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Michelle works with Tony to assemble the strategy for the terrorist threat. She sets up Jack’s undercover identity in his records.

Michelle travels with Jack on the helicopter and briefs him about Joseph Wald’s current gang. Jack recognizes one of the men as someone he knew while undercover.

After CTU is asked to transfer their databases to NSA servers, Michelle questions why they were the only agency requested to do so. Finding Paula in the ladies’ restroom, Michelle tries to allay her fears about the pending nuclear threat.

Michelle is relieved to see Tony alive after the blast. She breaks the news to Jack about CTU’s losses, but she knows nothing about the welfare of his daughter. When Tony is troubled at having to risk Paula’s life to decrypt the data about the nuclear bomb, Michelle is there to comfort him.

With Paula’s help, Michelle is able to find the key to decrypt the data about the nuclear bomb that was transferred to NSA. Yet after Paula helps Michelle, she dies. Under Mason’s orders, Michelle is supposed to make Jack leave the office, but she knows that he won’t do that. Jack convinces her to tell him where Mason has been for the last twelve hours because he suspects that Mason is too ill to run CTU.

Michelle hands Jack the case file before his interrogation, but he is already quite familiar with Nina. Along with Mason, Michelle then watches Jack from a video monitor. Mason orders Michelle to assemble a team in Visalia to meet Jack when he brings Nina there.

Michelle gives Mason the news that Jack drugged another agent to avoid having someone watch over him. Watching video from the wire attached to Nina, Michelle stays in contact with Jack and describes for him what is going on. As Nina speaks to Faheen in Arabic, Michelle has an interpreter translate the conversation for Jack. Yet Michelle can not clearly identify that the man whom Nina is talking to is indeed Faheen, so Jack holds off on raiding the building. When the transmission suddenly goes out, Jack orders the SWAT team to storm in.

As Michelle translates all of Nina and Faheen’s conversations on the plane, she gets a call from Kim who is being held for murder. Michelle connects Kim to Jack, but while they are talking, Nina and Faheen begin to speak in hushed tones. Michelle can not hear what they are saying, and Nina manages to kill Faheen. Michelle quickly goes back to the transcription tapes, and she is able to discern that Faheen told Nina the name Marko Khatami. Michelle digs up that Marko has a connection to the terrorist Syed Ali. With the day’s events starting to take their toll on her, Michelle begins to grow weary. Tony comforts her tenderly.

Michelle shows Mason proof that the CTU jet had been shot down by a ground-to-air missile. As she is talking, she notices that his nose begins to bleed. Michelle then tells Tony that she is aware that Mason has been exposed to radiation because of the Hazmat presence at the warehouse, his sudden nosebleed and rumors of his vomiting in the restroom. She also can read Tony’s face. Tony admits to Mason’s deathly poisoning. Yet when Michelle questions Mason’s ability to lead CTU at such a crucial time, Tony defends their boss.

Mason opens up to Michelle about his regrets in choosing his profession. He implores her to seek out what truly makes her happy. Armed with this advice, Michelle works up the courage to admit to Tony that she would like to start a relationship with him. Tony also has feelings for her, but he has been cautious after his experience with Nina. They agree to go out if they get through this mission alive.

Tony tells Michelle that, although he has been hesitant about being burned by the Nina relationship, he is eager to try again with her. He sensed that there was attraction between them.

After bringing in an imaging expert earlier in the day, Michelle has him analyze a charred paper found in Syed Ali’s clothes. The expert uncovers the phrase “N34” on the paper, and Michelle checks that against other possible clues. Yet when Ali discloses that the bomb will be at Norton Airfield, Michelle quickly makes the connection that the planes there have tail numbers that begin with the call letter “N.”

Tony asks Michelle to send a team to pick up Second Wave terrorists named by Syed Ali, but after Mason orders all agents to Norton Airfield that directive is ignored. Michelle is worried about Division wanting to close up their operation, but Tony says that maybe they will remove Mason from command once they see his rapidly declining state. Yet when a Division head comes to inspect the site, Mason assures him that not only is he in fine health, but that his office is in perfect working order. The technician Murdoch narrows the info on the charred paper to two possible tail numbers, and Michelle uncovers that one of those planes is at Norton. When Jack finds that the bomb there is only a decoy, Michelle passes on the bad news to Mason and Tony.

