Prisoner and Escort
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Christmas Specials

two christmas specials...

24/12/1975         No Way Out (41' 02")

Christmas in the prison hospital seems like a nice way to spend the holiday, so Fletcher fakes a knee injury.

DVD Chapters

No Way Out


A Rare Privilige

A Dab Hand

Never Turn Your Back

Christmas Is Cancelled


24/12/1976         The Desperate Hours (43' 54")

Fletch and Godber are brewing illicit drink and get caught.  They are then put before the Governor. They become hostages of Urwin (with a U) with Fletch ending up as the hero of the hour.

DVD Chapters

The Desperate Hours



Here's To Reg

Under Control

Going The Distance


Fletch: If you want the system to do something for us, give us more freedom, better grub, conjugal visits!
Mr Barrowclough: Conjugal visits?
Fletch: With our old lady, like, all above board, all ship-shape and Bristol Fashion.
Mr Barrowclough: I'm not aware of any prison that does that!
Fletch: Well, maybe not here, but certainly in Holland, and also in America, I believe, where they have a more enlightened penal system anyway. They have these special apartments, where the wife comes to stay and they can manifest their long-felt want for each other.
Mr Barrowclough: You mean they spend the entire time... ?
Fletch: Conjugating, yeah.
Mr Barrowclough: That's more than I'm allowed at home!

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