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Angry with the way her daughter is treating her, Teri goes into Kimberly’s room with Jack to talk to her. They find that she has left through the window. As Teri fumes, Jack goes into the office for an emergency. She finds marijuana joints in Kimberly’s drawer and suggests to her husband that they consult a therapist. After Jack ascertains Kimberly’s email password, Teri learns about the midnight meeting between Kimberly and her friend Janet. Janet’s father worriedly calls the Bauer home, and Teri goes with him to try and locate the missing teenagers.

Teri and Alan York find Janet's car at the furniture store, but the girls have disappeared. Teri enlists Nina's assistance in tracking down the store-owner's phone number. While waiting, she tells York that she and Jack had been separated. Then Kimberly calls on Teri's cell to say that they are at a party. Teri knows there's something wrong when Kim abruptly ends the call with a phrase she never uses with her moM. "I love you..."

After Jack tries to allay her fears about Kimberly's whereabouts, Teri waits with Alan York at the furniture store. She receives another call from Kim, but this time, her daughter is in danger and asks for help. Teri phones 911, and she and York head toward the auto body shop where the girls are hiding.

As she and Alan York rush to the girls, they are pulled over for speeding and York gets arrested. When he confirms Teri and York’s story, he lets them go. Unfortunately, the delay causes them to miss Kimberly. Teri and York follow the ambulance carrying Janet to a nearby hospital.

Teri and York find Janet in surgery at the hospital, but there's no trace of Kim. Teri admits to York that she feels guilty for fighting with Kim earlier that night. Jack tells Teri that he's got some leads on Kim's disappearance, but she must speak to Janet when she's conscious. Teri watches helplessly as Janet's heart monitor flatlines in surgery.

Teri is relieved when Jack arrives at the hospital and assures her he will not leave her side. Yet she is alarmed to learn that Kim may have been captured because of Jack's proximity to the hit on Palmer. When Jack suddenly disappears from the hospital, Teri accompanies York to track down an address that Janet had provided. As Teri drives with York, Nina calls, looking for Jack with important information. Nina gives her the name of a murder victim -- Alan York. Teri realizes that the man she is with is not actually York, and she is in great danger.

Knowing that York is not who he says he is, Teri pretends that she is sick to get out of the car. When York is alerted by Gaines that Teri knows his real identity, he goes after her. Teri knocks him out with a rock and ties him up. She finally gets through to CTU, asking Jamey for help. Jamey sends out two men to locate her, but they reveal themselves to be working for Gaines. They untie "York" and take Teri to the compound. She screams for her daughter.

Teri is brought into Gaines' office and is put on the phone with Jack. She assures him that she is alive. Then she is dragged to the shack, where she reunites with Kimberly. While Kim sleeps, Teri lashes out at Rick for kidnapping the girls. Rick tries to defend himself, but Eli comes in and says that the women might not be around much longer. Sure that they are to be killed, Teri tells her daughter how much she loves her. Teri and Kim are taken out to be shot, but are given a last minute reprieve by Gaines. He needs them to get Jack to help with a second attempt on Palmer.

When Eli comes for Kim, Teri goes off with him to save her daughter. While she is with him, Teri manages to steal a cell phone. Back in the shed, Teri calls Nina. One of Gaines' men comes into the shed, and Teri is forced to quickly hang up before she can say anything.

Teri gets through to Nina and Jack on Eli's cell phone. She gives them clues to where she is being held captive, and they run a trace on where the call is originating and narrow it down to an area. Although Teri hides the phone from Eli, he finds it and hangs up. Rick convinces him not to tell Gaines what happened. Later, Teri winces in pain. She assures Kim that she is fine.

Teri keeps her daughter's strength up, determined to do whatever she can to stay alive. Rick gives Teri a gun, and she shoots Eli. She calmly fires a second shot to make it seem as if Eli killed the two women.

Teri is armed and ready when she hears someone come into the shed, but she is relieved that it is Jack. When he leaves to get the car, Teri is adamant about the three of them not separating. Rick brings one of Gaines' vans instead, and when they drive to the front gates, they are shot at. Jack makes Teri take Kim to safety in the nearby forest.

While fleeing into the woods with Kim, Teri gets another stabbing pain in her stomach. Kim is worried for her mother, but Teri presses on. To avoid Gaines' men, they take another route to the water tower and get lost. Jack saves them from a sniper while they are hiding in a cabin. When Kim fears for the missing Rick, Teri urges her daughter to first fight for her own life. A CTU chopper picks up the Bauers and takes them to safety.

