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Fox Mulder was born to Bill Mulder and Teena Mulder (maiden name Kuipers) on October 13, 1961. He has a younger sister, Samantha Mulder, who mysteriously disappeared at the age of eight.
His first words were "JFK", when Mulder was 11 months old. In his childhood, he used to play a lot with Samantha - they played baseball (Fox usually played right-field), rode bikes, played board games and spent much of their time together. Fox also enjoyed tree climbing and once came face to face with a praying mantis in a tree. He screamed and was shocked at the thought that something this horrible could exist. Mulder has had an intense dislike for insects ever since.
Mulder apparently enjoyed science fiction in his early years. He dressed as Mr. Spock from Star Trek in childhood. He also liked to play Stratego with his sister and watch "The Magician". In his teenage years, Mulder was also very excited about space. Although he says he never wanted to be an astronaut, he was extremely delighted to meet an ex-astronaut during one of his investigation and admitted that watching a shuttle launch fulfilled one of his boyhood dreams.
On November 27, 1973, Samantha Mulder mysteriously disappeared, an event which had a huge impact on Mulder's later life. She disappeared when she and Fox were alone in their home, and has never been found. Fox Mulder remembers that their parents were spending a day at the neighbours, Samantha and Fox were playing Stratego and arguing about what TV channel to watch. Fox was waiting for "The Magician", Samantha wanted to change channels but Fox refused, at which point Samantha screamed. Very soon, Fox saw Samantha rise in the air and float away to a bright light outside. Fox tried to get his father's gun but was unable to do so, and was paralysed (most likely due to psychologic shock, not actual paralysis) when he saw an alien-like figure stand in the doorway. Mulder recovered these memories through regressive hypnosis under Dr. Werber in 1989.
Mulder probably graduated high school in Spring 1980, unless he skipped ahead or was kept behind a year. It is not known what he did between 1980 and 1983. In 1983, Mulder entered Oxford University to study psychology. He graduated summa cum laude in 1986.
Later that year, Mulder joined the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. It is known that Mulder "joined the FBI" on October 24th, 1986, but it is unclear whether that is the date when he started his Quantico academy course or finished it. On graduating the academy, Mulder started his work in the Behavioral Science Unit (psychological profiling of suspects) under agent Patterson. Mulder profiled serial killers, including Monty Props, for about three years.
At some point, Mulder started working as a field agent of the violent crimes divsion with agent Reggie Purdue. It is possible that Mulder did, for a short time, work both as a profiler and a field agent. During Mulder's first case in the role of a field agent, one of the other FBI agents died, and Mulder later blamed himself for sticking to the FBI rules and instructions, which he felt didn't let him prevent the agent's death. His partner in violent crimes was Jerry Lamana, whose incompetence and self-serving agenda led to him misplacing evidence which resulted in the maiming of a federal judge (Ghost in the Machine). In his later FBI career Mulder has always shown varying degrees of disregard for rules.
Fox Mulder appears to be a very talented man and a remarkable agent. His Oxford degree was obtained summa cum laude, which is the highest honor level his graduation from the Quantico academy was also with honors. Mulder has received an Award for Public Service. It has been said that Mulder had "commendations out the yin yang" (Unusual Suspects). In Pilot, Scully says she's heard Mulder is "brilliant". Mulder had been talked about among the agents even while in the FBI Academy and that he was "three jumps ahead" of the others (Young at Heart).
In May 1989, Mulder was sprayed with an experimental drug that causes hallucinations and paranoia. Mulder started talking about aliens and conspiracies, although his previous interest in such things was not very active, albeit present. The following month, Mulder underwent regressive hypnosis in attempt to discover what happened when Samantha disappeared. After that, Mulder started displaying a fanatical interest about the paranormal.
In 1990, he learned a great deal about the X Files from former FBI agent Arther Dales. (Travellers)
Mulder continued to work in the Violent Crimes department, pursuing his paranormal interests in his spare time. In late 1991, Mulder opened the X-Files and became the only agent to work on them. A few months later, in March 1992, Dana Scully was assigned to the X-Files as a partner to Mulder.
Mulder's basement office is decorated with photographs, newspaper articles and other materials pertaining to conspiracy theories, extraterrestrial life, ghost encounters and other supernatural phenomena. The most famous of these decorations is a poster with a flying saucer on it and the words "I want to believe". Mulder's drawer chest is full of old and recent X-Files reports, and he is able to find the report he needs remarkably quickly based on some tiny detail he remembers. Mulder is aware that his boss, Assistant Director Walter Skinner is skeptical of Mulder's work and that other FBI agents ridicule him for "hunting little green men".
Mulder investigates various cases of paranormal or strange nature with Agent Scully, who is initially a skeptic. While Mulder is quick to accept the possibility of, for example, a poltergeist causing the death of a person, Scully seeks scientific explanations. Mulder's ultimate goal is to uncover what he believes to be a government conspiracy to hide the truth about aliens, as well as find out what happened to his sister.
