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errors, bloopers and mistakes...

Factual error: In "Magic Hour", we see a full moon. The next day there is a total eclipse of the sun which requires a new or dark moon.


Error: At the end of "A Witch's Tail", Phoebe misspells her own name ("Pheobe") when signing her divorce papers.


Factual error: In "Happily Ever After", the characters are embroiled in a storyline involving numerous elements from the "original" fairytales. One of these involves the ruby slippers from L. Frank Baum's book "The Wizard of Oz". But the original slippers were silver - MGM changed the slippers to ruby for the film version, because it looked better in Technicolor.


Continuity Error: In "A Witch In Time" the character Phoebe is running down the street in a pair of floppy brown moccasin boots. When she stops running she is suddenly wearing black leather healed boots.


Continuity Error: In Something Wicca This Way Comes, the establishing shot of the Halliwell house shows Piper going in the door with a black umbrella with a white stripe around the outer edge. The next shot, from the interior, shows her hanging up a black umbrella with a floral print. This happened because the establishing shot comes from the original, unaired pilot but the interior scene was re-shot.


Continuity Error: In "Something Wicca This Way Comes", the tree in front of Halliwell manor is completely bald the night they get their powers, established in the shot of Jeremy standing in the rain. The next morning when Piper leaves the tree has not just leaves but flowers.


Continuity Error: In "The Witch is Back" after Prue lets Matthew out of the locket in her office, her hand keeps moving from at her side to on her stomach between shots.


Continuity Error: In "Which Prue Is It Anyway?", Piper initially touches Prue's head with the boxing glove with her left hand, but in the next shot she's touching Prue's head with her right hand.


Factual error: In "A Paige from the Past" when Paige is in her room looking around you can very clearly see a "Bride of Chucky" Tiffany doll. Paige's parents were killed in 1994 but the movie had not come out till 1998.


Continuity Error: In "Hell Hath No Fury", the red-haired fury kicks open the Manor's front doors, but after Phoebe levitates and kicks her, the doors are shut.


Continuity Error: In "Trial By Magic", Paige is holding a juice glass, but when Phoebe takes it from her, it's a coffee mug.


Continuity Error: In "Bride and Gloom," when the dark priestess Dantalian is knocked down by Phoebe, she is wearing boots, but in the next shot she's wearing high-heeled shoes.


Continuity Error: In "Happily Ever After", Phoebe bumps into Adam and spills her coffee down the front of her blouse. The stain, however, does not appear until after she has entered her office.


Continuity Error: In "Blind Sided" Episode: #1.19, Prue is in the kitchen making a potion to vanquish the Grimlocks. She only has one jar filled with potion. She then receives a phone call, and after she hangs up and grabs the potion, there is a second filled jar.


Continuity Error: When you see "the manor" from the outside, it doesn't appear to have room for an attic. It just looks like a normal 2 story house with no attic.


Continuity Error: In the pilot episode, "Something Wicca This Way Comes", Prue is seen standing in front of the Manor's open front door. Behind her a wall can clearly be seen. When the foyer area is shown from the inside, there is no wall in front of the door.


Factual error: In “The Witch Is Back" it is mentioned that Melinda Warren was burned to death in Salem. The people sentenced for witchcraft in the Salem trials were in fact executed by hanging, not by burning at the stake.


# Revealing mistake: In the episode "Astral Monkey" the bandage on the doctors neck switches from left to right in between shots.


# Crew or equipment visible: In "P3 H20" when Prue and Phoebe drive up to the lake in her black Mazda Miata, a cameraman and boom mike are reflected in the driver's side door as they move up to get the shot of the girls inside the car.


Continuity Error: In "Which Prue is It Anyway?" before Prue casts her spell, Piper's hair is down but when she runs up to the attic it is suddenly up in a ponytail.


Whitelighters are "guardian angels". They watch over their charges and intervene when necessary to help them along their path and keep them safe; they can also be called by their charges. They can constantly hear the lives of their charges in their heads, and if one of them calls their Whitelighter's name, he/she can usually show up at a moment's notice.  Whitelighters are people who were previously somehow connected to the magical world or who were generally good people that have died. They are given the choice to become Whitelighters and given the powers of a Whitelighter (such as orbing, healing, immortality, etc.) instead of moving on to the afterlife. Their bodies are replicas of their former human bodies, but are composed of orbs which are described as white lights (hence the term Whitelighter) that have a healing sense to them. If struck by a power that would usually kill a mortal (for example, an energy ball or particle acceleration), their bodies will explode into orbs then reform relatively unharmed; they can, however, be knocked unconscious. After becoming a Whitelighter, the person's DNA will have three helices like that of witches and demons, not just two like normal humans.
Darklighters can teleport from place to place by orbing, as Whitelighters can, but their orb effects are black in color. Their ability is once called black orbing. They also come equipped with crossbows, which they can summon into their hands at any time. The Darklighter crossbow arrows are coated with a special type of poison that is especially lethal to Whitelighters. Some Darklighters also possess the touch of death, a power triggered by hate and focused through their hands - in contrast to a Whitelighter's ability to heal others. Similar to Whitelighters, Darklighters also possess the ability to sense another magical being's presence through a magical form of telepathy. Hence they can locate a Whitelighter anywhere on the globe by merely concentrating.  The Primary goal of all Darklighters is to kill Whitelighters in order to make witches more vulnerable to evil attack. In addition, Darklighters often work as hired guns or mercenaries to higher level Demons and Powers. They generally work with Warlocks or demons to accomplish their goals.

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