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The show is named 24 because the action on the show ostensibly occurs in "real time", with each season covering the events of one day in the life of federal agent Jack Bauer.


The show also follows Jack's colleagues at the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles, as well as the actions of both various terrorists and the White House.


Every episode in a season covers the events of one hour in that day. 24 makes frequent use of hand-held cameras and split-screens to show the actions of various characters concurrently.


Cheap Reseller Hosting

Kiefer Sutherland - Jack Bauer

Sarah Clarke - Nina Myers

Dennis Haysbert - David Palmer

Elisha Cuthbert - Kim Bauer

Leslie Hope - Teri Bauer

Penny Johnson - Sherry Palmer

Carlos Bernard - Tony Almeida

Sarah Wynter - Kate Warner

Xander Berkeley - George Mason

Reiko Aylesworth - Michelle Dessler

James Badge Dale - Chase Edmunds

William Devane - James Heller

Alberta Watson - Erin Driscoll

Kim Raver - Audrey Heller Raines

Roger R. Cross - Curtis Manning

Mary Lynn Rajskub - Chloe O'Brian

Jude Ciccolella - Mike Novick

Glenn Morshower - Aaron Pierce

D.B. Woodside - Wayne Palmer

Louis Lombardi - Edgar Stiles

Paul Schulze - Ryan Chappelle


Sometimes the men sworn to keep us safe...are the most dangerous of all...

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