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After arriving in Los Angeles for the next day’s Primary Election, the presidential candidate prepares his speech with his wife and campaign staff. Insinuations by a network reporter anger Palmer, and he hastily hangs up on the woman. When his wife presses him for what was said on the phone call, Palmer is silent.

Worried about his phone conversation with network reporter Maureen Kingsley, Palmer asks his aide, Carl, to meet him immediately. Palmer leaves the hotel for the meeting without telling his wife or the Secret Service.

Waiting at the secret meeting point for his associate, Palmer happens upon two young punks breaking windows. There is a confrontation during which the kids recognize him. The kids break Palmer's rear windshield and leave. Palmer's associate, Carl, arrives. Palmer informs Carl that network anchor Maureen Kingsley is planning to run a story about his son Keith's involvement in the murder of a man who raped his daughter, Nicole. Carl says he will take care of the leak.

Carl uncovers evidence that a therapist is claiming to have Keith's confessions of murdering Lyle Gibson. Palmer tells his wife about the allegations that have surfaced. Although Sherry is confident that her son is innocent, Palmer begins to harbor doubts.

Palmer decides to prepare Nicole for the media firestorm that may erupt over the revelations about Keith, but he has a change of heart. The network anchor Maureen Kingsley shows Palmer evidence linking Keith to the murder of Lyle Gibson. Palmer confronts his son, but Keith does not deny the accusations.

Palmer confronts Carl about hiding the Keith story from him, but Carl did so with the full cooperation of Sherry. Sherry readily admits to Palmer that she and her children only wanted to help his campaign, but she still wants it to remain a secret to protect her son. Palmer is forced to wake up his chief of staff, Mike Novick, and explain the situation. Novick advises him to come clean to the public, since he was not part of the cover-up. Yet Palmer will have to do so at the morning breakfast meeting -- with his family at his side in support.

Palmer asks his son to join him in making an announcement at the breakfast, but Keith refuses. Palmer then assures Nicole that they are doing the right thing by coming forward. When Sherry suggests that they blackmail Maureen Kingsley to stamp out the story, Palmer rebuffs her. He does not want to hide the truth any longer.

Palmer tells his wife and son his plans to admit the truth at the upcoming breakfast. At the event, the Secret Service warns Palmer about a possible threat, but Palmer wants to proceed with his speech regardless. Before Palmer can speak of any of his family's wrongdoings, Jack reaches for an agent's gun and the Secret Service immediately remove Palmer.

Palmer is adamant about revealing the truth about Keith. When he learns that Maureen Kingsley is not coming out with the story, Palmer is sure that his wife got to her first. He plans to find out from Maureen what really happened. His aide, Novick, informs him that Jack Bauer was the CTU agent who was taken into custody at the breakfast. Palmer recognizes Jack's name.

While making a campaign stop at an elementary school, Palmer is interrupted by a frantic phone call from Ames, one of his campaign's biggest donors. Ames pulls out his support because he has learned that Carl, Palmer's behind-the-scenes operative, may be planning to murder the man who is accusing Keith. Palmer is furious at the insinuation.

Palmer confronts his wife about Carl. He is disappointed when Sherry admits to being involved in covering up evidence on Keith. Yet Sherry does not know to what lengths Carl will go. Palmer sets up a meeting with Carl, who claims that the people who have funded the campaign want to succeed at any cost. He and Palmer were merely pawns in their game. Palmer calls George Ferragamo to warn him that his life might be in danger, but he gets a machine. Campaign Manager Mike Novick checks into Jack Bauer's background and finds some classified gaps. Palmer recognizes the timeframe of one of the gaps.

Palmer attempts to explain the dangerous situation over the phone to Keith's therapist, George Ferragamo. Ferragamo, however, believes that Palmer is again threatening him and he hangs up. Palmer goes to Ferragamo's office to speak with him, but the man has died in a gas explosion. Fearing that Carl has come through with his plan to eliminate evidence, Palmer moves toward the police barricade. Mike Novick stops him, urging Palmer that any presence there would only harm the campaign.

Palmer is insistent about disclosing the truth to both the District Attorney and Maureen Kingsley at the network. Campaign Manager Mike Novick persuades him to talk to his wife first. Sherry believes that Palmer could be more effective against these evil forces by getting into the White House. As President, he could have the power to get rid of Carl and his ilk while still performing good deeds for the country. Palmer goes to Kingsley, but she has been threatened to quit the network. Carl hints that there may be evidence that implicates Keith planted in the fire that killed George Ferragamo. Palmer realizes that these men can not be stopped.