A new programmer named Carrie Turner is brought in to replace Paula Schaeffer. Carrie had been Michelle’s boss when the two worked together at Division. Carrie greets Michelle, and there is some tension between them. Michelle quickly establishes that she is now her boss, and she hands Carrie case files to analyze. After Tony gives news of Mason’s departure to the staff, Michelle commends him on his speech.

After Tony asks Michelle to assign someone to babysit the liaison Yusuf, she assumes the task herself. Carrie takes this as a sign that Michelle not comfortable with giving the job to her. Michelle then discovers a recording of a conversation on Syed Ali’s encrypted hard drive. It serves as evidence that Ali’s terrorist plan to bring a nuclear weapon into America was funded by three Middle Eastern countries. However, she orders a voiceprint authentication on the tape to prove its legitimacy. Tony learns of Jack’s parachuting out of the plane and has Michelle send a helicopter to pick him up in the desert.

Michelle plays the tape of the conversation for Syed Ali, but he maintains that it never took place. He does not know those men and was not in Cyprus at the time. She discloses that information to Tony, but the evidence shows that the tape has not been altered. Michelle persists in pushing for more research because there is a doubt about the veracity, but Tony wants to give the White House both verdicts. Although Ali will be interrogated again in Guantanamo, Michelle knows that will be too late. With nowhere else to turn, she goes behind Tony’s back to Jack and presents the predicament. Since Jack has had success in breaking Ali, she hopes he can find out whether the man is telling the truth. He agrees to help, but has her track down Kim for him. After Ali is murdered, Michelle tells Jack about Yusuf Auda, who was sent by his Arab country to assist in the investigation. Yusuf has been kept in the dark so far. Jack hits another dead end in dealing with Yusuf, but asks Michelle to trust him when another option arises that could prove the tape is a phony. Michelle makes up a story to detract the agent debriefing Kate Warner. When the agent leaves the room, Jack is able to take Kate out of CTU.

Tony asks Michelle whether she helped Jack kidnap Kate Warner. Michelle denies being an accomplice, saying that Carrie is trying to sabotage her because the two do not get along. Working at her computer, Michelle gets an error signal, so she walks over to another department to solve the problem. While she’s away from her station, she doesn’t see Carrie manipulate her outside links so that her communication can be tracked. Later, Michelle gets a phone call from a man named Danny, and Carrie secretly listens in on their conversation. Danny is upset, and he wants to know if he and his children are safe from the nuclear blast. Michelle won’t give up any information to him and she attempts to calm him down. Danny threatens to call Carrie to find out what’s really going on, and Michelle questions whether he is still speaking to Carrie. Danny says that he doesn’t talk to her because he thinks Carrie is a bitch. Danny hangs up on Michelle, and Carrie furtively erases the call from her log.

Jack phones Michelle for her help in finding a satellite image of the warehouse so that he can locate the assailants surrounding him. Knowing that she is being watched, Michelle pulls over a hundred satellite quadrants so that it cannot be connected to Jack. Carrie inquires about what she is doing and Michelle dismisses her. Michelle then goes into the restroom to call Jack. She synchs the map of the warehouse to his PDA and quickly hangs up. As she is coming out of the restroom, Tony stops her to question if she is helping Jack. Michelle denies doing anything wrong, but warns Tony to alert the President not to act on the Cyprus recordings until Jack finds the truth. Yet when Tony gets word that there was gunfire in Studio City, he confronts Michelle once again. She dials Jack and hands the phone to Tony. Expecting to be fired for her actions, Michelle apologizes to Tony. Although her sneaking around got them nowhere closer to proving that the Cyprus recording was falsified, Tony tells Michelle to get back to work.

Michelle is pleased that Tony warned the President about Jack’s evidence. After Carrie picks an argument, Michelle accuses her of sabotage. Tony sees this fight and calls Michelle to his office. She admits that when her brother Danny left his wife for Carrie, there has been tension between them ever since. She promises Tony that she will not let it interfere with her work. Yet Danny arrives at CTU and Michelle tries to make him leave. He attacks Carrie, and is pulled off by security. Michelle is horrified and becomes upset. Tony comforts her when she tells him that she can’t handle the stress of the day, and they kiss. Carrie catches them, and Michelle becomes alarmed that Carrie will use that information. Tony brushes the notion off.

