being released. But the demon working against them is no ordinary monster; it's a wraith, the product of a grief-stricken young witch seeking to resurrect her lost love. And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....


Truth And Consequences (November 2003)

Cole is working late, and her sisters are having a girls' night in, so on the spur of the moment, Phoebe accepts what seems like an innocent date with a friendly stranger. But good intentions are quickly misconstrued when Cole leaves work early to surprise Phoebe - and is stunned to find her sharing a meal with another man.  Cole can't believe that Phoebe would betray him, and Phoebe can't believe Cole would even think she'd betray him. Their escalating argument quickly highlights some fundamental trust issues they each harbor. But soon they discover themselves trapped in the underworld, at the center of a lovelorn demon's plot to destroy the Power of Three. If Cole and Phoebe can't reconcile their suspicions and insecurities, there's more than their own relationship at risk!


Luck Be A Lady (January 2006)

Phoebe Halliwell may be ready to turn over a new leaf as a single gal, but her newly redemonized ex-husband, Cole, isn't ready to let her go. Aware of a supernatural plot against the Charmed Ones, Cole keeps watch over Phoebe, and intercedes at the moment of battle, only to accidentally create a rip in time. Cole disappears to WWII-era Hollywood - and brings the sisters with him!  While the Charmed Ones are no strangers to extreme circumstances, what they didn't anticipate was a demonic stronghold shaking down local businesses. TO infiltrate the evil underground, Paige poses as a young starlet, working an entirely different kind of magic before the camera. Meanwhile, Piper is tempted to seek out Leo -in this world, he's still human - and Phoebe is at her wit's end contending with Cole. But a demon henchman is working the black magic mojo on Paige, and if her sisters don't focus, before long they'll find themselves completely out of luck!


Inherit The Witch (March 2004)

As the Charmed Ones know, it's difficult to adjust to the ideas of having powers and saving innocents -- that's one of the reasons that their Grams bound their powers until the sisters were ready to receive them. In fact, many witch clans keep the powers of their young dormant until the recipient of the power reaches a certain age.  In Juliana O'Farrell's clan, that age is thirteen -- the exact age of her daughter, Lily. By the day after her thirteenth birthday, though, Lily's powers haven't manifested, and Juliana's worried that a demon may have stripped her daughter's magic. Enter the Halliwell sisters. But Lily's too much of a typical teen to welcome witch chaperones. She'd much rather sneak out to hang with her rebellious friend, Drew. Could Drew's bad behavior be related to Lily's missing magic? It's going to take the Power of Three to get to the bottom of this adolescent angst!


The Book of Three

This guide features a series overview, character profiles, interviews, and fun facts about all things Charmed! Packed with photos, this book is sure to charm fans of the popular show.


Tale of Two Pipers (March 2004)

Piper's a major stress case. When an innocent wish creates two Pipers, it seems the problem's solved - two Pipers can do twice as much work. But when Darklighters kidnap Leo, both Pipers are powerless. Two heads aren't always better than one...


The Brewing Storm (August 2004)

The sisters aren't surprised to learn that a streak of freak weather is a harbinger of danger - but to avert disaster, they'll have to go straight to a supernatural source!


Survival of the Fittest (September 2004)

Alien abduction fever has gripped San Francisco. People everywhere are reporting loved ones missing...only to have them show up at home with no recollection of having been gone. The Charmed Ones can't help but become involved, especially when Phoebe receives a letter to her advice column from a woman who's convinced her sister was "taken." The victim says she was just out, but since she's returned, she's developed an almost demonic devotion to a new workout program. The workout program in question, created by Meg Winship, has become incredibly popular in the Bay Area. Even Piper, after seeing an infomercial, suddenly finds herself jogging to the "Winship Way." Luckily there's a rally being held in San Francisco in the next few days. Meg Winship herself will appear to further inspire and thank her new disciples. If there's something supernatural involved, as the sisters suspect, the fitness fiesta is their best bet to figure out who -- or what -- is in charge of the chaos.


Seasons Of The Witch, Vol. 1 (September 2004)

Three thrilling stories by varied authors, regarding the Charmed sisters.

Samhain: Halloween traditionally a time to reflect, a time of divination, and a time to honor the ancients. But Phoebe's plan to communicate with her ancestors are cut short when she's recruited to help reunite a star-crossed, magical couple.

