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Secret Service agents notify Sherry that her husband is the target of an assassination attempt. Later she realizes that Palmer has silently slipped out of the hotel.

Sherry keeps her son, Keith, from leaving the hotel to find his father, Senator Palmer. With the Secret Service gearing up, she grows increasingly worried about her husband's life.

Palmer discloses to Sherry the accusations about Keith killing Lyle Gibson, the man who raped their daughter, Nicole. Sherry does not believe her son is a murderer.

Sherry disagrees with Palmer's decision to tell Nicole about the allegations against Keith.

Sherry admits to having Carl cover up Keith's involvement in Lyle Gibson's death. Yet she did it for her own ambition to further her husband's career into the White House. When Palmer wants to divulge the truth to the public, she is resistant, and accuses him of jeopardizing her son's life.

Sherry advocates blackmailing Maureen Kingsley in order to cover up the Lyle Gibson murder, but Palmer is adamant about telling the truth. Sherry is only trying to protect her son's innocence and her husband's career.

Palmer tells Sherry that his speech will address his family's secrets. She hopes this will not jeopardize her son's life. Sherry then accompanies Palmer to the breakfast as the happy campaign wife.

Sherry and Palmer are led safely from the power plant. Sherry tries one last time to convince her husband to force his hand with Maureen Kingsley, but he is steadfast in his decision. Sherry takes matters into her own hands, and calls Maureen herself. She leaks Maureen a story that a conspiracy within the government is involved in an attempt on Palmer's life. Sherry asks Maureen to run with this story instead of the one on Keith. Maureen agrees to sit on the Keith story for a while.

Despite Sherry's insistence, Palmer holds firm to releasing the Keith news. She takes it upon herself to call the political operative Carl, asking him to blackmail Maureen Kingsley to suppress the story. Although he is vague about specifics, Carl informs Sherry her that he has already begun to get rid of any evidence incriminating Keith.

Sherry admits that she had asked Carl to blackmail Maureen Kingsley. Carl claimed to have "taken care" of the evidence against Keith. Palmer is disgusted by his wife's actions, and tells her that the trust he lost after she deceived him seven years ago may never be regained.

Agreeing with Campaign Manager Mike Novick, Sherry advocates that Palmer not disclose the truth about the George Ferragamo death. She believes that, once he becomes President, Palmer will be able to prevent these men from doing any further harm.

Sherry is surprised when Palmer agrees to keep their dirty laundry a secret. When Keith informs her that he is going to the police about George Ferragamo's murder, Sherry stops him. She contends that remaining quiet is the best thing for their family.

Sherry and Palmer come clean to each other about the love lost between them. Although Sherry knows that her husband no longer loves her, she is sure that he will never leave her. After the latest favorable exit polls, Sherry is fully confident that she will become First Lady, regardless of the state of their marriage.

Sherry tells Patty to keep her husband company on their next campaign stop because she will be unable to travel with them. After arguing with her husband over his commitment to the campaign, Sherry notices Patty come back to the party with Palmer. She questions Patty about being upstairs with her husband. Patty says that everything is going according to Sherry's plan. However, Patty is hesitant to deceive Palmer because things may progress to the next level. Sherry assures her that this is for his own good and the good of the campaign.

Sherry decides to make campaign stops with the children apart from her husband. Palmer agrees that he can use the time away from her. Patty Brooks tells Sherry that Palmer wants to meet her for a tryst, and Sherry accepts this as a necessary provision to win the election. She intends to use Patty to control Palmer. Yet Palmer knows about this hidden conspiracy, and confronts his wife. Sherry believes that he still needs her help to get to the White House. After the explosion, Sherry reluctantly obeys Palmer's wishes to tell the public he has been killed. Yet she fears that the news will only harm his campaign.

Sherry is against lying to the press about Palmer's death, and she takes matters into her own hands by leaking the news that he is alive. When Palmer finds out, he is so angry that he almost strikes his wife. He is then forced to admit the truth to the media. Palmer later tells Sherry that she does not deserve to be First Lady. Despite her claims that he will need her to win the election, Palmer wants out of their marriage.



