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Kimberly makes it a point to snub her mother whom she blames for her father’s previously moving out. She sneaks out of the house to meet up with her friend Janet, and the girls have a late night rendezvous with two college guys. With Janet too drunk to drive, the boys offer to give Kimberly a lift home. Yet she realizes that she might be in danger when they won’t drive to her intended destination.

Kimberly realizes that she and Janet are in serious danger after learning that other "people" have instructed Rick and Dan to kidnap them. Dan smashes Janet's arm with a crowbar in order to coerce Kimberly to phone her mother. Kimberly calls Teri and says that everything's fine. But Teri knows something is wrong.

Fearing for their lives, Kimberly helps an injured and heavily drugged Janet escape the clutches of Dan and Rick. An impoverished male prostitute comes to their aid, and Kim manages to briefly phone Teri. When Janet is struck by a car, the guys recapture Kim and leave Janet for dead.

Dan and Rick tie up Kimberly and go back to finish Janet off. An ambulance gets Janet before they do. Dan and Rick hand Kim off to Gaines, and they lie to him, claiming that they killed Janet and disposed of the body.

Dan and Rick hand Kim over to Gaines, who holds her captive in the back of his car. When she tries to gain the attention of another motorist, Gaines puts her in the trunk. After they arrive at the compound, Kim watches in horror as Gaines kills Dan.

Kim helps Rick bury his friend at Gaines' compound. Knowing that Gaines could do the same to him, she tries to persuade Rick to escape. When Gaines puts her on the phone with Jack, Kim is convinced that this kidnapping is not about money. She is confident that her father will rescue her.

Kim convinces Rick to escape. When another one of Gaines' thugs catches them plotting, she pulls Rick on top of her to pretend that he is attacking her sexually. As she and Rick make their break for freedom, Teri is brought into the compound. Kim sacrifices her escape to go back in to help her mother.

Kim is reunited with her mother. When Teri speaks emotionally of her love for her daughter, Kim is scared that Teri thinks they are going to die. Teri reassures her that they will be saved. Kim and Teri are dragged out and held at gunpoint, but their lives are spared at the last minute. Gaines has them locked back up in the shack.

Eli tries to take advantage of Kim, and she struggles to fend him off. Teri offers herself up instead, and Eli accepts.

Kim keeps lookout while her mother uses the cell phone to call for help. When Kim asks why she once separated from Jack, Teri explains that Jack's work has created wedges between them, but that they chose to stay together in spite of those issues.

Although Kim is tired, her mother urges her to stay awake. She is upset when Rick takes a beating from Eli for protecting them. Rick then gives them Dan's gun that had been in the van. When Gaines orders Eli to kill them, Teri shoots Eli instead. Teri and Kim hide his body.

Kim is overjoyed when Jack arrives, saying that she always knew that her father would rescue them. Yet she has to convince Jack that Rick can be trusted. After Rick helps them get to the front gates, Gaines' men shoot at them. Jack sends Teri and Kim into the woods while he and Rick fight back. When Teri and Kim hear an explosion, they do not know that Jack has managed to escape.

Kim and Teri get lost in the woods, but escape death when Jack saves them. Kim is worried for Rick's safety. She is eager to go to him at the water tower, but her impatience nearly kills them. Jack is forced to go to Gaines himself. When she and Teri make it to the water tower, Rick is gone. CTU commandos rescue the Bauers.

Kim and Teri are examined at a clinic to make sure they are healthy, and Kim urges her mother to tell the doctor about her rape. When Nina suspects a threat to their safety, she quickly shuttles Kim and Teri to a safe house.

Kim finds out that her mother is having a baby. After she at first gives Teri a hard time, but she is later pleased and eager for her father to learn the good news. When Nina isn't looking, Kim swipes her cell phone and calls Rick. He is worried that he will be sent to jail for his participation, but Kim assures him that she'll only tell the authorities that Rick was threatened into kidnapping her.

