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Nothing Important Happened Today

Agent Doggett investigates the death of an EPA official after his car is forced off a bridge by a woman he picked up. He asks for assistance on the case from Scully, who has returned to her teaching position at the FBI Academy in Quantico.


Nothing Important Happened Today II

Doggett catches up with Shannon McMahon, the woman who the EPA official picked up. She claims to be a super solider and that the people she has killed were preparing the water supply and she wants Doggett to expose the truth.



Doggett and Reyes investigate the murder of a couple in West Virginia that has all the signs of a satanic ritual killing. They link the murder to a doctor incarcerated in a mental institute and Doggett becomes convinced that the doctor is orchestrating the crimes from within the hospital.



During a stakeout of murderer Irwin Lukesh, Doggett sees Reyes attacked by Lukesh but then we see Reyes and Doggett in her apartment, apparently both fine. Elsewhere at the same time, Doggett is shot and Lukesh indentifies Reyes as the shooter. While Reyes is asked for her badge and gun by AD Follmer and Doggett lies in hospital near death, the conflicting circumstanses of the stakeout and Doggett's shooting do not add up and it becomes clear that Lukesh posesses the power to switch between parallel universes and alter the events in each.


Lord of the Flies

When a stunt on a local cable reality show goes horribly wrong resulting in a man's death, Doggett and Reyes investigate. But when flies pour out of the victims eye sockets, they find themselves relying on Scully's expertise and they ask her to join the investigation.


Trust No 1

Scully is approached by a couple who claim their baby has the same abilities as William and have information about the super soldier program, however they will only talk to Mulder, believing him the only person who can make the connections and uncover the truth. Scully is forced into an awkward situation when she has to decide whether to put Mulder's life in more danger even though she desperately wants to see him.


John Doe

Scully and Reyes join forces to try and find Doggett when he goes missing. Doggett has his own problems, having woken up in jail in Mexico suffering from amnesia. With no knowledge of who he is, Doggett is befriended by a local who soon has him working smuggling illegal immigrants across the border.



Agent Reyes takes the lead while investigating an X-file case, surrounding a man found skinned alive after having visions of seeing other people appearing skinned alive. Reyes calls on Scully's expertise to help on the investigation, which pays off when Scully finds a link to a case from 1960.



When pieces of the spaceship beached in Africa resurface, the conspiracy within the FBI attempts to hide the information from the X-Files, especially the one person for whom the pieces have a special significance - Scully. When Doggett and Reyes discover that Scully and her child have been put in great danger, they race to protect her and William from the evil forces pursuing him, and Scully is forced to take drastic measures to protect her child.



Scully is anxious to recover William from his kidnappers and takes matters into her own hands when the FBI's attempts to assist in the investigation are less than helpful. With the help of the Lone Gunmen, Scully discovers terrifying information about her child's captors, and is once again forced to confront the mystery regarding the sinister interest in her son.


Audrey Pauley

After a car accident, Reyes finds herself in a very gray area, while Doggett desperately denies doctors' diagnoses about his partner, who witnesses a strange disappearance.



Scully, Doggett and Reyes investigate an old case that Doggett worked on as a cop in Brooklyn, dubbed "The Screwdriver Killer". They try to determine whether the man who was convicted and has just been released from prison was actually the man responsible for the murders.



A serial killer, Wayne, is driven by numerology. He occasionally confronts and has enigmatic conservations with Mr. Burt, a guy who sits around, plays games, and dispenses confusing "advice". Monica latches onto the numerology aspect of the killings. She and Scully eventually figure out where Wayne is, only to be locked in a parking garage with Mr. Burt while Wayne apparently escapes. Mr. Burt dispenses more enigmatic advice, reveals his collection of music CDs (i.e., music reduced to 0s and 1s in binary, i.e., more numbers), makes jokes, dances, and beats them at checkers. Thanks to the checker game, they figure out that Wayne's pattern is killing blonde, brunette, and redhead women, and then starting over again. Since the last victim was blonde, they figure they're next (brunette and redhead = black and red on the checkerboard = red-headed Scully and brunette Monica) and that Wayne must still be in the parking garage. Thanks to Doggett's arrival Wayne is shot and killed, and Mr. Burt disappears as mysteriously as he came, leaving the people outside the building to break into an Italian musical number.


Scary Monsters

Agent Harrison talks Doggett and Reyes into investigating a boy's claim that monsters killed his mother, who was officially determined to have stabbed herself repeatedly.


Jump the Shark

The agents ask the Lone Gunmen to help find their friendly foe Yves Adele Harlow after former Area 51 Man-In-Black Morris Fletcher claims she is one of the "super soldiers".



Doggett catches someone in the X-files office trying to steal documents pertaining to Mulder's sister. The intruder is a severely scarred man who blames his disfigurement on Government conspirators. He claims the source of that information - and, in fact, the one who helped him gain entry - is Mulder. Although he refuses to divulge the missing agent's whereabouts, the mystery man has enough knowledge of the X-files and its history to lead Doggett to suspect that he just might be Mulder himself. Scully's fears for the safety of her son are elevated when he is injected with an unknown substance. With the mystery surrounding William becoming even more darker, Scully must allow herself to send him away for his own safety.