Sherry asks to speak to her ex-husband, but he refuses to talk to her. She tells him that she knows about the order to evacuate military personnel in Los Angeles. Palmer becomes alarmed and has her wait. Once he gets this news confirmed, he returns to Sherry and asks where she got this information. Sherry claims to want to help him, but that she needs to know what is going on. Palmer discloses the nuclear threat, and Sherry is stunned. She admits that her source is a high level Defense Department employee, who also told her that forces within the Administration are plotting against Palmer. Sherry wants to assist Palmer in uncovering the traitors. Palmer allows her to help, on the condition that she not manipulate the situation for her own behalf.

Sherry is in the room when Lynne comes in to brief the President and Mike Novick. When Lynne is hesitant to reveal intelligence, Palmer tells her that he has granted Sherry provisional security clearance because she found information about a conspiracy against his Administration. Sherry informs Lynne that she uncovered secret meetings that NSA chief Stanton had with some congressmen. Yet the so-called secret meetings Sherry was referring to are actually legitimate, and Lynne has the documentation to prove it. After the meeting, Sherry warns Lynne that she is to be respected because she was the one who put Palmer in office. She dismisses Lynne as just the advisor-du jour. Palmer overhears this conversation and cautions his ex-wife that she is the one who is expendable.

When Sherry learns that Palmer had detained the reporter Ron Wieland, she warns him that doing so will only raise more red flags. She offers to try to sway Wieland from filing a damaging report. As Armus escorts her to Wieland’s cell, Roger Stanton stops her to inquire what she is doing there. Sherry tells him that she has full authority from the President. Sherry dangles an exclusive proposition to Wieland, which allows him to report from inside the O.C. instead of releasing his story about the terrorist threat. Wieland refuses her offer. When Sherry brings this news to Palmer, she begs him to let her continue to work on his behalf in order to make up for past grievances. Palmer hesitantly accepts her help, under the condition that she does not receive anything in return.

Hearing Ron Wieland’s reports on the news, Sherry tries to ascertain who his connection is inside the White House. Palmer bursts in to accuse Sherry of freeing the detained reporter. Sherry swears that she was not involved. After Palmer learns that Armus was responsible for letting the man go, he apologizes to Sherry. He tells her that he will try to discredit Wieland, but Sherry suggests that he merely tell the truth because the public trusts him. Later, Sherry offers edits to the speech Lynne had written for the President to address the press on the Wieland matter. Lynne rebuffs Sherry, saying she is trying to stick her influence where it doesn’t belong. Yet Sherry believes that her changes to the remarks are warranted. Sherry feels vindicated when Palmer is pleased with the revised speech.

When she learns that a secret American unit responsible for attacking Jack Bauer might be connected to the NSA, Sherry is quick to defend Roger Stanton to Palmer. She suggests that they find proof before they accuse him. Yet Sherry is the first one to uncover a secret communications network that Stanton recently opened, along with a password to access it. While she combs her sources for more evidence to incriminate Stanton, Palmer warmly thanks her for her assistance. Sherry is pleased that her ex-husband is open to accepting her again. Out of earshot, she phones Stanton’s cell to tell him that she gave him up to the President. Sherry warns Stanton not to disclose her involvement when he is arrested because she can work better from the inside while Palmer trusts her. She exhorts him to continue ahead with their plan, for Stanton will soon be the one with the power.

Sherry calls Lynne from the retreat to find out what is being done about Roger Stanton. Lynne brushes Sherry off by telling her she has not been included in the President’s decision. Sherry threatens Lynne to find out something. Worried that she has been left out of the loop, Sherry repeatedly phones Palmer. When he finally takes her call, he lets her know that he is having Stanton questioned. Sherry reproaches him for making such a rushed verdict. Yet Palmer gets angry, and tells Sherry that, despite her help, he does not want her involved. He also does not allow her to influence his judgement.