Michelle receives a call from Jack, but they are cut off. She notifies Tony, and they trace Jack’s location to try and figure out where he may be headed.

After Jack finds the chip, Michelle tries to access its contents despite the damage caused to it. No audiofiles are retrievable. Yet Michelle is able to find the chip’s possible programmer from the sequences in the junk code. She traces the sequences to a hacker named Alex Hewitt who worked for the State Department and was fired for manipulating files. Hewitt may have been the one who fabricated the audio on the Cyprus recording.

Michelle lies to Carrie about what she is working on to get her off her back. Yet Carrie does not believe Michelle, and she reports to Chappelle on Tony and Michelle’s secret operations. When Tony is reassigned, he asks Michelle for help in assisting Jack. She brings Chappelle to a holding room and Tony drugs him. Michelle hurriedly orders the helicopter to pick up Jack and Hewitt.

Carrie stops Michelle as she is walking out. She is distrustful of Michelle’s explanation as to why she is leaving the building. Michelle goes to a CTU van in the parking lot and connects with Hewitt’s computer. Jack explains to her Hewitt’s program, and Michelle finds the thousands of voice samples. She walks Jack through the process just as Division agents surround the van and arrest her. Sitting with Tony in a holding room as prisoners, Michelle tells him that she won’t let him take all of the blame. She only did what she thought was right, and will accept the consequences.

While Michelle and Tony wait for their punishment in a holding room, Chappelle asks that they put him touch with Jack. They offer to help him in return for their full acquittal. Chappelle gives in. After a live feed is set up to Sherry’s wire, Michelle authenticates that both Sherry and Kingsley’s voices are legitimate. Later, when Jack averts the war and Palmer is vindicated, Michelle tells Tony that she is going home. Tony thanks her for sticking to her guns, even if it meant acting against him.



With Tony’s ascension to the director post at CTU, Michelle has taken over her husband’s previous title. After Tony receives an offer from Langley, Michelle tries to find a job there as well. However, Tony is told that there is no position for her. Michelle encourages him to accept anyway, planning to accompany him regardless. Yet Tony refuses to go unless Michelle has a job too. They agree to discuss it later. Michelle oversees Kim and Adam’s research, and she IDs the body infected with the virus as an L.A. street drug dealer.

Michelle learns from Dr. Macer that the virus was delivered through a powdered substance resembling cocaine or heroin. She then gives Jack the last known address of the body identified as Goss. Per Tony’s order, she makes sure Jack and Chase are wired for transmitters when they go to find Goss’s connection to Salazar. Kim comes to Michelle for advice on dealing with an office romance, and Michelle tells her to keep it between her and Chase.

After figuring out that the call demanding Salazar’s release came from inside the U.S., Michelle asks Gael to help her narrow down the location. She is unaware that he is the traitor who placed the call and he is the one keeping Hector Salazar abreast of CTU’s findings.

Michelle gives authorization for the doctors to perform surgery on Tony, but she decides to stay at CTU instead of being with him at the hospital. She is the only one who can take over his command. After receiving another call with demands for Salazar’s release, Gael offers to take over her job so that she can be with her husband. Michelle refuses, unaware that Gael is up to nefarious mole activities.

Michelle must play mediator when she makes Adam ease up on Kim. She then asks Chloe to search Jack’s office, where Chloe finds drugs and heroin paraphernalia in the wastebasket. Michelle gets a feed to the camera in Tony’s surgery and she is shaken by the sight of her husband being operated on. After the truck carrying Kyle Singer is spotted at an industrial complex, Michelle orders a raid. She calls Chase immediately after Kyle is captured by CTU.

Ryan Chappelle takes over command of CTU from Michelle, and he orders Jack to be shot down because they no longer need Salazar. When Jack eludes the military by landing in the middle of a downtown street, CTU changes its strategy and must now capture Jack on the ground. Michelle tries to ease Kim’s anxiety by telling her there’s a better chance they can get Salazar without harming Jack now that he’s on the ground. Michelle is relieved when she learns that Tony is out of surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. Yet she continues with her work, and asks Gael to come see her so that she can assign him to a new task.

