The Internet vs. The Wildhearts

Don't Be Happy...Just Worry!

Band History
Don't Be Happy...Just Worry!
Earth vs. The Wildhearts
Fishing for Luckies 1
Fishing for Luckies 2
The Best Of The Wildhearts
Endless Nameless
Anarchic Airwaves: The Wildhearts Live At The BBC
Landmines & Pantomimes: The Last of the Wildhearts!?
The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed
Coupled With
The Wildhearts Strike Back
The Wildhearts
Ginger's Solo Stuff
The Yo-Yo's

a double mini album...

Turning American

Crying Over Nothing

Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes

Liberty Cap


Something Weird (Going On In My Head)

Weekend (5 Long Days)

Dreaming In A


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