Palmer reverses his tack, insisting on revealing nothing to the press about his son and George Ferragamo. Although Keith is now the one who wants to go public, Palmer and Sherry convince him that their decision is for the good of the family. When Secret Service is notified that the assassination attempt is still in effect, they remove the Palmers from California to a military base. In the limo on the way to the airport, Mike Novick informs Palmer about what he has found on Jack Bauer's history, and Palmer finally recognizes the name from a mission in Bosnia. Believing that Jack is trying to enact revenge on him for that botched mission, Palmer goes to CTU to try to speak with him.

Although he is being kept at bay, Palmer makes a call to a high-level government official to get to see Jack. He confronts Jack about his assassination plot, but Jack convinces him that he was only acting on Palmer's behalf and to save the lives of his family. Palmer and Jack recognize that someone is retaliating against them for their killing terrorist Victor Drazen in Kosovo. They contact an operative who worked with Palmer on the mission. He sends them files that map out Victor Drazen's cohorts, but before the operative can dig deeper, he is murdered.

When the Secret Service show the campaign staff photos of the potential assassins, a Palmer aide recognizes one of the men as her lover. Palmer immediately notifies Jack, and learns that Robert Ellis is dead. Palmer tells Keith that he will try to be a better father, and Keith is overjoyed. Yet when Keith asks about telling the police the truth behind the George Ferragamo murder, Palmer still insists on keeping it a secret for the time being.

Keith gives his father the tape of the confessional by political operative Carl. Palmer takes the tape from his son. Wary about putting Elizabeth Nash in jeopardy, Palmer warns Jack that he will be responsible if anything happens to her. When Elizabeth fouls the plan and stabs Alexis Drazen, Palmer becomes angry at the way Jack mishandled the whole operation.

Palmer consults with both Sherry and chief of staff Mike Novick about what to do with the confessional. Novick suggests that they sit on the information and use it later as a bargaining tool, but Sherry advocates destroying the tape to protect Keith. Palmer asks his campaign manager to put an envelope with the tape inside the hotel room safe. Sherry sees this and destroys the tape. Palmer is saddened because he put a phony copy in the safe to test Sherry's honesty.

Palmer asks his wife and kids to support his decision to come clean to the public. While Keith is for the idea, Sherry is against it. At a press conference, Palmer admits to the reporters about his family, George Ferragamo's murder and the underhanded activities of his campaign financiers. He asks the voters to consider the actions as a mistake on his part. After the announcement, Keith and Nicole are proud of their father. Sherry, on the other hand, is cold towards her husband.

Although Sherry is convinced that his admission to the public will cost him the election, Palmer believes otherwise. The polls show that he is correct, as the voters stand behind Palmer. Palmer then admits to Sherry that since he no longer trusts her, there is no way he can still love her. Sherry coldly tells him that, no matter what, she will become the country's First Lady.

Palmer wins every state in the Super Tuesday Primary, with the Democratic nomination surely a lock. Although victorious, he is still plagued by his family problems concerning his wife and son. When his campaign manager, Patty Brooks, discloses her affection for him, Palmer is confused by the turn the Senator, Palmer is Sherry is convinced that his admission to the public will cost him the election, Palmer believes otherwise. The polls show that he is correct, as the voters stand behind Palmer. Palmer then admits to Sherry that since he no longer trusts her, there is no way he can still love her. Sherry coldly tells him that, no matter what, she will become the country's First Lady.

Palmer makes a victory speech to the throngs of cheering supporters in the hotel banquet room. He takes a phone call from Nina, who asks for his help breaking CTU's stalemate over the trade of Jack for Alexis Drazen. Palmer calls Mason, and promises that, if he helps, Mason will be instated to a high position within Palmer's administration. Mason questions what will happen if Palmer is not elected, but Palmer is confident that he will become President. Palmer and Sherry lock horns at the party, and he takes Patty upstairs to go over some work. In the hotel suite, they share a glass of champagne. Palmer asks Patty if she is flirting with him, and she says yes. He returns to the party with her advances unrequited.

Campaign manager Patty Brooks reveals her attraction to Palmer, and Palmer invites her to meet him in a hotel room. Yet when she arrives, Palmer fires her for conspiring with his wife against him. Jack calls Palmer and asks to personally bring a message from Victor Drazen. Although the Secret Service has been alerted that Jack may be a possible threat, Jack pledges that he will not harm the candidate. Jack arrives at the hotel with news that his daughter is being held hostage. In order to free her, Palmer must speak to the Drazens and unfreeze their money. Palmer says that Victor Drazen is well aware that his assets cannot be accessed, and Jack realizes that they have been set up. While Palmer is on the cell phone with Victor, Jack tosses it out the window before it explodes. Jack then persuades Palmer to lie about his surviving the bombing so that the Drazens will believe he is dead. Palmer agrees to help Jack, much to the chagrin of Sherry.

