Season 4
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the fourth season + special...

The Vicar of Dibley

Season 4

25/12/2004      Merry Christmas

While Geraldine is celebrating her 10th year in Dibley she is accused of being Gay as Alice spreads gossip when she found Rachel Hunter dressing in the Vicars house and Geraldine letting out certain 'hints'


01/01/2005      Happy New Year

When it's the vicar's 40th birthday she doesn’t want anyone to make fuss! And when anyone says birthday she gets angry. So to cheer her up they send her to a dating agency, when she sees all the council have decided to go as well, she gets nowhere. Meanwhile it's the 20th anniversary of Band Aid, and the vicar wants to do something special, but finds out that no one cares. So at the end she showed them all a video from the poverty website, which then makes them all care.



Comic Relief

11/03/2005      Antiques Roadshow

When the Antiques Roadshow comes into town everyone gets excited. Alice shows the vicar a little toy Smurf, which she thinks is worth loads because her dad says it was, and the vicar has to ask the show to give her a high price so she doesn’t get upset. Meanwhile David is bringing in many different antiques, like one painting he paid 10,000 for but it was worth nothing. Then he shows something else, and the person says it's not worth the price he brought it for, so he punches a hole in, but it was actually worth a lot more! Meanwhile the others bring in very weird objects and the vicar recently bought a widescreen T.V, but decides to sell it because of poverty in different countries.


David Horton: You know, Frank, we have often thought that you should write these riveting stories down...

Frank Pickle: Good idea, sir!

David Horton: ...Instead of telling us. All the damn time.

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