Yule: The longest night of the year. And when Paige enters an all-night party at a local club, she finds herself at the center of an evil plot to bring about permanent midnight.

Imbolic: A time when the earliest hopes for spring are fostered and seeds are planted for dreams of the coming summer months. But Piper can't look toward the future - and having children with Leo - when her half-whitelighter, half-witch sister's powers are on the fritz. Is a hybrid baby destined for doom?


Pied Piper (December 2004)

At first Piper thinks it's just a coincidence that she's seeing kids everywhere; since she and Leo have been talking about starting a family, she thinks she's just noticing them more. But then the kids start showing up on the Charmed Ones' front porch and coming into the house uninvited. No matter where Piper dispatches them, they're right back at Halliwell Manor minutes later. And they seem to be forming an orchestra. No one will listen to Piper, or obey her, or even give her a moment alone. Piper starts to wonder if she and Leo can handle starting a family. While Piper's contemplating diaper rash, Phoebe finds out about a rash of disappearances in San Francisco. Musicians have vanished all over the city, and they were all candidates to conduct a youth symphony. So how has Paige's new love managed to stick around long enough to be the symphony leader? And how does band practice at the Manor fit in with all of this? The Charmed Ones smell a rat, but can they lead all of their Innocents out of danger before the final note is played? 


Mystic Knoll (February 2005)

The Charmed Ones are long overdue for a holiday and in an effort to combine both playtime with a chance to learn about witch heritage, Paige wants to explore their roots in Salem, Massachusetts. Her sisters aren't that keen on the idea, so it's decided that after a quick pass through Salem, they'll spend the rest of the time at the beach. But things don't quite go according to plan and late flights and bad directions land them in a town that desperately needs their help. Of course, there's no such thing as a relaxing holiday when you're a Charmed One!


Changling Places (April 2005)

Baby Wyatt has been stolen by some renegade elves. When it turns out he's not the only baby who's been taken from Paige's day care centre and replaced by a changeling, the girls realise something is amiss. The Charmed Ones will stop at nothing to save Piper's son! But how can they protect him and the other missing babies when they don't know where there are?


The Warren Witches (June 2005)

The most important thing in the Charmed Ones' lives isn't magic, and it's not their jobs or their clothes. It's family. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige are Warren witches -- the latest in a long line of women with incredible supernatural strength. For more than two centuries, the Warren witches have fearlessly practiced magic: From Melinda Warren in the 1600s to the Charmed Ones in 2005, the power of these witches is unsurpassed.  The Warren Witches recounts never-before-told stories of their lives -- as women, as witches, and, most important, as members of a family of considerable magical strength and power. Above all, they are family; beyond all, they are witches.


The Queen’s Curse (July 2005)

Paige has finally met her Prince Charming. Funny, clever, sweet and absolutely gorgeous, Colin is fantastic, and not at all evil, which is definitely a plus! Paige is completely smitten, so when Colin asks her to marry him she accepts. But love never runs smoothly, and when Paige discovers that Colin is not only a real Prince - of a magical kingdom no less - but also, that he's already engaged, she begins to wonder what else Prince Perfect might be hiding?


Picture Perfect (Novemebr 2005)

The Charmed Ones are attending the grand reopening of Mural House, a San Francisco landmark built in the 1920s. But the house has a history, a tumultuous love affair between the architect, William Lancaster, and a young artist named Isobella Marshall, which ended in tragedy - and in William's disappearance. Now their legendary love affair is going public and their letters are being printed in Phoebe's column, and with the unveiling of a long-painted-over mural, it seems that the house's history is once more in the present as a new evil is released...


Demon Dopplegangers (Novemebr 2005)

When Paige starts her new job at the museum as a tour guide through the Greek antiquities display, she is fascinated by the ancient treasures almost as much as she is by her fellow tour guide, the gorgeous, Chase. One day, a strange stone egg is added to the collection. It gives Paige the creeps and she's sure there's something evil about it. Her fears are confirmed when Chase accidentally opens the egg and releases a demon. The demon promptly assumes Chase's form and when Paige tries to kill it, the demon Chase splits in half, forming two new wholes. With the real Chase unable to explain what happened, and doubling demons on the loose, the Charmed Ones will have to count on the Power of Three to figure out what's going on.