In order to protect the life of Jack's daughter, Palmer is adamant about not telling the media that he is alive. Sherry leaks their secret, and Palmer is furious with his wife. He is forced to come forward and admit the truth to the throng of reporters. Palmer later tells Sherry that she is unfit to stand next to him in the White House. He wants a divorce.



While on a fishing vacation with his son Keith at his retreat in Oregon, Palmer is brought to an operations complex war room on a national threat. The NSA has learned that a terrorist-held nuclear bomb is set to go off in Los Angeles sometime later in the day. The casualties may be about 2.5 million. Palmer calls the Prime Minister of the Middle Eastern country suspected of having ties to the terrorist cel, but the leader denies any connection. NSA staff member Eric Rayburn tries to convince Palmer to bring in the military for proactive response measures, but Palmer is adamant that they only treat this as a terrorist threat. Both Palmer and his closest aide, Lynne Kresge, are suspicious of Rayburn.

After the media suspect something is brewing, Palmer tries to contain the information from leaking by holding an informal press conference. Yet when one reporter named Wieland plans to go live with rumors of a change in Alert Condition, the President asks to meet with him privately. Knowing that Wieland is still suspicious, Palmer orders his Secret Service inside man Richard Armus to deal with the situation. Armus apprehends Wieland to prevent him from breaking the news.

While the President is in a scheduled press conference, Lynne receives a call from Jack with a warning about CTU’s bombing. She asks the press secretary to interrupt the President, but when Palmer does not respond, Lynne gets suspicious. She confronts Rayburn, who admits to preventing the President from alerting CTU. He is convinced that doing so will only undermine Jack’s undercover mission to stop the nuclear bomb. When Palmer emerges from the press conference, Lynne immediately gives him the news. Against Rayburn’s advice, the President orders that CTU be notified.

Palmer is troubled by the losses at CTU, and wonders what could have happened had they gotten word from Jack sooner. As Rayburn once again brings up the topic of evacuating Los Angeles, Lynne rebuts him. Palmer notices that something is beneath their argument. He speaks to Lynne privately, and although she doesn’t divulge any information, he knows that Rayburn had prevented him from finding out earlier about the hit on CTU. The President fires Rayburn because he does not trust him.

Palmer meets with the Ambassador of the country suspected of harboring Second Wave terrorists. The Ambassador claims to be investigating these suspects, and asks the President for all of the U.S. intelligence about the terrorists. Roger Stanton, the head of NSA and Rayburn’s boss, tells the President that he is uncomfortable with relinquishing such intelligence to a country that might be behind the nuclear attack. Palmer decides to fulfill the request, and the Ambassador and his security advisor board a helicopter with their classified documents to consult with their Prime Minister. Yet the chopper crashes just after takeoff.

Palmer is shocked to find Sherry waiting for him in his retreat. He declines to even speak to her until she reveals that she knows that military personnel were evacuated from Los Angeles. Lynne confirms that this was ordered by NSA chief Roger Stanton. Stanton apologizes, saying he only did it because he thought the President had directed it through Rayburn. Palmer reverses the evacuation. Knowing that Sherry’s information was in fact credible, Palmer agrees to meet with her. She has learned that there are people within his Administration plotting against him, and that she can find out who they are. Palmer reluctantly accepts her help.

Palmer becomes concerned when he learns that Jack is working with Nina Myers. Chief of Staff Mike Novick arrives from Washington and advises the President to handle the Ron Wieland situation with executive privileges -- a president can take measures against the media in times of a national crisis without consulting the other branches of government. Novick is unsure about Sherry’s claims of an inside conspiracy against Palmer, but he agrees to check out NSA chief Roger Stanton. The President informs Lynne that he granted Sherry security clearance because she learned about secret meetings Stanton was conducting with Congress. Lynne, however, knew about the meetings and explains that they were legitimate. Palmer is still hesitant, and asks her to keep an eye on Stanton. When he overhears Lynne and Sherry exchange unfriendly words, he warns his ex-wife to not create a competition with Lynne.

Although Sherry tries to persuade the reporter Ron Wieland to keep his story under wraps, she is unsuccessful. She asks Palmer for another chance at regaining his confidence. Palmer reluctantly accepts Sherry’s help. Yet when Wieland gives a live report on television about the terrorist threat, Palmer is angry that Wieland was released without his consent. He asks for Armus, the agent in charge of Wieland’s incarceration.