Michelle is trying to leave the office to go to the hospital to see Tony, but she is pulled into one briefing after another. After Gael is taken into custody and tortured in interrogation, she hurries to Tony’s side. Tony insists that he immediately return to work, and asks Michelle to trust his judgment. She signs him out of the hospital, and takes him back to CTU. Tony asks that she and Chappelle leave him alone with Gael. Although Michelle doesn’t know what his reasons are, she obeys Tony’s wishes.

Michelle notices that Tony is still weak, but he refuses to go back to the hospital. Tony apologizes for not telling her the truth about Jack’s secret mission, but Michelle is upset that she didn’t recognize that Tony was keeping something from her for over a month.

After Kim lets her know about Tony’s mistakes Michelle becomes suspicious of her husband’s competency. She warns Chappelle, who questions Tony. Michelle is embarrassed when Tony has relevant excuses for the mistakes he supposedly made.

Michelle comes to Tony to apologize for not trusting his abilities. Tony feels she only did it to prove her resolve to CTU. Yet before she can explain herself, Tony turns back to work.

Michelle receives a call from Jack, but he doesn’t speak. She puts it on speaker so that Tony can hear him discuss with the Salazars the location of the virus transaction. When Chappelle suspends Chloe for bringing her baby to work, Michelle reminds him that they need her to take care of the digitally enhanced audio surveillance in Mexico. Michelle wisely advises that they deal with Chloe’s childcare issues another time.

There is still some lingering tension between Michelle and Tony. He is brusque towards her.

Michelle makes it possible for Division to assist in the search for Amador’s associate, Alvers.

Tony points the finger at Michelle when a lapse in research during her tenure as Acting Director causes some delay. Michelle has a valid excuse, but she is angry with Tony for blaming her so publicly. Yet she tells Tony that the two of them are fine. Michelle diligently works to prepare the interrogation even though Tony will be grilling a woman who he once slept with. When Nina comments about Tony’s wedding ring, Michelle instinctively flinches.

Because of her experience in the field, Chappelle assigns Michelle to lead the team on site where the virus may have been unleashed. There’s still some friction between her and Tony, but Gael says that Tony had been upset that he couldn’t confide in her about their secret Salazar mission. Tony orders Michelle not to enter the building until she has a biohazard suit to safeguard her, but when evidence shows that they might be too late, she goes in without protection. Inside the hotel, Michelle takes down Alvers and she gets him to reveal that the virus has been put in the ventilation duct. She radios Gael to go find it.

Michelle gets Alvers to divulge that there are eleven other vials of the virus. He also had added an accelerant to lessen the incubation period of the virus, and Gael already starts to show symptoms. Michelle has her team jam cell phone signals and lock up all exits of the hotel. When a bellhop sets off a fire alarm, Michelle tries to contain the guests by lying about the situation. The bellhop tries to escape, and Michelle convinces him that he will put others in danger if he leaves. When other guests start to display symptoms, one man breaks open the glass door. Michelle is forced to shoot the man to prevent him from exiting the building.

Michelle tries to keep the panicked hotel guests calm. She has Alvers describe his employer to CTU, and they run a cross-check with Jack’s files. Alvers picks out Saunders from a photograph. Michelle goes to see Gael in isolation, and offers her dying friend a gun to put himself out of his misery. Michelle is sad when Gael passes and she begs Tony to send over suicide capsules for the virus-infected people.

As the hotel guests grow sickly, Michelle offers up suicide pills to the afflicted people. One of the guests reveals that the man she shared a one-night stand with has escaped from the hotel. Michelle finds the man’s fingerprint and they track down his identity. Michelle breaks down to Tony, letting him know that she loves him.

Waiting for test results, Michelle still does not show virus symptoms. She asks Tony to give her work to keep her occupied.

Michelle learns that she is not infected, and is, in fact, immune to the virus. She calls Tony in relief, but says that she is being moved by NHS as a precaution. Michelle is loaded into a van, but is instead taken hostage by Saunders’s men. A video camera allows Saunders to show Tony that she is in real danger.

