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a fanclub live album...

U2.Communication is a live album recorded and released exclusively to members of its official website, in 2005. It features performances from two different concerts from the Vertigo Tour: a concert in Chicago, filmed for release on the Vertigo: Live From Chicago DVD, and a concert in Milan, also filmed but not released in video.


One of the highlights is an emotional performance of Miss Sarajevo, dedicated to the victims of the London bombings earlier that month. Bono actually sings Luciano Pavarotti's part in this performance.



   1. "City of Blinding Lights" (Live from Chicago, May 2005)

   2. "Vertigo" (Live from Chicago, May 2005)

   3. "Elevation" (Live from Chicago, May 2005)

   4. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (Live from Milan, July 2005)

   5. "Miracle Drug" (Live from Chicago, May 2005)

   6. "Miss Sarajevo" (Live from Milan, July 2005)

   7. "The Fly" (Live from Chicago, May 2005)

   8. "With or Without You" (Live from Milan, July 2005)


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