Hurricane Hex (March 2006)

Despite the fact that it's hurricane season, the three sisters decide to visit a college friend of Paige's who lives near Orlando. They arrive just as a hurricane in South Florida changes course and starts heading towards them. Meanwhile, the three sisters find that something strange is going on in their hostess's home: it seems that Paige's friend has taken up practicing folk magic. Aware that large storms can affect magic, the Charmed Ones must convince Paige's friend to stop casting spells before they find themselves trapped in the eye of a real mess.


As Puck Would Have It (May 2006)

When the mythological and literary troublemaker Puck shows up, the Charmed Ones know there's going to be mischief and mayhem! Puck is as curious as he is mischievous, and quickly devises a plan so he can see the Power of Three in action: the circus has come to town, and Puck knows of an Innocent in need of protection. At the circus, the three sisters must find the one in peril while a devilish, shape-shifting Puck leaves them second-guessing their every move. With an unknown Innocent in danger and time running out, will the Charmed Ones be able to outsmart Puck and defeat evil before it's too late?


Sweet Talkin' Demon (July 2006)

Phoebe has met the perfect man. Daniel is handsome, sensitive, charming, and seductively poetic. He's almost too good to be true and Paige and Piper make it their mission to dig up the dirt on the suitor with the silver tongue. Paige orbs into his house when Daniel's at work, only to catch a glimpse of a demon in his living room. The sisters wonder if Daniel is an evil power himself or just a gullible, insecure warlock set up to steal their powers. If Daniel is being used as a magical puppet, why is he being manipulated? And exactly who is pulling his strings?


Light of the World (August 2006)

When childhood friend, Lyssa, asks the Charmed Ones to be bridesmaids at her seaside wedding in Serenity Cove, there is much excitement. But the course of true love never does run smooth. The ceremony is set to take place in the beautiful old lighthouse, which is believed to be haunted by the vengeful spirit of a lighthouse keeper who lost his true love at sea a hundred years ago, on the same day as Lyssa's intended nuptials. The rumors are dismissed, until Lyssa's fiance begins to act strange and overly interested in the family heirloom, a rare mystical diamond called The Light of the World. The Halliwell sisters must disclose the groom-to-be's true intentions, and identity before their friend says 'I do' to Mr Wrong.


House of Shards (October 2006)

The one thing that the Halliwell sisters have always been able to count on is their house, Halliwell Manor. It's a historical landmark in San Francisco, but to them it's so much more than that ~ it's where their family has always made its home. So when the Manor suddenly turns on them, wreaking havoc and playing tricks, the Charmed Ones have no idea what to do. The entire house has begun to exhibit demonic qualities ~ it's almost as though it's come to life, with evil intent. The Charmed Ones are terrified. Can they find the source of this house gone wrong before it vanquishes them?


The Book of Three: v. 2

Encompassing the final three seasons of the hit WB show Charmed, The Book of Three: v. 2  will give fans the perfect way to say goodbye to their favourite show. The book will include an episode guide, character profiles, actor interviews, a demonology and Book of White Magic that will include spells and a guide to the witches and warlocks and fairies and dwarves who've appeared on the show. Written by Paul Ruditis and Diana Gallagher, two of the most prolific Charmed writers, and with an introduction by Aaron Spelling, The Book of Three: v. 2  is the perfect companion to the first volume and is a must have for all Charmed fans.


Phoebe Who? (December 2006)

The life of a Charmed One is never easy. What with balancing work, sisters, and a secret second job ~ saving the world ~ it's no wonder Phoebe feels in need of a break! But little does she, and her sisters, Piper and Paige, know that they are about to get one. After a huge battle against the forces of evil, Phoebe wakes up completely unaware of where ~ or who ~ she is. A woman named Sandy finds her and Phoebe is eager to embrace Sandy's laid-back lifestyle...not knowing, of course, that her sisters are in a panicked search. And when Sandy suggests that they have to track down two evil witch sisters, Phoebe doesn't think twice...


High Spirits (April 2007)

The Charmed Ones are in Hollywood for a big bash hosted by Kevin Peterson, an old flame of Paige's. Kevin admits that he got the mansion cheaply owning to rumours that it was haunted, and so when ghostly goings-on start almost immediately, everyone assumes that Kevin is behind the 'haunting'. But he tells them that it's nothing to do with him, and when partygoers start to disappear and the house seals itself shut, the Charmed Ones realise that something evil is lurking Can the Power of Three calm the high spirits before it's too late?