Lynne agrees to a meeting with a secret contact who had been feeding her information about Sherry’s compliance with Stanton. When Lynne goes to the rendezvous point, it is Sherry who is waiting for her. Sherry explains that she is not involved in the conspiracy to take over Palmer’s presidency, but that these people want to indict her in their doings because they fear her. Sherry did not plan to tell her ex-husband about this until she had concrete evidence. Lynne does not trust Sherry’s claim, believing that Sherry is really out to sabotage Palmer.

After it is learned that Stanton had dealt with a Senator named Gluck, Palmer wants Sherry brought in because she has ties with Gluck and his staff. Palmer orders Lynne to grant his ex-wife full access. Although Lynne is reluctant, she tells Sherry that she is to report only to her. Lynne admits to Sherry that she does not like her nor does she want her there. Later, Sherry thanks Palmer for trusting her, but she gets the sense that he is cold towards her. Palmer then tries to convey his true gratitude for her help. When the bomb at Norton Airfield turns out to be a decoy, Stanton tells Palmer that he should consult with Sherry instead because she is the one who knows what is going on.

After Palmer says that he knows about Stanton’s knowledge of the bomb, he asks Sherry if she is also involved. Sherry holds to the story that she only just met Stanton that afternoon, but Palmer knows she is lying. He says that if she loves him like she claims, then she should tell the truth. Sherry finally confesses that Stanton approached her to help him attack Palmer’s weaknesses. She only agreed to deal with him in order to gain Stanton’s confidence and undermine the conspiracy. Sherry pleads with Palmer to let her prove that she was only protecting him. She gives him the name of her CIA contact, and the man corroborates that Sherry has been feeding him information about the conspiracy against the Administration. Palmer was kept in the dark to remain innocent. Sherry admits that she met Stanton in a hotel room, but did not sleep with him. “I didn’t ask,” Palmer says coldly. After Sherry begs for him to believe her, Palmer doesn’t know whether she is lying or not. He only knows he can’t trust his ex-wife, and he orders her removal from the premises.

As Jack searches Alex Hewitt’s loft, Sherry enters. She is looking for Hewitt.

At Hewitt’s loft, Sherry tells her bodyguard to look for Hewitt. Jack knocks out the bodyguard and demands that Sherry tell him what she is doing there. He doesn’t believe her when she says that she is working on Palmer’s behalf. Hewitt comes out from hiding to plead with Sherry to help him like she promised. Sherry explains to Jack that Hewitt forged the Cyprus tape on Kingsley’s orders. She had wanted revenge on her ex-husband and worked with Kingsley to bring down his presidency. Sherry is implicated on Hewitt’s audio, and she demands immunity from Jack in return for getting Hewitt to testify. Palmer phones, and he is furious with her. She tells him that she is doing this for his benefit. Jack offers Sherry the chance to speak with a lawyer to cut her own deal. She becomes enraged, and tries to get Hewitt to turn on Jack, but Jack separates them. Hewitt becomes suspicious and stabs Sherry in the stomach with a screwdriver. As she lies on the ground bleeding, Sherry appeals to Jack for help. Yet Jack takes off after the fleeing Hewitt.

When Jack returns to the loft, Sherry yells at him for leaving her after she had been stabbed. Jack wants her to contact Kingsley and offer up Hewitt in exchange for the taped conversations that incriminate her involvement. Although Hewitt is dead, Jack will recreate the techie’s voice using the technology that Hewitt created. Sherry makes the call, and Kingsley asks to speak with Hewitt. Jack plays back Hewitt’s replicated voice and Kingsley agrees to meet with Sherry. As Jack drives Sherry to the meeting place, he is afflicted with a pain in his chest left over from the interrogation. He loses control of the car, and it crashes into an embankment.

