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One day is not enough...

Alice carefully unwrapped her Christmas presents, unsure why exactly they had given her free gift items in the first place. "Oooh, a Wombles DVD." She hugged Mickey. "Thank you."


"I knew you liked them." Mickey replied


"Open this one." The Doctor handed a present to Alice. "This is from me."


Alice eagerly tore open the wrapping paper. "Wow, three new dresses, and they're brand new, wow!"


"Everyone should have a new dress for Christmas." The Doctor said and did a twirl in her own new dress, which she'd bought herself, as she couldn't trust Mickey to buy her size or her favourite design or colour.


"New shoes!" Alice shouted with joy after opening her final present. "They're brilliant." She took off her fluffy bunny slippers and put her new shoes on. "They have heels too." She tried walking in them and only fell over thirty seven times, they were great.


"Now we can go out for Christmas dinner, yeah?" Mickey asked the Doctor.


"No need." Alice replied. "I cooked a meal for us all."


"You cooked?" Mickey asked Alice, suddenly afraid for his life.


"I did cook a lot for Grundaldran; he gave me lots of cookery files." Alice stood up and only fell down again three times. "I'm an expert cook. I've made a thirty five course meal, and if you don't eat it all up I'll be very, very upset."


"Any pizza?" Mickey asked.


"Just three." Alice replied. "I'm not very good at throwing and catching. The rest are still stuck to the ceiling."


"Remind me to have a word with you about the location of the cleaning supplies."  The Doctor said slowly.  "That goes for both of you.  I'm not breaking another nail clearing up your messes."


"Oh."  Mickey and Alice said together, and then they both made a run for the door...


The Doctor giggled, and then burst out laughing.  "Sorry, it's an April Fools Day gag, I took us forward to April the 1st 2006."


"That's not funny."  Mickey said sharply.  "You might crash Alice's processor again.  I ain't rebooting her system again."


The Doctor took out her sonic screwdriver and grinned.  "Remote control systems debugger and error fixer.  Every genius should have one, and go-go boots of course."


"I want go-go boots."  Alice said quickly.  "I hate being the shortest one of us.  I'm nearly 5' 3" you know."


"We'll get you some, for your birthday."  The Doctor grinned again.  "Let’s zap forward to Alice's birthday!"


"No way, mine's before hers."  Mickey complained loudly.  "We should have a double party."


"Excellent idea."  The Doctor replied.  "Jellies and trifles and motor oil.


Alice hugged the Doctor.  "This is the best day ever."


A fun christmas story written on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, to capture the spirit of the festive season in the written word...

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