Come on You Blues

Season 1

Season 1
Season 2

The First Season...

1. The Queen's Birthday Present

Fowler and Patricia are celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Patricia is under the impression that Raymond is looking frantically for an ideal gift for her, when instead he's preparing for the birthday of the Queen.


2. Fire & Terror

Habib takes a fancy to a fireman. Goody is jealous, until he discovers that the fireman is more interested in him than he is in Habib! Meanwhile, Fowler has to deal with a practical joker.


3. Honey Trap

When Fowler returns from a pub quiz night with a ketchup-kiss mark on his collar from Habib, Dawkins starts to think that he doesn't respect her anymore. The next day, Grim comes to Fowler saying he wants to use Habib for what he considers "intelligence-gathering". But a wrongly-timed remark during the conversation between said officers (Habib and Fowler) makes Dawkins suspicious that Fowler might be using Habib for more personal reasons than he lets on. This, of course, is "confirmed" by their strange activities as of late. How much luck will it take for Fowler to get out of this mess? Our answer: A lot.


4. Rag Week

While Fowler is dealing with rag week stunts, Grim is ecstatic when he gets a "real" bank robbery to deal with.


5. Night Shift

Grim gets involved in a Scotland Yard operation. Fowler is jealous. Patricia has problems with revolting teenagers.


6. Kids Today

Fowler and Grim have a disagreement about a camping trip for young offenders.  Patricia has to deal with an abandoned baby. Goody tries to protect Habib from sexual harassment.


7. Yuletide Spirit (45 Minutes)

Fowler is upset when he fails to get the lead in a production by the local amateur dramatic society. Grim and Kray are chasing a gang of carol singers. A homeless pregnant woman and her partner turn up at the police station.


Just remember Raymond, it's my arse and if you stuff it, I'm going to be very red in the face.

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