Since Sherry was the last one to speak to Wieland, Palmer assumes that she is responsible for the reporter’s release. Yet she swears that she is not to blame. When Palmer learns that it was Armus who let Wieland go, he apologizes to his ex-wife. She advises him to tell the public the truth about what happened because that has served him well in the past. After learning of Jack’s plane crash and the subsequent hostage takeover by Nina Myers, Palmer instructs Mike Novick to negotiate with Nina. Nina wants the President to acquit her for the future murder of Jack Bauer. Palmer is reluctant to give in, and he questions Mason about any further options. With no other choice to locate the nuclear bomb, Palmer grants Nina her request, effectively handing a death sentence to the man who once saved his life. Palmer tears up when Jack asks him to keep his daughter safe. Lynne interrupts bearing a speech for the President to address the waiting press about the Wieland situation. He commends Lynne on her revisions.

Palmer pushes the press off his back by downplaying the terrorist threat reported by Wieland. After Nina is apprehended, the President orders her shipped to Los Angeles. Jack tells Palmer that the soldiers who attacked him are part of a secret American unit funded by the NSA. The President then confronts Stanton about this unit, but Stanton denies knowledge. Palmer asks Mike Novick to find proof that Stanton is the culprit before they have him arrested for treason. However, it is Sherry who comes up with the evidence. She uncovers a backdoor communications system unauthorized by the government and opened by Stanton. Sherry also acquires a password to access it. Palmer thanks his ex-wife for her help, and the bitterness between them begins to thaw.

With no other quick way of incriminating Stanton, Mike Novick advises the President to remove the NSA Director immediately. Palmer has Stanton arrested and placed in quarantine. Sherry admonishes Palmer for taking such a rash action, but he tells her to stay out of his business. After receiving evidence that Stanton had made contact with the CIA, the President confronts him about his link to the nuclear bomb. Palmer offers Stanton immunity if he discloses information to the bomb’s whereabouts, but Stanton claims innocence. Palmer asks a Secret Service agent with a background in special ops to interrogate Stanton using any means necessary. The agent uses torture techniques, but Stanton still denies any knowledge of the bomb.

With Stanton not succumbing to interrogation, the President becomes alarmed to learn that Jack is holding the lives of Syed Ali’s family in return for his cooperation about the bomb. Palmer calls Jack to tell him that he forbids him from threatening the lives of innocent civilians. He is comforted to know that they achieved success with Ali without resorting to killing the man’s family. Palmer is unaware that Lynne, who has evidence linking Sherry to Stanton’s conspirators, gets set up to meet with Sherry in private. Despite Sherry’s claim of innocence, Lynne vows to fight her over taking control of Palmer’s Presidency.

Stanton admits to Palmer that he is part of a conspiracy that wants to make the Administration’s defense policy less passive. They permitted the Second Wave terrorists to bring a bomb into America, but set a special ops team called Coral Snake to track the nuke. The Coral Snake commandos, who are not reachable, are to deactivate the bomb at the last minute at Norton Airfield. Novick then learns that Stanton had been working with a U.S. Senator, and Palmer wants Sherry brought in because she has ties with that Senator. Despite Lynne’s concerns, Sherry is given full access. Palmer returns to question Stanton because the six Coral Snake soldiers were found dead and the bomb was discovered to be a decoy. Stanton tells the President that there were originally seven soldiers on the mission, and that he should talk to Sherry about the bomb because she knows more than he does.

Palmer brings Novick up to speed on what Stanton said about Sherry’s involvement. He has Sherry summoned, and asks her if she is a cohort in Stanton’s conspiracy. She admits to being approached by Stanton to help him attack Palmer, but that she only did it to gain Stanton’s confidence and work on behalf of the President. Palmer contacts an operative at CIA whom Sherry claimed to have been feeding information to. The operative confirms Sherry’s story, and says that he did not inform the President in order to protect him. Palmer still does not know if what Sherry says is true, but he is sure that he can not trust her. He orders her to leave the O.C., and threatens to have her arrested if she resists.