Leo Rising (August 2007)

synopsis tba


Character Review: Cole Turner
Cole was born in 1885 to California state assemblyman Benjamin Colerige Turner and a demon mother named Elizabeth. Benjamin was murdered by Elizabeth in 1888 and, after Cole's birth, his mother took him from Earth and raised him in a demon dimension. Cole grew up despising his human side for its weakness, and he became a powerful demon with a reputation as a killer under the name Belthazor.  Cole became a member of the Brotherhood of the Thorn, who served the Source of All Evil. He made a reputation for himself as an assassin who could kill any witch, an athame being his weapon of choice. Cole was hired by the Triad to get close to and kill the Charmed Ones. To do so, Cole returned to Earth in his human guise and was set up as an assistant district attorney in San Francisco.  Cole first meets the Halliwells in the season premier of Season 3, in which he investigates the attack on the sisters' friend Morris. Because the sisters witnessed the attack and foiled the assailant, Cole calls the sisters in as witnesses for the man's trial. We don't learn that Cole is a demon until the end of this episode, in which Piper freezes the innocents in a courtroom and Cole is immune. He shimmers away and kills the demonic judge who has been assigning guardians to criminals. Within the next few months, Cole becomes very close to Phoebe and they begin dating. After his first few attempts to assassinate Phoebe and her sisters, he starts protecting them so that his assignment can continue. Eventually he stands up for the sisters and protects them, even though they do not know that Cole and Belthazor are the same person. Cole and Phoebe both fell in love.  During this time Belthazor is possessed by the demon of Rage, Andras, and he is forced to try to destroy the sisters. Belthazor vanquishes Andras, but is wounded by the Charmed Ones, who are able to create a vanquishing potion from Belthazor's flesh. At this point, the Triad attempts to kill Cole. Cole turns on them, supposedly killing them in the process before fleeing back to his apartment to recuperate.  When Phoebe goes to see Cole at his apartment, she finds that Cole is wounded and calls Leo to heal him. Leo tries to heal him but realizes that something is terribly wrong when he finds that he can't heal all of him, only his human half. At this point, Phoebe discovers that Cole is Belthazor and that he refused to kill her because he loves her. When Prue and Piper, who are working with a demonic bounty hunter, break in to Cole's apartment, Cole grabs Phoebe and shimmers to the mausoleum, proclaiming his love for her. Heartbroken, Phoebe fakes Cole's death to keep him from being killed by her sisters and tells him to run.  Cole does not return until Prue is put under a spell and married to a warlock in order to contaminate all the sisters, and the Book of Shadows, with evil. He claims that he is no longer going to be evil and that he can repress his demonic half in order to be with her. Phoebe goes to Cole for help in finding Prue, all the while telling him that she doesn't want anything else to do with him.  Phoebe and Cole grow closer as he helps free her from a psychic link with a Native American who was cursed in a time loop. Cole returns and becomes the Charmed Ones' demonic ally, working alongside them. He even witnesses Piper and Leo's marriage.  While at Prue's funeral, Cole is attacked by two demon bounty hunters but he quickly kills them. Later on, he discovers that the Source has sent a Chameleon demon named Alastar to spy on the Charmed Ones. Once uncovered, Alastar is attacked by the sisters and flees. The Source kills Alastar and takes his place as the sisters hunt him down. The Source then kidnapps Piper and takes her to the Underworld, where he uses his mental powers to create a fantasy world where Piper is a mental patient, hoping to trick her into giving up her powers to him. Cole and Leo travel to the Underworld to track down Piper while Phoebe and Paige uses a spell to project themselves into Piper's mind. As Piper is about ready to relinquish her powers, Cole attacks the Source repeatedly with energy balls as he stands immobile controlling Piper's mind. Cole is eventually able to wound the Source, but as he attempts to kill the Source his attack is blocked by the Source's Oracle, who dies so the Source can escape.  Some time later, the sisters become aware of a demon who is killing witches. After Piper scries for the demon from slime they find, Phoebe and Cole attempt to track the demon down. They are attacked by a Scavenger demon, which is feeding on the remains left by the killer. It is at this time that Cole askes Phoebe to marry him in a spur of the moment. When Cole has to embrace his demon side in order to defeat another demon, a potion is used on him to strip him of his demon side, leaving him merely human.  