Kim warns Rick that CTU is questioning her defense of him. When an agent asks whether she or Teri knows anything about Eli, Kim quickly covers for her mother. After an assassin enters the safe house, Kim and Teri take off in an agency car. They are chased into the hills. While Teri waits on the side of the road, the car falls over the side and crashes into flames. Kim, however, manages to escape alive. Yet her mother is gone.

Stranded in the hills without her mother, Kim finds a pay phone and calls CTU. Tony answers, but Kim doesn't know him and refuses to trust him. She hangs up and dials Rick. He gives her his address and she goes to him in a taxi. Rick's girlfriend is jealous, but Kimberly tells the girl she only wants to search Dan's room for clues to the men that he had been with the previous night.

After finding nothing at Rick's house that will lead her to Teri, Kimberly decides to go to a park where her parents told her to meet in the event of an earthquake. Rick gives her cab fare, and they share a kiss. They are interrupted by Dan's brother, Frank, who is looking for Dan. Anticipating a drug deal with the money from Dan, Frank orders Kim to stay at the house. She and Rick panic because they know that Dan is really dead. Kim appeals to Rick to turn his life around, but he is only hoping that they get through the next few hours unharmed.

Trapped at Rick's place, Kimberly lets on to Frank that his brother Dan is dead. With no money to pay the drug dealers, Frank gets his friends to supply guns to rob the dealers. The dealers are actually cops who nab Frank in a sting operation. Despite Kim's pleas, she gets arrested along with Rick.

Taken to jail with the others involved in the drug deal, Kim and Rick agree to tell the cops the truth about her kidnapping and the events of the day. Yet the policeman in charge of the drug bust does not believe Kim's claims, and she is put into a holding cell.

In the holding cell, Melanie tries to get a rise out of Kim. Kim, however, is frustrated enough to put Melanie in her place. When another prisoner tries to get Melanie in trouble, Kim sticks up for her. Melanie admits to the arresting officer that Kim is indeed telling the truth about her father. The policeman calls CTU and confirms Kim's story. As he is driving Kim to her mother, their squad car is ambushed and a group of masked men kidnap Kimberly.

Kimberly is restrained and duct tape is spread over her mouth. She is brought to the basement hideout and she sees her father. Yet Jack is taken away, and Kimberly is left alone with a pair of dead bodies.

While being held in a warehouse at the Port of Los Angeles, Kim listens while the Drazens speak to Palmer. When she hears an explosion at the other end of the call, she fears the worst for her father. Andre Drazen tells her that Jack killed his own mother and sister, but Kim is confident that her father would never harm innocent people. She knows that Jack is a good man. With no hope of being released, Kim makes a last ditch effort to escape. She throws hot coffee on the guard watching her, runs out into the port, and loosens the ropes around her wrists. As Drazen spots her, Kim jumps into the water. The men are unable to find her in the darkness, and she is able to free herself and hide underneath a dock.

Kim escapes from the port and avoids the Drazens. She hails a truck for help on a nearby road. Kim notifies CTU of her whereabouts and the danger awaiting Jack at the port. The police bring her safely to CTU where she reunites with her father.



Kim moves out of the Bauer house to work as a live-in nanny for the Matheson family with nine year old Megan under her care. Although Jack tries to repair his relationship with Kim, she avoids seeing him because it is too painful a reminder of her mother’s death. Gary Matheson, the father of young Megan, makes Kim uncomfortable when he eyes her sexually. Kim and Megan overhear him beating his wife Carla, but he lies to them about Carla’s injuries. He strikes Kim down when she tries to tend to the crying Megan, and hurts his own daughter in the process.

While Gary chats on his phone, Kim and Megan dart out the bedroom. Carla gives Kim her car keys with instructions to take Megan away. Gary, however, has tracked Carla’s car with his security system and follows them. He traps their car in an alley and unlocks the door with his own key. Kim and Megan run off to escape him. When Kim goes to find a payphone, she hides Megan under some boxes. Gary gets to Kim before she can call the police, and he threatens her. Kim fights him off and knocks him out. Yet when Kim returns for Megan, the little girl is missing.