The President’s staff analyzes the locations to detonate the bomb, and they decide that the desert would effect the least in casualties and damage. Palmer lets Jack know that the pilot would have to crash the plane into the site because the aircraft would not be equipped with precise payload delivery. He is then shocked to find out that it is Jack who will make the suicide mission. Despite Lynne and Novick’s arguments, Palmer orders Air Force One to take him to Los Angeles. He wants to be there to assure the public that he is in control of the events. Palmer then learns from Tony that a recording made by Syed Ali shows that three Middle Eastern countries funded the Second Wave group’s access to the nuclear weapon. Unfortunately, others in the Administration will also pick up this information despite not having confirmation of its validity. Shortly after that, a General from the Joint Chiefs of Staff asks the President if the military should enact their set retaliation plans against those three countries. Fearing a quick start to a world war, Palmer orders him to not put those plans into play unless he gives the direct command. From the window of Air Force One, Palmer sees the light of the nuclear blast in the distance.

Palmer is pleased to learn that Jack was not on the plane when the bomb detonated. The White House gets audio verification from CTU that confirms the validity of the recorded conversation between Syed Ali and the three Middle Eastern countries hiring him to bring the nuclear weapon into the United States. With the evidence, Palmer calls for an emergency session of Congress so that he can ask for a declaration of war. The President meets with his Joint Chiefs of Staff, and is surprised to find out that they can act within a few hours. However, a war against these three countries would cause thousands of American casualties. A minister from one of those countries contacts the President, asking him to not make a rash response. The minister’s country, while trying to capture Syed Ali for years, pledges its full support. Jack calls Palmer with news that Ali has been assassinated. This leads Jack to believe that the man was telling the truth about the tape being a phony. The President tells Jack that he needs hard proof, but that time is running out. Palmer relays his fears to Novick that they may be acting too hastily in going to war. Novick wants to side with the evidence.

After he arrives in Los Angeles, Palmer talks to Vice President Prescott about the possible attack. Although Prescott disagrees with him, Palmer is adamant that nothing happen until Jack Bauer confirms the evidence was not faked. Novick goes behind the President’s back to contact Jack himself, but he learns that Jack illegally kidnapped a witness from CTU and is on the run. Novick informs the President of this, but Palmer still does not want to take action until Jack is found. Novick and Lynne speak to the Vice President, and they agree that it might be too late to reverse plans for attack against the Middle East. Prescott is firm in their decision to go to war, but Novick and Lynne are not sure what to do next.

With the Joint Chiefs of Staff getting restless, Palmer refuses to sign off on the attack on the Middle East. He is waiting for Jack Bauer to find evidence that can prevent the war. When civil unrest breaks out across the nation, Palmer gives the order to use military troops to aid the National Guard in restoring order. He dispatches a large number of Guardsmen to Marietta, Georgia in order to set an example for the rest of the country as to what the government will do to racially motivated violent acts. Yet the National Guard inadvertently kill a Middle Eastern boy who was trying to flee with his family. Although Palmer is saddened, he does not want the Guard to back down in stopping the conflicts.

In a war briefing, Palmer admits to the generals that he is waiting for Jack to bring him evidence that might prevent their attacking the Middle East. Yet when a general gives information that a preemptive stop of the attack would cost thousands of American lives, Palmer agrees to move forward with the plan. Tony calls the President with news that Jack is bringing the proof into CTU, but that Tony can not vouch for its authenticity. Against Novick and Lynne’s assessment, Palmer decides to call off the air strike. Lynne tells Novick that she heard the Vice President has been calling cabinet members for a secret meeting. Novick has her meet with an informant who might know something about it. Yet when Lynne shows up, Novick asks her where her loyalties lie. Lynne says that she will back Palmer even though she does not agree with his stance. Novick has Lynne locked in the room. She realizes that he aligned with Vice President Prescott against Palmer.

Although he doesn’t realize that his Chief of Staff is working against him, Palmer thanks Novick for standing by his unpopular decision. When the President inquires after Lynne, Novick says that she is not feeling well. He hides the fact that he had her locked up against her will. Palmer can not reach his Vice President, and starts to wonder if Prescott is planning something behind his back. When Prescott finally does call (after being goaded by Novick to maintain the illusion of normalcy), he tells the President that he is fully behind him. Palmer, however, does not trust Prescott. Palmer rushes to Lynne’s side when he learns that she was seriously injured. Her concussion renders her unable to speak. She manages to point to Novick, but Novick takes her hand in false comfort. Afterwards, Novick listens in as Prescott secretly meets with the rest of the cabinet to decide whether to remove Palmer from office.