Mulder conducts some of his investigations with blatant disregard for rules and regulations, sometimes even breaking the law. He has accused FBI management of hiding the truth, and he has infiltrated US Air Force and other secret facilities, leading to investigations of his behavior, suspension, and apprehension by the military on more than one occasion.
Mulder has had multiple informants. Of his most significant high-level government informants, Deep Throat was first, followed by X and Marita Covarrubias. Each of them has provided Mulder with valuable information, even saving Mulder's life. Almost nothing is known about the true identity of Deep Throat and X, including their real names.
After Scully is abducted and returned in season two, Mulder is hopeful that she might start believing in aliens and a government conspiracy, but Scully refuses to do so. Scully, though, eventually became more accepting to the idea of a conspiracy and even came to share Mulder's views. At one point, Mulder was convinced that no conspiracy exists and that he is being toyed with, however, Scully managed to convince Mulder that it is false and he is playing into the conspiracy hands by believing that.
Ultimately, Scully became Mulder's most trusted person thanks to their shared experiences during their investigations. They have always maintained a platonic relationship and, although they were very close friends, it never became clear if the relationship turned into something more. It has been weakly implied that their relationship might have gotten physical, but no open display of any such relationship was ever seen. It's also noteworthy that Mulder and Scully almost always call each other by their surnames - Mulder hates when anyone calls him by his first name, but Scully has no such aversion, yet Mulder keeps using her surname.
Throughout his work, Mulder is antagonized by the Cigarette Smoking Man and the Well-Manicured Man who are very important figures in the conspiracy. Both have provided Mulder with some information, but they are never entirely truthful and open, and Mulder never forgets the possibility that these people are just toying with him. Mulder also hated Alex Krycek, a conspiracy agent who briefly worked with Mulder in the FBI as infiltrator, and has since then almost gotten Mulder killed on more than one occasion.
When he is in need of extra assistance, Mulder goes to The Lone Gunmen, three conspiracy theorists who publish a tabloid newspaper but have some valuable equipment for analysing different things, and one of them is also an expert computer hacker. It appears that Mulder trusts The Lone Gunmen more than anyone else except Scully.
Mulder has a rather strained relationship with his parents, not in the least thanks to the X-Files. He believes that his father knows the truth about the conspiracy (which is at least partially true), but Bill Mulder is shot dead in Anasazi before Fox Mulder could find out a lot about his father's involvement in the conspiracy. Over the next few years, Mulder gets into several conflicts with his mother when trying to find out whether she's hiding anything, and she also dies later, after an apparent suicide, in Sein und Zeit. Ultimately, Mulder also finds out part of the truth about his sister - Samantha was apparently abducted by the military, acting as part of the conspiracy, and various tests were performed on Samantha. Mulder never finds out the details, however, the possibilities remain that his sister was taken by the aliens for their genetic projects, or that she died on Earth.
During the last years of his work on the X-Files, Mulder is even forced to doubt that Bill Mulder is his true father. He considers the possibility that his mother had an affair with the Cigarette Smoking Man who might be Mulder's true father. The fact is hinted at, and Jeffrey Spender, who certainly is the Smoking Man's son, considers Mulder to be his half-brother. However, it never becomes entirely clear whether Bill Mulder or the Cigarette Smoking Man is Fox Mulder's true father.
Mulder also gets abducted by the aliens himself in Requiem and returned to Earth, almost dead, a few months later. He had been infected by an alien virus, but Scully finds a way to rescue him (Deadalive). He returns to work for a brief period of time, but is eventually fired by the newly promoted Deputy Director Kersh (Vienen). After Scully gives birth to Mulder's son, William (in vitro fertilization might be possible) Mulder goes into hiding in New Mexico.
After about a year in hiding, Mulder receives information from an anonymous source on how to inflitrate a secret facility containing information about the conspiracy (The Truth). Mulder does that, obtains some crucial information but is apprehended by the base security after a fight with Knowle Rohrer, a man who is in fact an alien agent and impossible to kill by regular means. Nonetheless, Mulder managed to electroute Rohrer, which doesn't kill him, but brings Mulder in front of a military tribunal, accused of murdering Rohrer. Despite a defense organized by Skinner with numerous witnesses, the judges (who it is hinted are at least partially working for the conspiracy) sentence Mulder to the death penalty. Mulder breaks out of prison with help from several people and escapes with Scully, still refusing to divulge what he found at the military facility. Finally, the agents meet the Cigarette Smoking Man who says what Mulder has found out - that on December 22, 2012, an alien colonization of Earth will start and the humanity will be wiped out.
Fox Mulder is somewhat pyrophobic (fear of fire) and has had nightmares about being trapped in a burning building. This fear originates from a childhood accident when Mulder's best friend's house burnt down and he had to spend the night in the rubble to help protect it from looting.
