Come on You Blues
Season 2
Season 1
Season 2

The Second Season...

1. Court in the Act

Goody is modeling a possible new police uniform when Grim asks Fowler and his men to provide backup for a raid on a local drug dealer's home. Goody finds some gear in the man's kitchen, not realizing that it's been planted by C.I.D.  Fowler finds out about the planted evidence. He doesn't want Goody to have to perjure himself, so he lets the defending counsel know that Goody was wearing an "unauthorized" uniform when he made the arrest. The dealer is then released on a technicality.


2. Ism Ism Ism

Fowler has agreed the Mayoress that he'll take action against sexism and racism. Then he's told that he'll be asked to arrest an illegal immigrant.  Grim is trying to get into the Todgers, a Masonic-type organization, in spite of the fact that it'll mean wearing funny clothes and kissing a frozen turkey's bottom.  Fowler goes to arrest the illegal immigrant, but arrest the EC Commissioner for Human Rights instead! Fowler is accused of racism as a result.  Patricia thinks she's seen a man beating up a woman. She and Fowler go to investigate and find Grim in a dress, being initiated into the Todgers.


3. Fly on the Wall

The BBC use Gasforth for a documentary about an ordinary police station.  Grim goes to extreme measures to look younger than he actually is.


4. Alternative Culture

A plumbing problem means that both male and female staff have to share a washroom. Patricia is trying rebirthing therapy, and Fowler does not approve. Grim tries to sort out the local drug problem by busting a rave while Habib's kid sister is visiting.


5. Come on You Blues

The local football team reaches the 2nd round of the FA cup, so Fowler decides that his staff will need training in riot control.  However things go out of control much to the ire of the Mayoress...


6. Road Rage

There's trouble over the building of a new road. Dawkins goes undercover as Squirrel Baggins and meets a ‘real man’. Goody falls in love with a protestor and chains himself to a tree and Grim has problems when someone dings his car.


7. The Green Eyed Monster

Fowler proposes to Patricia - but is he sincere? Meanwhile, Grim isn't looking forward to his 20th wedding anniversary and there’s a possible promotion in the air.


I doubt Patricia will get anything warm and satisfying inside her tonight.

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