Novick brings Palmer into a conference room with a number of video feeds on a screen. Vice President Prescott has gathered the members of the cabinet to decide whether Palmer is fit to remain in office. Prescott hopes to prove that, based on the events of the day, Palmer is incapable of governing and should be removed in accordance with the 25th Amendment. Palmer explains that the law is intended for a disabled President, and that he is perfectly healthy. Yet he consents to defend himself before the group, on the condition that Prescott resigns if he is exonerated. Palmer accuses Novick of siding against him with Prescott, and he knows that he can no longer trust his own Chief of Staff. Prescott brings in the reporter Ron Wieland to recount for the panel how he was taken against his will when he got close to breaking a story about the nuclear bomb. NSA head Roger Stanton describes how Palmer had him tortured. Palmer contends that he was trying to protect public safety with Wieland, and that Stanton had confessed to planting the bomb. However, the video of Stanton’s torture is cut off before that confession. When Jack informs Palmer that he could not find hard evidence to prove the Cyprus recording was forged, the cabinet members vote to remove Palmer from the post of Commander in Chief. Palmer is escorted to a holding room, and Prescott is sworn into office as President of the United States.

As Prescott prepares the bombers for war, Palmer hands over his missile launch codes to Novick. Palmer asks his Secret Service detail for help, and Agent Pierce secures a satellite phone for him to use. Palmer calls Jack, who explains the situation with Hewitt and Sherry. Palmer warns Jack not to trust his ex-wife, and he tells Sherry not to impede with Jack’s mission. Novick takes away Palmer’s satcom phone and has Agent Pierce arrested. Palmer apologizes to the agent, but Pierce does not regret his actions.

Palmer tells his lawyer that Peter Kingsley is the one who got the Cyprus tape forged. The lawyer brings this to the attention of Novick, asking him for access to intelligence so that he can prove Palmer’s case. Novick grants his request. Novick then asks Palmer for his own favor. Since Turkey spotted American bombers over their airspace, they won’t grant the United States a flyover until the Prime Minister speaks to the President personally. The public has not been told that Palmer is no longer President, and Novick would like Palmer to take the phone call under the pretense that he is still in office. Palmer agrees, but only to save the men flying the planes. Novick accompanies Palmer back to his confinement room and sheepishly tells him that he will be kept there until Prescott makes a public statement about the events.

Palmer’s lawyer alerts Novick to Kingsley’s connection with the Second Wave terrorists. Novick realizes that he made a mistake in not standing beside Palmer’s faith in Jack. Novick orders Chappelle to give Jack full assistance in finding the proof about the Cyprus recording. Novick then forewarns Prescott of the new evidence that proves that the attack against the Middle East is not justified. A live feed is set up with both the White House and the Los Angeles federal building so that they can hear Kingsley’s live confession. Palmer is shocked that his ex-wife was involved with Kingsley and is now assisting Jack. They listen to Kingsley admit the truth about the nuclear bomb and the Cyprus recording. After the crisis is averted, Palmer is reinstated in office. His first action is to deny the resignations of Prescott and the other cabinet members, ordering them to get back to work. Palmer gives a press conference outside, announcing to the people that the nation is safe. As he shakes the hands of the happy constituents, a woman named Mandy grasps his hand. Palmer is unaware that Mandy was involved in the plot to assassinate him when he was running for office. Suddenly, Palmer collapses. The skin on his hand is eaten away. Mandy has somehow left a poisonous trace on him.



Palmer is in Los Angeles to debate his campaign opponent, Senator Keeler. Although the President seems to be in perfect health since the attempt on his life three years ago, his brother and Chief of Staff, Wayne, notices Palmer’s shortness of breath. Palmer dismisses this as jet lag, but agrees to be monitored by his personal physician, Dr. Anne Packard. Anne and Palmer are romantically involved. Palmer is alerted that a body with a toxic virus was found in Los Angeles. It could be bio-terrorism. Although Wayne has not been instructed to cancel the debate just yet, there are questions within the government as to whether the President should remain in the city.

After Wayne gets briefed by CTU, he advises the President to continue with the scheduled debate until they learn more about the virus threat. Palmer is concerned that Wayne is only looking to save face for the campaign. When the opponent Keeler arrives, Palmer greets him warmly in front of the press. Palmer asks Anne to become familiar with the virus so that she can help be an advisor to him. Although Palmer does not want Wayne to take Keeler’s debate strategy, Wayne does so. He finds out that Keeler is planning to expose damaging information about Anne.

Palmer learns that Senator Keeler has damaging information about Anne that he plans to use in the debate. Her ex-husband is now saying she knew about false data that benefited his drug company even though he testified to the SEC that she was not involved. Wayne asks his brother to confirm Anne’s story. Anne sticks to her account and Palmer believes her. Wayne tells the President that they can pay off Anne’s ex-husband to retract his claims. Palmer agrees to it.