Mulder is almost never seen sleeping in a bed. The bedroom in his apartment is used for storage purposes, and Mulder sleeps on a couch instead, often falling asleep while watching television. Mulder frequently stays up all night or sleeps just a couple of hours while working on a case that interests him, a similarity to another classic detective figure, Sherlock Holmes, who was known to go through manic periods when following a case. At such times, he becomes rather hypreactive and doesn't seem to require sleep so much, although he has also sometimes complained of being unable to sleep due to some gruesome images of stories. For a few months, Mulder sleeps on a waterbed in his apartment, but after a waterbed leak caused him to be late for a meeting once, he went back to sleeping on a couch.
One of Mulder's interests is pornography. He reads magazines like "Adult Video News" or "PlayPen" and tends to watch porn video tapes when bored or sometimes even when trying to fall asleep. Mulder is apparently unembarrassed about his pornography habit, even joking about his video and magazine collection, and going to the cinema to watch "A Decade of Dirty Delinquents".
Mulder has a remarkable memory, and once mentions that he is "cursed with a photographic memory". When he hears about some strange events, he can instantly remember if he had heard something similar before, and often he can immediately name a case that took place many years ago. Even such obscure phrases as "hiding in the light" trigger Mulder's memory of some previous events. He has been able to recognize people from photographs that he just glanced at hours ago, quote passages from Scully's thesis verbatim, and once Mulder gained the trust of an informant by saying how many home runs Mickey Mantle had hit.
He has something of an interest in baseball, and seems to like basketball to some degree as well. He once pretended to be searching for newspaper reports of UFO sightings in the FBI archives, while in reality he was reading baseball scores. (The Unnatural.)
He lists his "holy trinity" heroes, as he puts it, as Willie Mays, Frank Serpico, and Micah Hoffman. (Hoffman is a fictional character created for an episode.) He seems to be familiar with, and perhaps has an interest, in 60's counterculture. (Hollywood A.D.)
He has seen "Plan 9 from Outer Space" 42 times, and claims that the film is so incredibly bad that it shuts down the logic centers of his brain and allows him to make intuitive leaps of logic.
His ethnicity and religious affiliation are never directly disclosed, but there are several hints that he is supposed to be Jewish. (Kaddish.) Despite believing in a variety of paranormal phenomenon, Mulder seems to have no religion in the conventional sense of the word. He seems to have little patience for religious fundamentalists, and he is sometimes very skeptical of "traditional" religious belief. (Revelations.)
Mulder is very attached to having a cell phone, so much so that Scully once said; "Mulder, if you had to go without your cell phone for five minutes you'd lapse in to catatonic schizophrenia."
Mulder rarely drinks alcohol, and in the few cases he does, he is so drunk that he behaves out of character, suggesting a low tolerance level. Instead, Mulder prefers iced tea or orange juice. As for food, he likes sunflower seeds a lot. Other than that, Mulder's food preferences aren't really clear, although he seems happy to eat whatever he can get his hands on when hungry.
Mulder is single. The two most important women he has known before the X-Files are agent Diana Fowley and inspector Phoebe Green. Fowley is very much attracted to Mulder, and it's possible that they have had a relationship in the past. Mulder is not willing to have a relationship with her while working on the X-Files, although he is also reluctant to believe that Fowley might be working against him.
Also, Mulder has a rather poor sense of direction - he sometimes goes through the wrong corridors in a building and can't use a map very well. Likewise, Mulder isn't comfortable when in the country and doesn't really like nature. Mulder disapproves the use of drugs when treating psychological disorders and says that he's not a Freudian.
The person Mulder despises most in the world is Alex Krycek.
Mulder has a fish tank in his apartment, and Scully often feeds his fish when he is away or otherwise can't get back to feed them.
Mulder's cell phone number is (202) 555-9355. He always carries his cell phone with him.
Mulder's badge number is JTT047101111
Mulder's computer password is TRUSTNO1
Mulder's Social Security number is 123-32-1321
Pseudonyms Mulder has used include F.M. Luder, George Hale, Marty, Mr. Kaplan.
Mulder's apartment number is 42 - a reference to the answer to life, the universe and everything.
Mulder's favorite NBA team is New York Knicks.
During one investigation, Mulder was given the Native American name Running Fox.
Mulder enjoys classic rock music.
Mulder's favorite snack is raw sunflower seeds.
Mulder has a tank with goldfish at home that Scully feeds in his absence.
He hates being called Fox, and even made his parents call him Mulder.
He is red-green color blind.
Mulder sometimes play basketball and swims. He is an average hand-to-hand fighter and a good gun.
The character of Fox Mulder has also appeared on other series - The Lone Gunmen and Millennium. He also made an appearance in an episode of The Simpsons and on the animated series Eek! The Cat. In an episode of the ReBoot series, Mulder and Scully were parodied as agents "Fax Modem" and "Data Nully". David Duchovny refused to provide his voice for the episode.
It is not known if Mulder is Jewish, but there have been some indications that he is. In one episode, Mulder is asked if his last name is Jewish, but he does not answer. David Duchovny has said that he considers Mulder to be Jewish.

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