Shortly after Cole becomes human, Cole and Phoebe are possessed by the spirits of Frankie and Lulu, a criminal couple who find their way to the present through a time portal. They go on a crime spree, stealing a diamond ring and a wedding dress, all so they can get married. At the church, Cole is shot and Frankie's spirit escapes, only to be captured by a spirit named Clyde and sent back in time through the time portal. Then Phoebe accepts Cole's marriage proposal.  Later, the Seer betrays the Source by contacting Cole and giving him the Hollow to help defeat the Source. The Seer and Phoebe then use their combined abilities to put the Hollow back in its crypt and return Piper and Paige's stolen powers. Following the Source's death at the hands of the Charmed Ones, his spirit slowly begins to take possession of Cole, infusing him with the Source's powers.  Cole starts having nightmares of becoming the new Source. He tries to fight becoming the Source, but it keeps him from revealing what happened to the sisters, as the Seer attempts to guide him on his new dark path. Phoebe casts a spell to hear her heart's desire, which summons her future and past selves to the present. Older Phoebe refuses to tell Phoebe about the events of the future for fear of changing things for the worse. Learning a young and vulnerable Phoebe is in the present, the demon Kurzon attacks Young Phoebe, but Cole protects her. Kurzon attacks again, this time wounding Older Phoebe. He is vanquished by the Charmed Ones, but not before Older Phoebe tells Phoebe to marry Cole. This returns the older and younger versions of Phoebe to their own time.  Now fully controlled by the Source, Cole orchestrates a number of events to spurn Phoebe to call off her wedding, in order to marry Phoebe in a demonic ceremony (which is disguised as a private ceremony). Shortly after, Paige begins to distrust Cole, and Cole hires a power broker to imbue Paige with a demonic power in order to distract her and her sisters so he can impregnate Phoebe with his evil spawn. Once alone with Paige in the manor, Cole plays mind games with Paige, nearly driving her insane if not for her sisters' intervention. At the last moment Cole gains enough control from The Source to save Paige by having other power brokers take the power out of her.  When a power struggle breaks out between Cole and the Queen of the Vampires, the Vampire Queen sends a group of vampires to bite Paige and make her a vampire under her thrall. Although they are successful, Cole is able to kill the Vampire Queen before Paige is fully converted into a vampire.  Cole is attacked by an evil wizard who schemes to seize the Source's powers. Cole offers him to give up his position as the Source voluntarily, as a final attempt to rid himself of its evil influence. However, guided by the Seer, Phoebe uses her baby's powers and kills the wizard before the power transfer can be complete, nullifying Cole's final effort to become good again. Phoebe then joins Cole as his Queen, and the couple become the new rulers of the Underworld. With Phoebe's loyalties torn between Cole and her sisters, Phoebe eventually chooses her sisters and vanquishes Cole and the Source's spirit with him.  After being vanquished, Cole and the Source finally end up a separate beings, in the astral plane of the demonic wasteland (where demons usually go after being vanquished).  As Cole was born as a half-human (Cole) and a half-demonic (the now devoured/consumed Belthazor) being, Cole has a human soul, whereas other native-born demons do not have a human soul. This is "rather unique to the cosmos", as Cole later tells Phoebe. Cole also has no inherent demonic powers in the demonic wasteland, as he was fully human when he was possessed by the Source (after the Source's previous body was vanquished).  It appears that the Source itself was a very ancient demonic being, that moved into the body of each demon that held the position of the Source. It then gradually absorbed/integrated the powers and personality, of each demon that held the position of the Source, into itself. Therefore, each demon that defeated other demons to hold the position of the Source, including defeating a previous Source, would over a long period of time, literally become the same Source with even more powers. It does not appear that this was generally known to most demons.  The ancient demon who was originally was the Source, who had possessed Cole, is now finally truly dead and gone, devoured/consumed by the serpent-like beast of the demonic wasteland (as Cole also later tells Phoebe).  The powers of the Source however, were also inherently duplicated/embodied in the demonic child and heir of the Source. Those powers were eventually controlled by the ancient Seer (after the Seer teleports the demonic child of the Source from Phoebe's womb into the Seer's womb, in "Womb Raider"). The combination of the Seer's own inherent powers, the ever-growing powers of the child of the Source, and the amplification of all those powers by the "Coronation of the Source" ceremony, is also clearly massive raw demonic power beyond what most magical beings could survive containing (as seen in "Womb Raider").  