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PopHeart is an EP released in 1997. It features four live tracks from the group's PopMart Tour, three of which were from the tour's first European date in Rotterdam.


Half of the songs are from the band's latest release at the time, Pop, and the other half are from The Joshua Tree. The two albums were released ten years apart, and this release is something of a retrospective in that regard.


Drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. plays the recognizable drum beat from "Sunday Bloody Sunday" during the middle eight of "Please" (both songs concern the Troubles in Northern Ireland). The performance of "Where the Streets Have No Name" has been modernized with a much faster guitar lead and an extended outro. "Staring at the Sun" appears as a stripped down acoustic version.


It was released as an EP in most regions except the US, where its tracks were released as part of the "Please" single. It is no longer in print.



   1. "Please (Live) (7:11)

   2. "Where the Streets Have No Name" (Live) (6:33)

   3. "With or Without You" (Live) (4:38)

   4. "Staring at the Sun" (Live) (5:33)


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