Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean
Curse of the Black Pearl
Dead Man's Chest
At World's End
At World's End

the third film

Johnny Depp - Jack Sparrow

Orlando Bloom - Will Turner

Keira Knightley - Elizabeth Swann

Geoffrey Rush - Barbossa

Jonathan Pryce - Governor Weatherby Swann

Bill Nighy - Davy Jones

Yun-Fat Chow - Captain Sao Feng

Tom Hollander - Lord Cutler Beckett

Stellan Skarsgård - 'Bootstraps' Bill Turner

Kevin McNally - Joshamee Gibbs

Jack Davenport - Commodore James Norrington

Naomie Harris - Tia Dalma

Mackenzie Crook - Ragetti

Greg Ellis - Lieutenant Groves

Lee Arenberg - Pintel

Martin Klebba - Marty

David Bailie - Cotton

Stephen Ananicz - EITC Soldier

Peter Donald Badalamenti II - Penrod

Andy Beckwith - Clacker

Faouzi Brahimi - Turkish Guard

Vanessa Branch - Giselle

West Cummings - EITC Militia Soldier

Ryan de Quintal - EITC Soldier

Winston Ellis - Palifico

Justin Geer - EITC Militia Soldier

Portis Hershey - Greenbeard

Patrick Hume - Crash - Flying Dutchman Pirate

Marc Joseph - Quittance

Hakeem Kae-Kazim               

Dermot Keaney - Maccus

Marco Khan - Turkish Prison guard

Michelle Lee - Asian Twin

Reggie Lee - Tai Huang

Jonathan Linsley - Olgilvey

Lauren Maher - Scarlett

David Meunier - Greitzer

Keith Richards                       

Chris Symonds - Two Head

Michael Symonds - Two Head

Angel Tagudin II - Sao Feng Pirate

Donny Tran - Bathhouse Guard #1

Ho-Kwan Tse - Hadras

Tyler Tuione - Boiler room attendant

Natalie Victoria - Tortuga Wench

Adrienne Wong - Asian Twin

David Zahedian - Prison Guard

Aesop Aquarian - Core Black Pearl Pirate

Libby Burgess - Young Townsgirl

Brian Feldman - New World Pirate

Sean William Marrone - British Soldier

Walter Medina - Captain Sao Feng crew

Norm Ofstead - EITC Soldier/Black Pearl Pirate

Anthony Wentzel - EITC Musket Man

Some scenes were filmed at the same time as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006).

Started filming without a finished script.

Keith Richards has agreed to appear in a cameo as Jack Sparrow's father. He had has been pursued for a cameo appearance since the first installment of the series.

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