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the eighth season...

8.1 Still Charmed & Kicking

Presumed dead, the Charmed sisters start their demon-free existence with new identities brought about by a spell that altered their appearances to the outside world, but not to those closest to them.


8.2 Malice in Wonderland

Hoping to lure the Charmed Ones out of hiding, Haas, a young demon wanting to take over the Underworld, uses the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland fairy tale to prey on young victims.


8.3 Run, Piper, Run

Looking for a new career path, Piper goes on an interview with a corporate recruiter, but is soon arrested when a background check reveals that the physical appearance she adopted was that of a woman wanted for murder.


8.4 Desperate Housewitches

Wyatt's impending school play brings out the competitive nature in Piper when her hand-sewn costume for Wyatt and her parenting ability are attacked by Mandi, the perfect Stepford-like mother.


8.5 Rewitched

Unaware that she is being watched, Billie jeopardizes the Charmed Ones' new lives when she uses her powers to save an innocent and is caught by Agent Murphy of Homeland Security, who has suspected all along that she and the "cousins" are involved in supernatural activities and that the Halliwell sisters are not dead.


8.6 Kill Billie: Vol. 1

Armed and ready to vanquish, Billie inexplicably freezes and is flooded with childhood flashbacks when she sees her latest demon target, the Dogan. Wanting to prove to the sisters that she is an asset, Billie casts a spell to erase her fears and goes after the demon.


8.7 The Lost Picture Show

Wanting to get her old job back as a social worker, Paige's plan changes when her Whitelighter father, Sam, asks for her help with his charge, J.D., a future Whitelighter, who recently reappeared after fifty years.


8.8 Battle of the Hexes

The Charmed Ones are given their first Homeland Security case by Agent Murphy going through cold case files. Billie discovers a belt in one of the boxes and can't help but put it on.


8.9 Hulkus Pocus

Phoebe has decided to take a hiatus from men. Piper seems to think Murphy and the government is hiding something from the sisters.


8.10 Vaya Con Leos

Piper notices that the Angel of Death is watching over them, but what she doesn't know is that he is actually there for Leo.


8.11 Mr. & Mrs. Witch

Billie’s parents are in town and have supper with their daughter and the Halliwells.


8.12 Payback's A Witch

With the intention of helping his parolee get a loan, Henry, along with Paige, go to a bank but instead the parolee decides to take everyone at the bank hostage. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Piper have their hands full when, during his third birthday party, Wyatt turns three of his toys into real people.


8.13 Repo Manor

Phoebe, in an attempt to move on with her own life, signs a lease for a new apartment, much to the worry of Piper, while Paige considers telling Henry she's a witch.


8.14 12 Angry Zen

In searching for information about Leo, Piper discovers a message from Lo-Pan, a monk and keeper of a sacred Buddhist staff containing the power of influence.


8.15 The Last Temptation of Christy

Paige begins to realize the difficulty in dating a mortal when Henry tries to immerse himself in her magical world. She finds herself even more conflicted when a suitor, Sir Simon Marks, arrives hoping to convince her to marry him so they can become the ultimate magical couple.


8.16 Engaged And Confused

Piper organizes an engagement party for Paige and Henry, but the wedding is put in jeopardy when the couple begins to get cold feet. Phoebe notices a strange man following her, and soon discovers that he is a Cupid.


8.17 Generation Hex

Two former students of Leo's from Magic School turn up at the manor to inform the Charmed Ones that demons Leo had imprisoned in the Magic School dungeons have escaped and are seeking revenge.


8.18 The Torn Identity

Christy becomes a powerful force in the Underworld as the demon Creo tries to convince her that she needs to get Billie away from the Charmed Ones so she and her sister can fulfill their dark destiny.


8.19 The Jung and the Restless

The Charmed Ones are put into a dream-like state by Christy so that Billie can learn something about each of them.


8.20 Gone With The Witches

Convinced that The Charmed Ones are too self-involved to protect the "greater good," Billie and Christy team up to destroy their reputations in the magical community.


8.21 Kill Billie, Vol. 2

Billie and Christy have managed to turn everything around: while the two of them are now at the Manor and demons are at Magic School, the Charmed Ones are forced to hide in the Underworld.


8.22 Forever Charmed

After the death of their respective sisters, Piper and Billie go their separate ways, both determined to get their families back together.


Character Review: Billie Jenkins
Billie Jenkins is introduced in the show's eighth season as a young witch who pays more attention to demon fighting (while wearing a black wig, shades, and a black outfit) than to her education.  Billie comes under the tutelage of the Charmed Ones after she asks them to teach her everything they know about witchcraft. This, at the time when the Charmed Ones are thought to be dead, proves useful for the three sisters, as Billie can carry out smaller magic-related tasks and also to cover for them.  Billie's back story involves the abduction of her sister, Christy Jenkins, by mysterious demons with unknown intentions.  This, along with the fact that the incident was never mentioned by her parents, leaving Billie even more confused, was the main motivation for Billie to train and become skilled in using her powers. Her main objective was to find out who kidnapped Christy and why, and to save her if she was still alive. Upon meeting with an Angel of Destiny, Billie was assured that her sister was alive and that she would eventually find her. Her sister was revealed to have been kidnapped by a surprisingly alive Triad because she - with Billie's assistance - were the key to "Ultimate Power".  Billie finally found her sister after fifteen years. She began teaching Christy how to control her powers. When Christy was kidnapped by the demons that were sent by the Triad, Billie went after her. While they were both down in the underworld, Billie convinced Christy to vanquish the demons that captured her. Together, with Christy's pyrokinetic powers and Billie's telekinesis, they killed the demons - creating the Ultimate Power that had been prophecised by the Triad. What Billie didn't realize was that Christy was working with the Triad, the same trio of demons who sent Cole Turner/Belthazor after the Charmed Ones. It was originally believed that they were the major threat the sisters were supposed to face. This was not the case, as Leo Wyatt, Piper's husband, was not returned by the Angel of Destiny after the two of them were vanquished. The remaining Triad member reminded Christy that Billie is the 'Ultimate Power', and she had to save her (in other words, turn her against the Charmed Ones). Unfortunately, Christy succeeded in doing so and Billie turned to the darkness although not of her initial free will.  Billie and Christy faced the sisters in the manor with both sides empowered by the supernatural force called The Hollow. Because they had both taken in The Hollow, their powers were evenly matched. The power between them shot out in all directions, causing the manor to explode, killing Phoebe, Paige, and Christy. Billie and Piper were the only survivors. After the battle, The Hollow returned to its containment.  Following this destruction, the Angel of Destiny brang back Leo, who stopped Piper from killing Billie. Piper went into the past to fix the present. After leaving the destroyed manor, Billie realized that the Triad used her and Christy. Billie returned to the side of the Charmed Ones and helped resurrect the dead witches.  Within a series of events in which Leo and Piper travelled through time to fix what happened, Billie realized that her sister had become a killer. Billie used her projection power to project herself and the Charmed Ones to the Triad, just before the witches called for the Hollow, and vanquish them as well as Dumain. In an act of rage, Christy fired on Billie, and Billie was forced to kill her sister in self-defense by reversing her power onto her sister. She broke down afterwards, but all fences had been mended between her and the sisters, making Billie a strong and worthy ally.  In the final Charmed episode when the Charmed Ones started to write their story down, it was revealed that Billie babysitted two of Phoebe's daughters.  Though Billie and her sister Christy were both Witches, albeit ones that manifested their powers later in life than normal, their parents had no magical powers and were human. Both of their parents were the product of unions between a Witch and a human, resulting in normal human children with latent Witch genes.

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