Kim finds Megan on the street and assures her that everything will be fine. Having lost her cell phone, she calls Jack from a payphone. She hasn’t heard the messages he left about fleeing Los Angeles. Jack is undercover and can not tell her the truth. She instead calls Tony, and before the phone goes dead, says that she will take a bus to CTU. When she and Megan arrive, they are shuffled out of the building because of the bomb threat. They escape the explosion safely.

After safely escaping the CTU blast, Megan begins to seize. Kim gets a paramedic to help, and they take Megan to the hospital. A doctor informs Kim that Megan suffered from a blow to the head before the explosion. In fact, the little girl has had multiple body injuries that went untreated, and the doctor notifies the police that Megan may be the victim of child abuse. Kim calls Carla to come to the hospital. Although Carla at first does not want to admit the truth about her husband’s behavior, she finally relents. As Carla goes to leave her house, Gary stops her.

While waiting for Carla at the hospital, Kim runs into Gary. He threatens to turn her into the police for not only kidnapping Megan, but physically abusing her as well. Although Kim didn’t do anything wrong, Carla will back up Gary’s story. Gary offers her the option of running away so that she won’t talk to the authorities. Kim leaves and contacts her father. Jack tells her about the nuclear bomb and urges her to escape the city. Kim then calls her boyfriend Miguel to come get her. She tells him about Jack’s warning, and asks him to help her take Megan and leave Los Angeles.

Kim and Miguel see Gary hovering around Megan’s hospital room. Miguel pages Gary to stall him while Kim kidnaps Megan from the room. Although Megan is afraid that her father will get mad and hurt her again, Kimberly convinces her that she will protect her. Gary realizes that his daughter is missing and orders hospital security to watch the entrances. While Kim and Megan hide in an exam room, Miguel pretends to steal a computer so that the guard will chase after him. The distraction allows Kim and Megan to escape outside, and Gary spots them. He attacks Kim, but Miguel steps in and knocks Gary out. The three steal Gary’s keys and drive off in his car.

Kim and Miguel drive toward Aunt Carol’s house in Gary Matheson’s car. Megan is asleep in the backseat. They are pulled over by a policeman for speeding. When the cop calls in the license and registration, Kim explains that the car is owned by her boss. The policeman lets them go with a warning, but as he is walking back to his squad car he sees blood dripping from the trunk. Miguel and Kim are shocked to see a bloodied Carla Matheson in the trunk. As the officer orders them onto the ground, Kim instructs Megan to remain in the car so she won’t see her mother’s dead body.

Kim and Miguel try to explain to the highway patrolman about the situation, but he arrests them anyway. She pleads with him not to take Megan back to Los Angeles, and asks him to call her father at CTU. When the officer can not get through to the federal authorities, he begins to suspect something. At the station, Kim calls CTU, and they connect her to Jack. Kim briefs her father on what happened and asks him to pick her up. He tells her that he will send someone from CTU. When the patrolman again inquires why Kim insists that it is unsafe for Megan to be in Los Angeles, she admits that there is a nuclear bomb in the city.

Kim is told that she and Miguel are being transferred to central booking in downtown Los Angeles -- the heart of the nuclear blast range. CTU’s authority over her was overruled because she and Miguel are suspects in a federal murder case. Yet Kim is confident that Jack will rescue her. Miguel reminds her that she once blamed her father for causing her mother’s death. Kim regrets what she said because she doesn’t believe that Jack was at fault. Megan is brought into the sheriff’s station on her way to her aunt’s house in Santa Barbara. Kim is relieved that Megan will be saved from the bomb.

As Kim and Miguel are loaded into a police car to be taken back to Los Angeles, Miguel starts to resist arrest. In the ensuing melee, he picks up the officer’s lighter despite being handcuffed. In the car, Miguel goads Kim to grab a bandanna out of his pocket so that he can light it. When they start a fire in the car, the policeman is distracted and loses control of the vehicle, sending it tumbling off the side of the road. Unhurt, Kim unlocks herself with the officer’s keys and radios for help. Yet Miguel, who is badly injured, urges her to flee before the authorities arrive. She runs into the woods unnoticed.

