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Vicellous Shannon


He arrives back at the hotel after a rally for his father's campaign.

Although the Secret Service wants to keep him secure, Keith insists that he be released to search for his father. He does not know that Palmer is worried about allegations accusing Keith of murder.

After being informed of the assassination attempt, Keith fears for his father's life. Unable to sleep, he watches television.

When his father asks what really happened the night after Nicole's rape, Keith is argumentative. He blames his father for always being away from home on business, and says that he was the only one around who could take care of things. Yet when Palmer asks, point blank, if he killed Lyle Gibson, Keith is defiantly silent.

Keith turns down his father's request to come out with the truth at the breakfast. He reproaches Palmer for always putting his career before his family.

Keith accuses his father of trying to reach the White House at the expense of his own son going to jail.

When Palmer pledges to do everything he can to prevent his son from going to jail, Keith does not believe him.

Keith is upset when he learns of George Ferragamo's death. The two had been close, and Ferragamo was there for him when Keith was in pain. Yet when Palmer does not want to go public about a possible link between his campaign and the fire that killed Ferragamo, Keith becomes furious. He believes that his father is putting his bid for the Presidency ahead of a friend's murder. When Keith attempts to go to the police, Sherry stops him.

Keith is elated that his father wants to be there for him, but when Palmer refuses to go public with the truth about George Ferragamo, Keith is disheartened. He feels like his father is again putting his campaign ahead of his family. So Keith takes actions in his own hands, and threatens political operative Carl that he will tell the campaign financiers about his underhanded activities. Carl warns Keith that he will frame him for George Ferragamo's murder. Keith, however, taped Carl's confession.

Keith apologizes to his father for doubting his sincerity. He now knows that Palmer was only trying to protect Keith from taking the blame for George Ferragamo's murder. Keith plays the tape of Carl's confession for Palmer, and Palmer takes the tape away from his son.

Palmer explains to Keith the gravity involved in releasing the tape to the authorities. Keith is willing to accept what will be said about him in the press because he only wants to tell the truth. Palmer pledges that he will be there for his son.

Keith supports his father's full admission to the press. In his speech, Palmer makes it public that he will stand by his son, regardless of the outcome. After the press conference, Keith hugs his father and tells him that he loves him.



Keith enjoys a morning fishing with his father, but their day together is cut short suddenly.


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