After surviving the car crash, Jack becomes pinned into his seat belt. Sherry sees a way out, and proceeds to leave the scene without him. Jack pleads for her help, but Sherry is reluctant to assist Palmer after he abandoned her. Yet when Jack tells Sherry that Palmer will know that she was responsible for getting him back his Presidency, Sherry relents. She cuts him out of the seat belt, and they steal a car to meet up with Kingsley at the Coliseum. Sherry is wired for audio, but she fears that she will be killed and that Jack’s failing health will prevent him from saving her. She asks him to tell Palmer that she did all of this for his behalf. Sherry goes into the Coliseum and meets with Kingsley. She gets Kingsley to admit that he had Hewitt forge the Cyprus recording. Kingsley, however, senses that she is lying, and he orders her to be killed. Jack fires at Kingsley’s men and Sherry is able to escape. After CTU raids the Coliseum and kills Kingsley, Sherry is placed in custody.



Sherry receives a call from Palmer regarding Milliken. She agrees to help him.

Sherry arrives at District and thanks her ex-husband for keeping her out of prison. She has information on Milliken, but its exposure will make him hate Palmer forever. Wayne tries to dissuade Sherry from getting involved, but she refuses. She would rather have Wayne stay in office because he is as ruthless as she is. Sherry gets to work quickly, and opens wounds for Milliken. Yet when Palmer questions the content of the dirt, she avoids telling him.

Sherry goes to meet with a man whose daughter was accidentally killed by Milliken. The man was paid not to name Milliken as the culprit. He will admit the truth publicly if the President pardons his imprisoned son. Sherry asks Palmer about the pardon, but the man disappears before she can cut a deal. Sherry resorts to Plan B -- approaching Milliken’s wife about extricating herself from her overprotective husband.

Sherry tells Palmer that she is going to Milliken’s house to speak to his wife, Julia. Sherry enters the estate unnoticed and convinces Julia to help her incriminate Milliken in the disappearance of Kelly. Sherry steals Milliken’s cell phone to find the last called numbers and has them traced. Milliken, however, wakes up and sees Sherry in his house. They argue over what Palmer owes him as a friend and campaign contributor. Milliken gasps for air, and Sherry stops Julia from giving him his medication. The women watch as Milliken dies. Julia is shaken, but Sherry warns her to pretend that she found him dead.

Sherry tells Palmer that she did not go to Milliken’s house. When Palmer finds out that Milliken is dead, Sherry pretends to be surprised. Yet when Palmer asks for proof of her story, Sherry admits that she was at the Milliken estate. However, she did nothing to Milliken when he suffered a heart attack. Sherry cautions that any investigation into her actions will only point back to the President.

When Wayne confronts her about what really happened with Milliken, Sherry says that she was only doing it to mop up Wayne’s mistakes. She and Wayne will have to keep it a secret from Palmer so that they can cover it up. When a police detective tells Sherry that Julia implicated her in Milliken’s death, Sherry claims that she was with Palmer all night. She says that the President will corroborate her story.

Sherry tells Palmer to corroborate her account that she was with him at the time of Milliken’s death. If he does not support her, she will implicate him in the crime. Sherry is relieved when Palmer backs up her story to the police, but Palmer is furious with her for making him lie.

Sherry calls Palmer’s campaign opponent, Senator Keeler, with a proposition to win the election. She admits to causing Alan Milliken’s death, and claims that Palmer lied to the police to cover it up. Sherry suggests that Keeler blackmail Palmer with this information, and she asks for a job in his new Administration in return.

An enraged Palmer calls Sherry over her blackmail against him with Senator Keeler. Sherry says that Palmer never gave her any respect, and she is willing to go to jail for Milliken’s death to make him pay for that.

Palmer summons Sherry to offer her a position in his Administration. Sherry wants to be his First Lady again, and Palmer quickly agrees. Sherry becomes suspicious and threatens to help Keeler instead. Sherry returns to her house and sees Wayne there. She is knocked out and Wayne takes the prescription bottle from her. When Sherry wakes up, Julia is there with a gun. Julia threatens to shoot Sherry. Wayne tries to talk her out of it. Sherry tells Julia that she can get the President to pardon her for Milliken’s murder. Yet Julia kills Sherry. She then commits suicide.


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