Kim runs from the accident scene into the woods, hiding from the police rescue helicopters. Her ankle gets caught in an animal trap and she is unable to flee when a wild cougar has her in his sights.

Kim tries unsuccessfully to unleash her foot from the snare. As nightfall descends upon the forest, she is unable to see what is coming towards her in the distance. It turns out to be a man, and he helps her escape the trap. He wants to take her to the ranger’s station, but Kim is resistant. She is afraid of being found by the police. The man offers to let her stay in his house for the night.

McRae, the man who rescued her, takes Kim to his cabin in the woods. After she admits to knowing about an immediate nuclear threat in Los Angeles, he shows her the bomb shelter he has built in his basement. Yet when Kim sees the weapons he has stockpiled inside, she senses danger and tells the man she wants to leave. A park ranger informs McRae that Kim is wanted for murder. As she is about to go off on her own, McRae pretends that all the stations on his radio have gone to static. He makes Kim believe that a nuclear bomb actually went off in the city. McRae rushes her to his bomb shelter, and locks them both inside.

McRae tells Kim that he can not get through to hear nay news on his shortwave radio because the nuclear radiation knocked out his antennae. Kim wants to go contact her father, but McRae asks her to sit tight. Kim, however, finds a television set in the bunker and sees that everything in Los Angeles is completely normal. She realizes that she is in danger, and she brandishes a knife on McRae to release her. McRae grabs the knife, saying that he only wanted her company. Kim begs him to let her go. He relents, and hands her a gun and a flashlight so she can make her way safely through the woods.

As she walks along the highway, a car stops to offer Kim a lift to San Jose. Kim becomes suspicious of the male driver and refuses the ride. When he becomes forceful, she brandishes her gun and fires at his vehicle. The guy drives off. Later, another car pulls up, and Kim accepts the ride from the female motorist. The woman allows Kim to use her cell phone, and Kim calls CTU. Tony connects her to Jack, who explains to his daughter that he is on a suicide mission to deliver the bomb to a safe area. Kim becomes upset, and apologizes to her father for the way she has treated him. Jack tells her that he loves her and is proud of her. She tearfully says goodbye. The driver notices Kim’s state and pulls over. Kim gets out of the car and runs off into the woods. Although she had been trying to flee Los Angeles, she no longer cares whether she lives or dies. From the forest, Kim can see the glare from the nuclear explosion in the night sky.

Kim sees the blast and is saddened. She is sure that her father died in the explosion. She finds a convenience store that has just closed, and tries to make a call on the outside payphone. All the lines are jammed from the nuclear blast. The clerk at the store allows Kim to use the restroom. She hears a customer named Garcia who wants to buy supplies, but the clerk refuses to let him in. Kim knows that this is the start of paranoia about the nuclear bomb. Garcia breaks the glass window and grabs the clerk’s throat. Kim fires her gun into the air and demands that Garcia release the clerk. Yet she can’t shoot him, and he takes her gun. Garcia fills a shopping cart full of food and offers to pay. When the police arrive and hold Garcia’s wife outside, the clerk reaches for the gun. Garcia accidentally shoots the clerk. The cops go to arrest him, and Garcia takes Kim hostage.

Although Kim tries to help him, the wounded clerk dies. Garcia refuses to let Kim go until the police take his wife to safety out of the city. Kim manages to slip out the back door, and the police raid the convenience store. Kim is horrified to hear gunshots inside.

Kim admits to the police that she’s a suspect in a murder case and has fled custody. She is taken back to the station and is told that Gary Matheson confessed to murdering his wife. The charges against her have been dropped. Kim calls CTU, and Tony tells her that Jack is still alive. She then calls Miguel in his hospital room. He is cold towards her and breaks up with her. Kim doesn’t understand, but she has no idea that Miguel’s leg has been amputated from the squad car crash.

As the police drive her to the Matheson house to pick up her belongings, Kim phones CTU looking for Jack. Kim tells her father that she misses him and loves him. Jack promises her that they will soon see each other.

