Season 2
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the second season + special...

The Vicar of Dibley

Season 2

25/12/1997      Engagement

Geraldine is determined to get Alice and Hugo together, and succeeds beyond her wildest dreams.


08/01/1998      Dibley Live

"Radio Dibley" goes live for one week, with Geraldine doing a "Brain of Dibley" competition and Owen commenting on horse gelding. Alice tries to impress her future father-in-law.


15/01/1998      Celebrity Vicar

Geraldine becomes a celebrity after appearing on "Pause for Thought." The villagers prepare for "Dibley Gala."


22/01/1998      Love and Marriage

Geraldine and the village all prepare for the wedding of Hugo and Alice, which brings a revelation from Alice and a visit from David's brother.



Comic Relief

12/03/1999      Celebrity Party

Dibley is the host for a film company and the vicar plucks up the courage to ask Johnny Deppe to come to a party at the vicarage…


Owen Newitt: She's already missed one set of Sunday services and it's important she doesn't miss another.

Alice: Can I just say, um, that I thought Mr. Pickle gave a lovely sermon as lay preacher.

Hugo: Yes, bravo. How you kept going for two and a half hours was amazing.

Owen Newitt: As I say, it's absolutely *vital* that she doesn't miss another Sunday. I need hardly remind you that we actually lost a couple of the older members of our congregation during last week's service.

Jim: Don't worry Frank, they were going to die anyway.

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