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Going Straight

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24/02/1978         Going Home (29' 23")

Fletch has now reached the end of his stay in Prison and says his goodbyes to McLaren. On the train journey home Fletch bumps into Mackay and an old friend. His old friend makes an early attempt to tempt him from the straight and narrow but it's Mackay who almost commits a crime.

DVD Chapters

Going Home

I'm a Freeman

We Did Time Together

A Man of Integrity

Shocking Waste


03/03/1978         Going to be Alright (28' 36")

Fletch visits his probation officer and reveals that his wife, Isobel, has left him for someone called Reg Jessop who owns a cardboard box factory. Fletch doesn't seem too concerned about getting a job and the reason is a legacy from a previous crime which he attempts to dig up by stealing Godber's lorry and driving off to the site where the loot was buried. He is out of luck, however, when he discovers a housing development has been built on the field.

DVD Chapters

Going to be Alright

I Say on My Own

Comfort & Luxury

What Spade?

What Time Is It?

Any Gardening Required


10/03/1978         Going Sour (29' 50")

Fletch is diverted from his own problems when he comes across a young punk girl and tries to set her on the straight and narrow.

DVD Chapters

Going Sour

Male Menopause

I Don't Get It

Good Morning Sarge

A Girl I Met

Sex Drive


17/03/1978         Going to Work (28' 55")

Fletch's probation officer sets him up with a job as a night porter. Fletch is nervous about his first ever job and can't face it but Godber and Ingrid make sure he turns up.

DVD Chapters

Going To Work

Night Security Officer

I Just Come Out

Goodnight Then

Allergic To Work

Ladies of the Night


31/03/1978         Going, Going, Gone (29' 13")

Fletch is almost tempted off the straight and narrow on the day Ingrid is to marry Godber. He has a change of heart before it's too late but almost gets into trouble with a walkie talkie. Godber married Ingrid with Fletch giving away the bride and acting as best man.

DVD Chapters

Going, Going, Gone

First Ever Pay Packet

Flying Carpets

Worm Wellings

Ring of Authenticity

Straight & Narrow


07/04/1978         Going off the Rails (29' 42")

After the ordeal of the past few weeks Fletcher decided that he to far gone to keep 'Going Straight' and begins to leave the straight and narrow!

DVD Chapters

Going of the Rails

Going Away Outfit

Money, Money, Money

Father of the Bride

Planes to Catch

Speaking of Canaries


In 1978, a follow-up series to Porridge was made, entitled Going Straight. This featured Fletch having been paroled and attempting to remain on the straight and narrow. It also featured Richard Beckinsale returning as Godber, in a relationship with Fletch's daughter, Ingrid. The series lasted six episodes, and generally was not as well received as its predecessor, although Ronnie Barker maintained that, in his opinion, Going Straight was up to the same standard. The death of Beckinsale in 1979 prevented further episodes being made.

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