Kim is taken to the Matheson home to pick up her belongings. While she packs, the accompanying police officer waits outside. Unbeknownst to both of them, Gary Matheson is also in the house gathering items to flee the country. He sees the cop and assumes that he is there to arrest him. Gary knocks the officer out and steals his holster and cell phone. Kim calls out for the policeman, and Gary hears her. Kim then notices the downed officer’s body and she runs when she sees Gary. She hides in the attic as Gary comes after her. Gary comes up the stairs with a gun and Kim knocks him out. She takes his gun and cell phone, and calls CTU looking for her father. Jack advises Kim to shoot Gary twice. Although she is terrified, she does so. Jack tells her that he is sending someone to pick her up.

Kim draws her weapon when Kate Warner arrives at the Matheson house. Yet Kate proves that Jack did entrust her, and Kim agrees to let Kate take her to CTU. While in the car, Kim questions what Kate’s relationship is with Jack whom she only met the previous day. Kim only wants to see her father happy after all of his suffering.

Kim is brought to CTU by Kate, and Tony informs her that Jack is not reachable in the field. Kim then goes to the Coliseum where Jack is laid out on a gurney. She runs to him, crying. Kim pledges her love for her father, telling him that she is there to take care of him. Jack assures her that everything will be fine.



Kim is employed as a low-level analyst at CTU. She is confident in her abilities, but has to deal with co-workers like Adam who belittle her for getting her position because of her father. Kim is secretly dating Chase, Jack’s partner. She believes that it is now time to let Jack know about their relationship. Chase agrees to be the one to tell him.

Despite Chase’s pleas against doing so, Kim tells Jack about their relationship. Jack doesn’t let on his true feelings to her. Kim asks Michelle if she has had any problems working with her own husband. Michelle advises Kim to keep this private between her and Chase, regardless of Jack. Later, Kim lets co-worker Gael know that he is needed. She is unaware that he is a traitor in their midst.

Kim is confused when she sees Chase back at CTU because he was supposed to be in the field with her dad. Chase thinks that Jack is putting him on the sidelines because he is seeing Kim. Kim knows they did the right thing by telling Jack. She sees Chase is frustrated, and she rationalizes that her father will soon be more forgiving. When Kim suggests that the only other option -- breaking up -- is inconceivable, Chase does not answer.

Seeing Michelle’s torment over Tony, Kim realizes why her father was opposed to her dating Chase. When Chase wants to interrogate Salazar on his own, Kim suggests he notify Michelle first. At first Kim questions why Jack has her run a prison transfer for Salazar, but she assumes that he is merely enacting a classified mission. Jack then apologizes for how he reacted when she told him about her relationship with Chase.

Kim spots Kyle Singer being held at gunpoint on a traffic camera, and she identifies the license plate on the truck carrying him. She learns that Jack used her to violate protocol when she gave him a prison transfer for Salazar. Adam tells Kim that he will back her up in the internal inquiry on Jack. When Kim’s system goes down, she is suspicious when Gael blames it on a surge error. Kim questions both Adam and Chloe about Gael’s claim. She finds Chloe in Jack’s office and asks what she is doing. Chloe reluctantly admits that she found heroin in there. Jack is using drugs. Kim is visibly upset, but continues her work.

Although Michelle knows about Jack’s drug use, Kim learns that no official course has been taken because the case became chaotic. She is alarmed when she finds out that her father might be shot down by the military. Michelle and Chappelle are worried that Kim’s emotions will hinder her work, but she insists that they won’t and is allowed to stay. When Jack lands the helicopter on the ground, Michelle tells Kim that now there is a greater chance Jack won’t be harmed. Adam puts Kim on a new assignment in the IT room where Gael has been working. She sees that Gael has a video feed on his monitor showing Jack being knocked out and dragged onto a private plane by Salazar’s men. Kim goes to notify someone but Gael stops her. He has a gun.

