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various solo albums...

Whilst intermittently continuing with various incarnations of The Wildhearts, he has also formed a variety of side-projects, including a number of solo albums.

The album 'Black Leather Mojo', recorded in 1999 was originally intended as Ginger's first solo album, but ended up being released under the name Silver Ginger 5, with a new band formed to perform the material live.

In early 2001 Ginger set out to release one CD single featuring 3 new tracks every month for the entire year, in a project known as The Singles Club. This would be the first material released under the name Ginger, and was continued in parallel to tours with Silver Ginger 5 and the recently re-formed Wildhearts. Due to financial/record company problems at Infernal Records, only 18 tracks were recorded, and only five singles ever released. A compilation of all 18 tracks was released as the A Break In The Weather double album in 2005.

Ginger's first solo album proper 'Valor Del Corazon' (Spanish for 'Strength of Heart') will be released for fans on 19th December 2005 with an official release on Jan 9th . It was recorded in 2005 with producer Ralph Jezzard and a range of session musicians in Willie Nelson's studio in Texas. Ginger also has a new website at

Ginger often plays a Les Paul guitar coated in stickers - widely recognised as being the most beautiful object on a Wildheart's stage, apart from CJ



Super$hit666 EP

Wire Out

Fast One


You Smell Canadian

Star War Jr.

Crank It Up


Live at the 12 Bar: Grievous Acoustic Behaviour

If You Wanna Be On A Record Here's Your Chance... (CD 1)

Inside Out (CD 1)

I Hate To See People Without Drinks... (CD 1)

Re-inventing The Wheel (CD 1)

Are There Any Troublemakers In...? (CD 1)

If I Had You (CD 1)

It Is A Sad Song But I'm Just Dead Happy... (CD 1)

Church Of The Broken Hearted (CD 1)

He's Loaded, Careful... (CD 1)

Hard Luck Woman (CD 1)

You Cannot Play `Weekend' On An Acoustic Guitar (Suck My Sword) (CD 1)

Tom, Take The Money (CD 1)

I Thought These Things Were Supposed To Be Boring... (CD 1)

In Lilly's Garden (CD 1)

Happy Birthday To Cheryl... (CD 2)

Nita Nitro

They're Just As Ugly Upstairs...

Bad Time To Be Having A Bad Time

Why Didn't We Do The Tour Last Year...?

Jonesing For Jones

If I Ever Do This Again I'm Gonna Write A Set-list Down...

Sky Chaser High

Come On You Sex God...!

29 x The Pain

This Guy's Built A Glass Guitar With Fish In It...

Dreaming In A

Long Live Stidi...

Where Did Everyone Go?

Danny McCormack, COME ON DOWN!

Geordie In Wonderland

Postman Pat

Don't Worry 'Bout Me

C-C-C-C-Caffeine Bomb


Clam Abuse: Stop Thinking

Sing Like A Girl

I Think I Love You

Message To Geri

Unlucky In Love

Com Together

Falling In Bed With You Again

Sunday Driving On A Thursday Afternoon

For That Girl Everything Is Groovy

Barney Sings The Blues

She's So Taboo

There's Always Someone More Fucked Up Than You

I Think I Love You (Clint & Andy's Fully Abused Guitar Mix)

Message To Geri (Fully Spiced Mix)

She's So Taboo (Withano Remix)


Silver Ginger 5: Black Leather Mojo

Sonic Shake (CD 1)

Divine Imperfection (CD 1)

Anyway But Maybe (CD 1)

Girls Are Better Than Boys (CD 1)

Brain Sugar (CD 1)

Whatever Happened To Rock 'n' Roll Girls (CD 1)

Monkey Zoo (CD 1)

Too Many Hippies (In The Garden Of Love) (CD 1)

Inside Out (CD 1)

I Wanna Be New (CD 1)

Church Of The Broken Hearted (CD 1)

Take It All Why Don't Cha (CD 1)

Doggin' (CD 1)

To Love Somebody (CD 1)

I Wanna Be New (CD 2)

Divine Imperfection (CD 2)

Motorvate (CD 2)

Star/Groovus Maximus (CD 2)

He's A Whore (CD 2)

Inglorious (CD 2)

Too Many Hippies (In The Garden Of Love) (CD 2)

Medley (CD 2)

Love U Till I Don't (CD 2)

Don't Worry 'Bout Me (CD 2)

I Wanna Go Where The People Go (CD 2)

Greetings From Shitsville (CD 2)

Walk Like A Motherfucker (CD 2)

More Is The Law (CD 2)

Last Bastard In Heaven (CD 2)


A Break In The Weather

I'm A Lover Not A Fighter (CD 1)

Don't Let Me Die Lonely (CD 1)

Thailand Uber Alles (CD 1)

Cars And Vaginas (CD 1)

You Me And BT (CD 1)

Not Bitter Just A Little Disappointed (CD 1)

Saga Of Me And You (CD 1)

Naked Innocence (CD 1)

Better Man (CD 1)

This Time I'm Serious (CD 2)

Reinventing The Wheel (CD 2)

Blinded By Absinthe (CD 2)

Virtual Love (CD 2)

Energetic O (CD 2)

Where Did Everyone Go (CD 2)


He's A Man (CD 2)

Dying Art Of The Chorus (CD 2)

Same Again (CD 2)


Valor Del Corazon

Ugly (CD 1)

Mother City (CD 1)

GTT (CD 1)

Yeah Yeah Yeah (CD 1)

Only A Problem (CD 1)

10 Flaws Down (CD 1)

Paramour (CD 1)

Man Who Cheated Death (CD 1)

Drunken Lord Of Everything (CD 2)


Way (CD 2)

Drinking In The Daytime (CD 2)

Keep It Cool (CD 2)

Only Lonely (CD 2)

Your Mouth (CD 2)

Change (CD 2)

My Friend The Enemy (CD 2)

Bulb (CD 2)

Something To Believe In (CD 2)


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