Palmer is unsure about giving in to Ted Packard’s blackmail, but Wayne convinces him that it is the only way to keep Anne out of the press. Yet when Anne finds out, she is angry and Palmer calls off the payment. Wayne then tells Anne that she will be the reason Palmer loses the election. Jack plans to break Salazar out of prison as a way to prevent the President from negotiating with terrorist demands. Palmer reluctantly agrees to let him do this for his country, even though Jack will become a fugitive from the law.

Anne apologizes to Palmer for bringing more baggage to his overly complicated life and campaign. During the debate, Senator Keeler accuses Anne of fabricating results in a clinical drug trial that later caused three deaths. Palmer denies these claims against his girlfriend, but is at a disadvantage to defend himself as a worthy candidate.

In the middle of his televised debate, Palmer gets word that CTU wants to shoot down Jack Bauer in order to capture Salazar. Palmer interrupts the debate with claims of a security emergency. Although Palmer is hesitant to kill Jack, Wayne convinces him to do what’s best for the entire country regardless of his personal feelings. The President reluctantly gives the orders for the military to fire at Jack. After Jack eludes being shot down by landing the helicopter on a busy street, Wayne advises Palmer to publicly denounce Jack’s actions. This will distance the President even further from the illegal prison break of a wanted terrorist. Anne suggests to Palmer that they break up until the election is over, but Palmer won’t let her leave because he needs her.

Palmer gets briefed on Jack’s status. He is troubled that Jack is missing while risking his life to save the Presidency. Anne suggests that maybe paying off her ex-husband wasn’t such a bad idea, but Palmer disagrees. Both Wayne and the press secretary conclude that Anne may be a liability to the campaign. Palmer considers whether to take his brother’s advice and distance himself from her. Meanwhile, Anne goes off to meet her ex-husband because he claims to have documents that will exonerate her involvement in his illegal scheme.

Palmer is informed that the infected body and Salazar’s prison break were all part of a sting by Jack and Tony to infiltrate the Salazar family once again. This time, their goal is to weed out a Ukrainian group selling the virus. The President was kept in the dark to protect him politically. Although Palmer is angry that he didn’t know about this, he begrudgingly agrees to give Tony the use of the military to acquire the virus. Anne tells Palmer that her ex-husband committed suicide after giving her papers that would clear her name. She then breaks up with Palmer because she can not live in his world.

Palmer tells the press that he left the debate because of a national security emergency. The President’s biggest contributor demands that Wayne be fired because he had an affair with the man’s wife. Yet Palmer doesn’t cave in to the man’s threats. Palmer refuses Wayne’s resignation, regardless of the fallout.

After Milliken sways three senators to vote against the President’s bill, Wayne urges his brother to let him resign so that he can save his Administration. Yet Palmer refuses to give in to Milliken’s threats. Wayne tries appealing to Milliken’s wife, but she refuses to get involved. Forced to play on Milliken’s level, Palmer turns to the dirtiest and most conniving person he knows for help -- his ex-wife, Sherry.

Wayne tries to call Milliken on his own, but Palmer takes the phone to tell his former campaign contributor that he’s not backing down. Palmer relies on Sherry for help, and he explains the situation to her. She has dirt on Milliken, and Palmer agrees to let her expose it regardless of the consequences. When Milliken calls to confront the President about it, Palmer and Wayne realize that Sherry’s actions have scared him. Palmer asks Sherry about what she has found, but Sherry won’t tell him what she uncovered until later.

Palmer doesn’t know whether to grant the prison pardon per Sherry’s request. It will help her implicate Milliken in a murder. Wayne again begs the President to let him take the fall by resigning, but Palmer wants to keep his brother by his side.

Palmer warns Sherry not to go to the Milliken estate, but she does so anyway.

Palmer assembles his aides and Cabinet members to prepare for the virus threat. He is not sure whether to go public with the knowledge or try to contain it covertly. Sherry tells Palmer that she did not go to Milliken’s house, but when Milliken is found dead, Palmer questions his ex-wife’s story. Sherry admits that she was there, but did nothing to Milliken. Although Palmer wants her to tell the truth about what happened, Sherry says that this will only lead back to him because he brought her in to deal with Milliken.

Wayne lies to Palmer about speaking to Julia. Palmer tells Wayne that he trusts him implicitly.

Sherry threatens to implicate Palmer if he does not back up her story that she was with him all night. Palmer lies to the Chief of Police and says that he and Sherry were together. But he is angry with his ex-wife for making him commit perjury on her behalf. Jack connects the President with the man holding control of the virus. The man threatens to kill most of the American population unless Palmer gives in to his demands.

