Prisoner and Escort
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Season 3

the third season...

18/02/1977         A Storm in a Teacup (28' 13")

Harris steals some pills from the surgery, when Mackay searches him he manages to dispose of them. Grouty wants Fletcher to replace them to hide the extent of his pill-peddling racket.

DVD Chapters

A Storm In A Teacup

Not My Cup Of Tea

Pills Is Pills

Vitamin Deficiency

Crystallised Fruits



25/02/1977         Poetic Justice (29' 38")

Fletcher's new cellmate has a familiar face, even without the wig and the gown - it's the judge who sent him to prison.

DVD Chapters

Poetic Justice

Will You Be Staying Long

The Enemy Within

We Got Caught

Hello, Hello



04/03/1977         Rough Justice (28' 39")

Judge Rawley has had his watch stolen and Harris is the only suspect. A kangaroo court is set up and Harris goes on trial.

DVD Chapters

Rough Justice

King Kong

Errol Flynn

Leonard Arthur Godber

Rita Hayworth



11/03/1977         Pardon Me (30' 38")

Blanco is given parole, but refuses to be released. Claiming to have been wrongly jailed for the murder of his wife, he demands to be pardoned and leave prison with his name cleared.

DVD Chapters

Pardon Me

Time To Repent

I Remember 1959


A Pardon



18/03/1977         A Test of Character (30' 28")

Godber is working to get a new qualification, an O - Level in history. Fletcher thinks he's wasting his time but wants to help Godber pass his exam. Fletcher, Warren and McLaren decide to help Godber by stealing the paper with the questions on it. Sending Warren - who can't read, to steal the paper is not the best laid plan.

DVD Chapters

A Test Of Character

My Own Flowery Dell

Skip Venus

Balls, Mr. Mackay

The Appropriate Questions



25/03/1977         Final Stretch (29' 41")

Godber is due to appear before the Parole Board, but gets involved in a brawl which could damage his chances of being released.

DVD Chapters

Final Stretch

Brawling In The Yard

A Word In Your Ear

Unfinished Business

Make The Breaks



Barrowclough: You're writing a book?
Fletch: Yeah - a sort of inside guide to prison life. But don't worry, I've not overlooked your boys in blue - I will be dealing just as much with your issues as those of our fellow felons.
Barrowclough: Oh, good. And what are you going to call this book?
Fletch: Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down.

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