Prisoner and Escort
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The Movie

The Final Installment...

12/08/1979         Porridge: The Movie (89' 54")

Long time Slade prison inmate Fletcher (Ronnie Barker) is ordered by Grouty (Peter Vaughan) to arrange a football match between the prisoners and an all-star celebrity team. Fletcher is unaware that the match is only a diversion so that an escape can take place. When Fletcher and his cell mate Lennie Godper (Richard Beckinsale) stumble on the escape, they are taken along, and find themselves having to break back into prison to avoid getting into trouble.

DVD Chapters

  1. Opening Scene
  2. "We haven't got a canary."
  3. Dinner is Served
  4. Lights Out
  5. Bow, Curtsey or Lick His Boots
  6. Jaws
  7. Motivation
  8. Goodies vs. Baddies
  9. Welcome To Slade
  10. The Big Match
  11. Early Bath
  12. On The Run
  13. Old Habits Die Hard
  14. The Dregs Of Society
  15. End Credits


The last "episode" of Porridge was made in 1979 as a feature film, shot entirely on location and without an audience. All the regular sitcom warders and inmates were involved, with the exception of Lukewarm and Harris. There was also a new governor, played by Geoffrey Bayldon.  Three one-off characters made an impact in the film. Rudge, played by Daniel Peacock, was a young, timid prisoner in the Godber mould, seen arriving for his three-year stretch for shoplifting at the beginning of the film. He came into his own when he showed his outstanding football skills during the game which led to the breakout. Oakes, played by Barrie Rutter, was the violent armed robber who arrived in the same van as Rudge and was sprung for the breakout, unwittingly taking Fletcher and Godber with him. Beal, played by Christopher Goodwin, was a new prison officer who subscribed to the firm approach to the job, but proved easy to manipulate into recommending a celebrity football match.  This is the last film appearance by Richard Beckinsale.  The film was shot at HMP Chelmsford before it was returned to service after a fire. The film company admin offices were located in the prison hospital block.


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