Much to Wayne’s concern, Palmer decides to increase the threat level and close down air traffic. Saunders gives the President a cell phone that can’t be traced and orders him to call a press conference. Palmer must say a specific phrase during that press conference. Palmer does so, unsure of what the mere phrase will trigger other terrorists to do. After Saunders learns that Chappelle is looking into his foreign bank records, he orders Palmer to kill Chappelle and deliver his dead body in an hour.

Wayne convinces Palmer that they will need to give up Chappelle to the terrorist. Palmer privately phones Jack to tell him what they are being forced to do. When the media starts putting together the connection between what is happening at the Chandler Hotel and the President’s red alert, Palmer warns his press secretary not to release the truth until the virus has been contained.

With a heavy heart, the President informs his Cabinet that he ordered the murder of Chappelle in order to buy more time with the terrorist. Saunders demands from Palmer that he send a list of all spies working in other countries. Saunders wants to dismantle America’s military, and he threatens to release two more vials of the virus of this list is not provided.

Although the Secret Service wants the President removed from Los Angeles, Palmer chooses to stay. He doesn’t want to send Saunders the secret list of foreign nationals, so CTU is forced to use Saunders’s daughter as a hostage to lure him out.

Palmer gives the terrorist threat a higher priority over both his campaign issues and any secret meetings Sherry may be having with his opponent, Keeler.

Palmer is resistant to releasing the truth about the virus to the public in order to avert a widespread panic. Keeler shows Palmer a photo of the medicine bottle that Milliken was prevented from grabbing. Sherry’s fingerprints are on it. Keeler calls for the President’s resignation. Palmer is furious with Sherry, but she says she did it to attain the power and respect denied by her ex-husband. Wayne hires a secret operative to steal back the evidence from Sherry.

Palmer lures Sherry to a meeting so that Wayne can search her house. Sherry wants to be First Lady again, and Palmer quickly agrees. Sherry is suspicious and she leaves. Palmer calls Wayne to let him know that she is returning home.

Wayne informs his brother about Sherry and Julia’s deaths, but positions that this releases them from blame in the Milliken murder. Palmer is appalled at Wayne’s callousness. When the virus threat is averted, Palmer calls Jack to personally thank him for saving the country. The President tells him that he is not seeking reelection.



Former President David Palmer is called at home by his ex-aide Mike Novick, who now works for the recently sworn-in President Logan. Although Palmer has been given intelligence briefings on the day’s events, Novick brings him up to speed on the missing nuclear warhead. Novick says that Logan is unsure of his own decision-making, and he wants Palmer to help him get through this disaster. Palmer wants to speak to the President himself, and he agrees to come to the White House.

Palmer goes to the White House, where President Logan asks him to assume the task of finding the nuclear warhead. Palmer jumps into action. After the Chinese Consular cannot turn over a suspect hiding in the Consulate building, Palmer asks Jack to conduct a covert mission to bring the man in for questioning. When the Consular is accidentally killed in the raid, Palmer is concerned that the ramifications from China will be severe if they find out that the American government was involved.

To hide the United States’ involvement, Palmer and Novick leak that an anti-Chinese group was responsible for the raid on the Consulate. When President Logan is furious with Palmer for allowing such a covert mission on a fragile ally, Palmer is defiant that what he sanctioned was the only solution at the time. Logan then accuses Novick and Palmer of working together to take control of the country from him, but Logan backs down and acquiesces to Palmer’s decisions.

The Speaker of the House questions whether Palmer is in control instead of President Logan. By rules of succession, he should be the next in line. Palmer concocts a scheme to show the Congressman that he has dismissed himself in order to allow Logan to take the driver’s seat. Yet Palmer really runs the operation behind the scenes.

Palmer assures Logan that CTU will take care of the agent that was photographed at the Chinese Consulate. With no solutions to stop the missile emerge, Palmer prepares for the worst. President Logan is afraid of being the target, and he blames Palmer for causing the nuclear missile to go off. Palmer can’t believe Logan’s ingratitude.

Even though the woman who knows Marwan’s location is the same person who tried to kill Palmer two years ago by putting a virus on his hand, Palmer urges the President to sign her pardon. When Jack loses Marwan, President Logan blames Palmer. After the nuclear threat is diverted, Palmer lets Jack know that China demands to take him into custody for the raid on their Consulate. Palmer learns of a secret White House operation to kill Jack and prevent him from spilling secrets to the Chinese. He tries to get Logan to stop it, but Logan ignores his plea. Palmer warns Jack, which allows him to fake his own death and escape. Palmer speaks to Jack one last time, thanking him for his service to the country. Jack is officially considered deceased.



David Palmer is assassinated.


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