Prisoner and Escort
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Season 2

the second season...

24/10/1975         Just Desserts (28' 52")

There's an outbreak of petty pilfering from the inmates in Slade prison. Fletcher is disgusted - after all, stealing may be a job on the 'outside', but it's despicable when it happens 'inside'.

DVD Chapters

Just Desserts

Pinapple Chunks

Mutual Interest

Random Security Check

That's A Plant



31/10/1975         Heartbreak Hotel (29' 33")

Godber receives a 'dear John' letter from his girlfriend, Denise. Whilst trying to console Godber, it's Fletcher's daughter Ingrid who is doing a better job of consoling Godber.

DVD Chapters

Heartbreak Hotel

Hello Dad

Nicer Knockers

Demise OD Denise

No Fraticide Here



07/11/1975         Disturbing the Peace (29' 03")

The inmates are delighted by the apparent departure of Mackay. The delight is short-lived however, when they meet his replacement, an old 'acquaintance' of Fletcher, one, 'Napper' Wainwright. Wainwright soon despatches Barrowclough to the prison farm, because he thinks he's too soft, so the inmates stage a riot to get him back and humiliate Wainwright at the same time.

DVD Chapters

Disturbing the Peace

Future Events

Happy Days

Mean, Moody, Magnificent

Powder Keg



14/11/1975         Happy Release (28' 26")

Fletcher has broken his ankle after falling of a ladder. Whilst in the hospital wing, he discovers that Norris has cheated Blanco out of all his posessions. With help from Godber, Fletcher and Blanco trick Norris - who is about to be released - into thinking Blanco has a cache of buried money just waiting to be dug up.

DVD Chapters

Happy Release

Convict 99

My Legacy

About Last Night




21/11/1975         The Harder They Fall (29' 25")

Godber is set to represent his wing in a boxing tournament. Harry Grout wants Godber to take a dive, so enlists Fletcher to pursuade him. Godber is not happy with the suggestion and anyway, he's already agreed to take a dive for someone else.

DVD Chapters

The Harder They Fall

The Archers

A Flutter

Pull Ups

The Fix Is On



28/11/1975         No Peace For the Wicked (28' 21")

Fletcher wants a quite Saturday afternoon in his cell, but is continually disturbed by various people; fellow prisoners, a party of government officials and the prison chaplain. It is he who finally sends Fletcher over the edge - who in turn, send the chaplain over the balcony(!)

DVD Chapters

No Peace For The Wicked

Drama Group


This Man's Privacy

A Chat



Mackay: What are you doing, Fletcher?
Fletch: Just adjusting the television, Mr Mackay!
Mackay: With the set above your head?
Fletch: Yes, it's the vertical hold!
Warren: Look! We've got a picture!

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