Gael traps Kim in the IT room, and tapes her mouth and hands. He monitors her from his handheld device as he goes out to the bullpen to get briefed by Michelle. Adam finds Kim, and she warns him about Gael. She helps Adam trace the call from Hector to Gael, but they are too late to find his location. When Chase phones Kim, she warns him to obey Chappelle’s orders. But after she tells him about Jack being kidnapped by the Salazars and Gael’s involvement, Chase begs her not to say anything about his heading to Mexico. Kim reluctantly agrees.

Kim tells Tony that Chase went dark in order to rescue Jack. This may blow Jack’s cover. When another agent finds Chase in Mexico, Kim listens in horror as gunfire ensues. She fears the worst for Chase and her father.

Kim notices that Tony has been forgetful and has been making costly mistakes. She brings this up to Michelle, and suggests that she warn Chappelle.

Kim is relieved to learn that both Jack and Chase are still alive. Tony does not tell her that the Nina Myers, the woman who killed her mother, is there as well.

Kim is stunned to learn that her father is being forced to deal with Nina Myers to get the virus. Nina is the one who killed her mother. Kim is upset, and she makes Tony promise that he will prosecute Nina afterwards. Chloe makes Kim watch her baby, and then freaks out on her when the baby cries. After Chappelle reprimands Chloe, he suggests that Kim watch the kid so that Chloe can get back to work. Kim is given babysitting duty.

While stuck watching Chloe’s baby, Kim learns that the child is not who Chloe claims it is. Kim lets Tony know that Chloe might be delusional. She warns him about keeping her on the mission. Since Chloe is the only one who knows how to track Chase by audio, Tony doesn’t want to deal with it until after the virus is secured.

Kim finds out that her father and Chase are coming back to Los Angeles with Nina in tow. After all charges are dropped against Chloe, Kim asks her who the baby’s father is. She is shocked to learn that it is Chase.

Kim is disturbed to see Nina as she is escorted into CTU. She questions Jack on why he did not come to her about his drug addiction. After ignoring him at first, Kim speaks to Chase about his child. Although he explains that he only recently found out he was a father, Kim is still conflicted. When the CTU alarm goes off, Kim flees into a stairwell and finds a downed security guard. She takes the man’s gun and stumbles upon Nina trying to escape. Kim holds Nina at gunpoint and threatens to shoot her. Just as Nina is about to fire at Kim, Jack appears and hits Nina in the shoulder. He sends Kim out of the room.

Kim starts to wonder whether Jack really killed Nina in self-defense or not because he dismissed her from the room. Yet when Kim questions her father on his motives, Jack assures her he was only trying to protect her from Nina.

Kim tracks Amador’s movement from the device Jack planted on him. She feeds her father Amador’s location.

After Tony learns that there may be no survival for those infected with the virus he confides in Kim that he feels guilty about fighting with Michelle. Kim tries to comfort him.

Kim helps Chloe decrypt the bank account to pinpoint Saunders’s location.

When no other local CTU agent matches the description of Jane Saunders to stand in as her double while she is questioned, Kim accepts the mission. Jack is against her working in the field, but Kim is adamant about going. Jack leads Kim as she doubles for Jane. One of Saunders’s men kidnaps Kim, and she shoots the man.

Kim is still a bit shaken after killing one of Saunders’s henchmen, but Jack assigns her to escort Jane back to CTU in Los Angeles.

Kim returns to CTU with Jane. Because he doesn’t trust anyone else, Jack has Kim monitor everyone in the agency for clues about a possible mole. Kim discovers that Chloe has been unusually inactive on her system. She alerts Jack and Chase, who find that Chloe has been locked in the tech room by Tony.

Kim tells Chase that he would be a better father and that she would consider staying with him if he transfers out of Field Ops. Chloe chides Kim for thinking Chase will ever change.

Michelle assigns Kim to watch Gael’s widow, but Chloe reassigns her to help out in the Field Ops office. This allows Gael’s wife to get her husband’s gun and kill Saunders. Kim reunites with Jack in the hospital where Chase undergoes surgery to reattach his arm. Although Kim worried about her father’s reaction, Jack is happy about her new life with Chase. He tells her that he is proud of her.






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