Prisoner and Escort
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Season 1

the first season

01/04/1973         Prisoner and Escort (28' 20")

(This pilot episode is to be found as a bonus feature on the Porridge Season 2 DVD release)

Norman Stanley Fletcher has been sentenced to prison for five years and he is being taken from Brixton Prison in London to Slade Prison in Cumberland (now Cumbria).  He is escorted by Prison Officers Mackay and Barrowclough.  The prison van breaks down enroute when Fletcher fixes the petrol tank answering a call of nature and sees an opportunity to escape.  He is thwarted after losing his way in the dark and ending up back where he started from, before he is taken the rest of the way to Slade Prison.

DVD Chapters

Prisoner and Escort

Sympathy and Understanding

Happy New Year

We Have Rules

Good Behaviour



05/09/1974         New Faces, Old Hands

Unlike Fletcher, Lenny Godber has never been in prison before and there are many things to be learned from old lag Fletcher, like how to ingratiate himself with the tropical fish loving Governor.

DVD Chapters

New Faces, Old Hands

Nice To Have You With Us

What, With These Feet?

I Got Caught

Know Your Tropical Fish

A Full And Exciting Day


12/09/1974         The Hustler

According to Fletcher, Ives is such a loser that if Elizabeth Taylor had triplets, he'd have been "the one in the middle".  Ives is keen to be a part of Fletcher's gambling enterprise, something Mackay is determined to stop.

DVD Chapters

The Hustler

Down On The Farm

Permission Granted

A Game Going

Black And White Minstrel Show

Ives The Grass


19/09/1974         A Night In

Fletch explains to Godber - who he sees as his temporary cell mate, that the best way to cope with his first night in prison, is to see it as just a "quiet night in". The first of 698 nights in Godber has ahead of him.

DVD Chapters

A Night In

Bide Your Time



Who's Gloria?

Help Me Make It Throught The Night


26/09/1974         A Day Out

A day digging ditches means a day out of prison for Fletcher and Godber. When Mackay leaves Mr. Barrowclough in charge, the men can't help but take advantage of his easy-going nature. A situation Fletcher takes full advantage of with a trip to the local pub.

DVD Chapters

A Day Out

Road Party


Smoke Break

Where's The Ointment?

Locked In


03/10/1974         Ways and Means

Flether has lost his cushy job in the library after falling out of favour with the governor. He hatches a plan with McLaren which he hopes will restore his standing with the governor. This involves a trip up on to the prison roof, which for an acrophobic Fletcher, wasn't part of the plan.

DVD Chapters

Ways And Means

Surly And Hostile


Up On The Roof

Talking McClaren Down

A Set Up


10/10/1974         Men Without Women

After reading a love letter for Bunny Warren, Fletcher imparts his wisdom to Bunny regarding the fairer sex. But it seems Fletcher doesn't know quite as much as he thinks when his daughter Ingrid brings him news from home.

DVD Chapters

Men Without Women

Subtlety With Strength

Benefit Of Experience

Miss Lonely Hearts

Visiting Day

Compassionate Parole


Godber: I'm only in here due to tragic circumstances.
Fletch: Which were?
Godber: I got caught.

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