When an FBI cadet with amazing profiling skills approaches Doggett, Reyes and Scully with a lead on a suspect in a series of recent murders, he claims the same killer is responsible the death of Doggett's son. The agents find themselves wondering if his knowledge of the deaths is because of his obsession with the cases he has studied at Quantico or if he is in some way involved in the murders.


Sunshine Days

Doggett and Reyes investigate a murder outside the house that the original Brady Bunch series was filmed in. The house is owned by a man named Oliver who is obsessed with the show and has rigged the house into a series of traps and changing appearances to look like the Brady house.


The Truth

Mulder arrives in a helicopter along with other people at the Mount Weather Complex, a government building, in Bluemont, VA. The people are guided along inside but Mulder escapes. He sees he's in some sort of facility so he looks around. He enters a secured area and looks on a computer and sees something startling but before he could do anything, Knowle Rohrer finds him. They fight and then Knowle starts chasing after Mulder. Then, Krycek appears and helps Mulder out. Knowle Rohrer catches up with Mulder and they fight some more. It ends with Mulder pushing him over a ledge and down a few flights onto electrical wires, supposedly killing him. Some guards take Mulder to a jail. Skinner tells Scully that Mulder is back and they visit him in jail. In their meeting, Mulder seems passive and non-expressive and appears to be brainwashed. He tells them he's a guilty man and should be punished. After Scully and Skinner leave the room, Krycek appears and starts talking with Mulder. Later, Kersh goes to the USMC Base Brig in Quantico and asks for the military to go easy on Mulder. Kersh is told that Mulder will get a trial but in a military court of law. Scully and Skinner go to see Mulder, with no guard this time, and says that he had to put on an act last time and isn't really brainwashed. Mulder and Scully share a long kiss. Skinner tells Mulder that he's on trial for his life. Mulder says they're rigging the case and asks Skinner to represent him. Skinner accepts. Then, Doggett and Reyes come in with news that the military claims to have the body of Knowle Rohrer, which the agents know is impossible since super-soldiers can't die. Later, Scully visits Mulder alone in his cell. She says she needs him to tell her the truth of they'll lose. Mulder says he's been hiding in New Mexico, looking for the truth. He says he found something in the facility earlier but he won't tell her what. The next day, the trial begins. Skinner is upset because it's a military court of law and because he can't find Marita Covarrubias, his first witness, so he calls Scully to the stand. She talks about how she came to the X-Files, how she believes in aliens, and how there are government conspiracies. Next, Skinner calls Jeffrey Spender. Spender talks about the Cigarette Smoking Man, Mulder's sister, and abductions. Later, in his cell, Scully begs him to make them a deal or something but he refuses. When she leaves, X appears. He gives him information on how to find Marita Covarrubias. Skinner calls her next. She talked about alien viruses & vaccinations, Krycek, and the Syndicate. Skinner then calls Gibson Praise. Gibson says he hid Mulder in the desert for the last year. Gibson then reveals that one of the judges is a super-soldier. Skinner calls Doggett to the stand. Doggett says Mulder couldn't have killed Knowle Rohrer because he couldn't be killed. Skinner calls Reyes next. She talked about Scully's baby. That night, Scully and Reyes go to see the supposed body of Knowle Rohrer. Scully finds hard evidence that the body is not Knowle Rohrer and takes it to court since it could get Mulder out but then Kersh throws out the evidence. The next day, the panel finds Mulder guilty. Scully later gets a call that night that Mulder's sentence is death by lethal injection. That night, Doggett and Skinner come to break Mulder out of jail. When they get near the exit, Kersh finds them but helps them escape. They get to Scully and Gibson. Kersh tells Mulder and Scully to go to Canada and be off the continent in 24 hours. The next morning, Doggett and Reyes find that their office and the X-Files have been packed up. On the drive to New Mexico, Mulder pulls over to go the bathroom when the Lone Gunmen appear. They tell Mulder to turn around and leave but he doesn't want to. Later, Mulder and Scully get to some pueblos. They go inside and find the Cigarette Smoking Man, alive. He tells Scully what Mulder found on that computer in the government base, that on December 22, 2012, the aliens will invade and take over the world. Meanwhile, Doggett and Reyes get to the pueblos but Knowle Rohrer finds them and tries to kill them but is destroyed himself because of something in the rocks out there. The agents barely make it out alive before black helicopters blow up the puelos with the Cigarette Smoking Man inside. Mulder and Scully go to a hotel in Roswell and talk. Mulder says he's failed in every aspect but Scully disagrees. She says he'll never give up. And she said she'd do the last 9 years all over again. Then, they crawled into bed together and held each other.


Scully: Dr Dana Scully. I have just been assigned to the Academy as a forensic investigator. For the past eight years I was part of a unit known as the X-Files. Some of you may have heard of it.
FBI Cadet: You ever slay a vampire?
Scully: Sorry to disappoint you, but this is a course in forensic pathology. Hard science. An X-File is a case that has been deemed unsolvable by the Bureau, because such a case cannot be solved it may beg other explanations... a vampire, perhaps. Science, however, tells us that evil comes not from monsters, but from men. It offers us the methodology to catch these men, and only after we have exhausted these methods should we leave science behind to consider more... extreme possibilities.

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