Although he tries to get Phoebe to help bring him back to life, Phoebe refuses and asks him to move on. Cole, now without hope, initially decides to meet his fate, but in the last minute learns how to absorb the remnant energies of vanquished demons. Cole quickly gains demonic powers and seeks redemption again. He comes back briefly to save Phoebe from a bullet, by switching her postion with that of the witch hunter. He tells her that he isn't giving up on them. However, Phoebe and her sisters aren't about to accept him as their friend anymore. He comes back just as Phoebe is about to get a divorce, and she tells him it is over. Later he talks to Darryl who convinces him that if he loves Phoebe, he should go away, and he finally agrees. However Paige intervenes thinking Cole might be able to save Phoebe, who was heartbroken and wanted to become a mermaid. He disagrees but Paige casts a spell to show him how much Phoebe loves him. He goes to save her, and helps her turn back from a mermaid. But even though she says that she still loves him, she declares that their relationship is still over.  For a while he tries to prove that he is still good so that Phoebe will take him back. He saves a future Whitelighter from a fire, and is hailed as a hero, by all but Phoebe. Again and again he does good deeds only to be rejected each time by Phoebe on the grounds that his powers and his nature are evil and it would only be a matter of time until said evil powers betrayed her, and by proxy, his goals. Her fears were justified when he was seduced and kissed by a siren and still survived; Phoebe had arrived at the scene and was about to vanquish the siren when Cole, overcome by the very evil she warned him about, destroyed the vanquishing potion, kissed the siren, and turned against Phoebe, strangling her to near death.  Alone for many months, gradually Cole goes insane, due to the huge amount of demonic powers he took into himself in the demonic wasteland, and his despair over Phoebe's continued rejection of his love, no matter what good deeds he does. He decides he wants to end his life, since he can not be good and he won't be evil. He believes that the Power of Three is what is necessary to kill him again.  However, he learns that he has become invincible. Cole is now unvanquishable by any power, including the Power of Three's spells or potion (part of why the Avatars of Force and Power wish him to join their collective power). Cole then tries to kill himself over and over, even trying to behead himself (stopped for the moment by Piper freezing the blade that was about to sever his head from his body), but that also would not have killed him. Having gone completely mad, Cole then decides to team up with demons to help him bring Phoebe back to him, and with every attempt, he loses.  Cole joins Alpha and becomes an Avatar, a powerful being that is neither good nor evil, and corrupts reality so that Paige is never found. However, Paige catches a cold, and every time she sneezes, she orbs into a void, outside of space and time where beings like the Avatars live. So, Paige sneezes at the exact moment Cole changes time. Paige discovers his evil intentions and, with the help of Piper and Phoebe, vanquish him once and for all, or so it seems at the time. It was his 118th birthday on the day he is killed.  Instead of going back to the Wasteland, this time Cole ends up in the "void between life and death". It is here that Piper bumps into him after being attacked by a Thorn Demon and is hovering on the brink of death. Cole explains that he is there to help Piper get Leo back after he is taken away by the Elders to be punished for his joining the Avatars. Although Piper is wary of him at first, she soon realizes that Cole is right and takes his advice. In the end, Piper and Leo are reunited.  Cole also says that he wants Phoebe not to give up on love and wants her to move on. It is revealed that Cole was the one who arranged for Drake to become human and meet Phoebe, and arranged Piper's attack from the Thorn Demons. How Cole managed to accomplish this remains a mystery. Nor is it clear just what kind of being Cole is now. When Piper asks if he is a Demon, ghost, poltergeist, or spirit, Cole said he is none of those things, but did not specify further. His ability to influence the Thorn Demons, communicate with Drake, appear in Magic School and teleport at will implies that he may well be alive.  But when The Charmed Ones retire and the next generations take over, there appear to be no signs of Cole. An optimistic look at his last episode could suggest that he has finally found at least some inner peace and redemption.

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