Teri admits to the doctor at the clinic that she was raped, but she asks that Jack not be told. When the doctor finds that Teri's stomach pains were caused by an ovarian cyst, she orders a pregnancy test as a precaution. Nina, sensing a threat to the women at the clinic, rushes them out to a safe house. The doctor sends Teri with a home pregnancy test to do when she gets there.

Teri is surprised to learn that she is pregnant. After she and Kim get over their initial shock, they are pleased with the news. Teri is eager to tell Jack, but he is not available to speak to her. While Nina interrogates her, Teri figures out that Nina was the one who Jack dated when they separated. When Jack calls, she does not tell him about her condition. With all of the new discoveries, she is uneasy on the phone with him.

While again being questioned by Nina, Teri is rattled by the recent discovery of Nina and Jack's affair. Nina turns her over to another agent for interrogation. Teri becomes overwhelmed with the emotional and physical stress of the day. But before she can rest, an assassin comes to the safe house to kill her and Kim. Teri escapes with her daughter in an agency car. When they think they've lost the shooter, Teri watches in horror as the car goes over the side of the mountain and explodes -- with Kim inside. Teri faints, and when she wakes up, she is disoriented and suffers from a slight case of amnesia. A car pulls up and the driver offers to help Teri. She gets in.

Suffering from amnesia and picked up by a helpful motorist, Teri recognizes a restaurant and asks the driver to stop. The owner of the establishment knows Teri and calls the man that she regularly meets there. Dr. Phil Parslow comes to the restaurant and assures Teri that she will be all right.

Teri learns that Dr. Parslow had wanted to have an affair with her, but she went back to her husband instead. Parslow examines her and finds no head trauma, which leads him to believe that she suffers from a temporary amnesia brought on by a bad experience. Teri admits that she has abdominal pain, and she questions whether someone did something untowardly to her. Dr. Parslow urges her to go to a hospital, but Teri is afraid to go -- only she doesn't know why she has this fear. She begs him to take her home, but when they get there, they do not see the assassin lurking outside.

After Teri and Dr. Parslow enter the Bauer home without the security code, the alarm goes off. The security company's guards recognize Teri from her family photos and turn off the alarm. She goes through photographs and her date book to try to jar her memory. Parslow brings a friend with a gun to protect Teri, but she is afraid of guns and becomes angry. She relents out of trust for Parslow. One of Drazen's assassins enters the house and shoots both Parslow and his friend. The assassin is about to shoot Teri, but Tony arrives to save her. The shock triggers Teri to remember what happened to Kimberly in the car crash.

Teri is distraught when she remembers that Kim may have been killed in the car crash. Yet Tony assures her that he spoke to Kim, who is alive and worried about her mother. Tony drives Dr. Parslow to the clinic, and takes Teri to CTU.

Tony brings Teri to CTU, and no one still has any news about Kimberly. Teri is relieved to learn that Kim was found in a police station and is returning to CTU. Yet she is distraught to find out that Jack is being held captive by the same forces that had kidnapped her. When Teri speaks to her daughter, she doesn't relay her fears about Jack.

Teri waits for her daughter to arrive at CTU, not knowing that Kim had been captured by Drazen's men. Teri demands that Mason help Jack. When he refuses, she turns to Nina. Nina tells her that she will use some unorthodox methods to rescue him. Teri thanks Nina for being honest with her about everything that has gone on, not knowing that Nina has lied about Kim's safety.

Nina tells Teri that, although Jack is safe, they don't know where he is or what he is doing. Nina finally admits the truth to Teri that Kim is in danger and that Jack is working to save her. Jack calls Teri at CTU to say that she will soon be reunited with Kim. He then has to cover when Teri asks about being reunited with him. Teri lets Jack know about her pregnancy. He breaks down because he is about to trade his own life to save Kimberly. Teri catches his hesitation, but Jack fends it off as tiredness from the long day he has endured.

After learning that Jack has successfully defeated his captives and that both he and Kim are on their way back to CTU, Teri goes looking for Nina. She comes upon Nina in a transformer room, speaking on a cell phone in German. Teri, however, doesn't question this. She only wants to know about the safety of her family, and Nina assures her that they will all be reunited. Teri notices a pool of blood on the ground. Nina stops Teri at gunpoint, and ties her up. After Nina is directed by her contact to flee, she tells Teri that she is locking her inside the transformer room. Someone will find her later. When Jack arrives at CTU, he discovers that Nina has killed Teri.


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