Saunders’s men tie up Michelle and lock her in a room. Saunders threatens to maim her if she doesn’t tell him how CTU would trace his call, but Michelle bravely refuses to answer. She gets to briefly speak to Tony, and she tells him not to give in to the terrorist.

Michelle gets the guard watching her to think she has the virus, and she is able to escape. She takes the man’s cell phone and calls CTU. But Jack instructs her to go back so that they can get Saunders to use her in an exchange for Jane. Michelle is returned to Tony, and the CTU teams open fire on Saunders’s men. Michelle safely reunites with her husband.

Michelle is alarmed when she’s not permitted to see Tony. She finds out that he committed treason by allowing Saunders to escape.

Michelle comforts Gael’s widow. She then arranges for Saunders to view headshots of the men detained in the subway station in order to identify Rabens. Yet before Saunders can pick Rabens out, Gael’s wife kills him. Michelle asks for Tony to be temporarily released to assist the mission, but when he is taken back into custody she is saddened to say goodbye. Tony is sent to prison.



Michelle arrives at CTU to replace Driscoll as director.

Michelle fires Sarah for being untrustworthy and demotes Tony to a low-level analyst job because of his past drinking. Audrey lets Michelle know that Tony saved her and Jack’s life today and that he still cares for Michelle. When Tony’s judgment proves more valuable, she agrees to give him a bigger job.

With Edgar faltering, Michelle gets Chloe to come back to CTU. Chloe’s return helps CTU work more efficiently, but they still lose track of Jack when Marwan takes him hostage.

Marwan tells Michelle that he will trade Jack for Behrooz, but CTU doesn’t know why Behrooz is significant. A superior from Division is brought in to oversee the operation.

Buchanan yells at Michelle for allowing Marwan to escape. He later apologizes, and Tony notices the intimacy between the two. Tony confronts Michelle about her relationship with Buchanan, and she refuses to say whether she is still sleeping with him.

Michelle directs the CTU staff to make finding Marwan the top priority, but Jack is pulled away to recover the Nuclear Football. They are all relieved when the President survives the crash.

Michelle receives an apology from Tony for how he reacted to the news of her relationship with Buchanan. She assures Buchanan that Tony won’t be distracted by the dynamics between them. With the pressure to find the stolen nuclear warhead, Michelle has Curtis interrogate the suspect apprehended. Yet they are stopped by a rights lawyer, who has a signed order for the man’s release.

Michelle leads the tactical team that will raid Marwan’s hideout. After Marwan escapes, Michelle has the video tape found on one of the men sent back to CTU for analysis.

Based on Marwan’s video, Michelle and Buchanan assume that the terrorists plan to launch a nuclear bomb on America by dawn. Michelle picks up Tony’s phone and she is shocked to speak to his girlfriend, Jen. Tony says that he doesn’t love Jen.

Michelle receives a call from the Chinese Consulate requesting that an official be let into CTU for an investigation, and she is forced to allow it. Tony tenderly tells her that he misses her, and Michelle says that she never wanted them to end up apart.

Michelle agrees when Tony asks her to quit CTU to sustain their relationship. They kiss for the first time since his return. When Tony is captured in the field, Michelle is fearful for his life.

Michelle begins to freak out about saving Tony, but finally settles down. She gets a call from Mandy who is holding Tony hostage with a set of demands to save him. Doing opposite of what caused Tony to be sent to prison, Michelle immediately tells Buchanan and Jack. They try to thwart Mandy, who has set it up to make it look like she blew herself up with Tony. Michelle is distraught by Tony’s death, and Buchanan sends her home. Yet Jack figures out that Mandy used decoys in the explosion. When Tony is saved, he calls Michelle and tells her that he loves her. He promises to come back to CTU to see her.

Michelle kisses Tony when he returns. She feels ashamed for not putting his life before the mission, just as he did for her a few years ago. Tony assuages her guilt and puts it behind them. When Jack is the target of a covert mission, Michelle helps Tony fake Jack’s death. She and Tony drive Jack off the CTU grounds. They give Jack the resources to hide out with a new identity. Both Michelle and Tony find it hard to say goodbye to him.


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