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Portrait of Mickey Smith: Intergalactic Traveller...


The alarm goes off too early again. Mickey tries to switch it off and the empty larger cans fall off the bed and made loud clanging noises on the floor. He tries to get out of bed but the Doctor's music starts up like a rave in the middle his head. Finally he gets out of bed and hops into the shower. The cold water makes him shriek and the sudden blast of hot makes him scream. He picks his damp towel up off the floor and examines his face in the steamy mirror until he can eventually see it as the steam clears. Then he wanders into his wardrobe room and picks up fresh Calvin Klein’s and a month unwashed pair of jeans. He forgoes socks and pulls on his favourite yellow t-shirt. Finally he dabs a bit of aftershave on his unshaven cheeks and goes outside to find the Doctor.


The morning passes spent helping the Doctor track down some fault or other, apparently a teabag was dropped through the grated metal floor and it burned out a non-critical system. Mickey ends up with a mild electric shock for his trouble and the Doctor can only laugh at the pain. Some mate she is. Finally Mickey goes back to his room and pulls on his shoes and socks. They're almost at their destination. He wonders what kind of planet Metabelis 3 is. He goes outside and wishes he was wearing a coat. Just then a giant blue/black eagle attacks them both...





Mickey was trying to make himself comfortable in the ice cave. As comfortable as he can be considering he's wearing dead animal skin and the cave is a good ten degrees below the freezing point of carbon dioxide. Luckily though the Doctor gave him a special pill to alter his metabolism. Its supercharged heat will keep him warm and toasty for another hour, but after that he’ll quickly starve to death. On top of that his leg is hurting, that Giranth beast really did a number on him. It was like a sort of shark only made of ice and it lived in the snow. At least this cave was quartz lined, too tough for it to break into, he hoped.


His companion was Max; he couldn't pronounce his real name, so Max was a fair compromise. Max was a young warrior, only three seasons of hunting experience, which was more than what Mickey had, although Mickey was a fair mechanic and had fixed Max's tribe's generator. It was a strange mix of crystal and iron, it ran on a strange process of cold fire that Mickey didn't quite understand but the Doctor said it was something like evaporation in reverse.


Mickey was relying on the Doctor bringing the TARDIS back here before he turned into a giant lollipop. She wasn't at all affected by the cold, although she did see it as an example to wear her fake fur coat and pink wool hat, scarf and mittens. Sometimes he felt that she only travelled to certain planets so she could accessorise her outfit to match the conditions perfectly.





The TARDIS sure was warm after spending half the afternoon inside of a dying ice maggot, using its body warmth to keep himself alive. However the Doctor had pronounced his fingers and toes free of frostbite so everything was oh. Mickey was still feeling the cold though and no amount of sweaters and cardigans were going to get the chill out of his bones that easily. Luckily the Doctor knew a great place to take him and it really was great. A warm Jamaican beach with three shots of rum and the priceless sight of the Doctor making a complete fool of herself dancing away while a local band played a few Bob Marley covers.


The sun was big and ruby red on the horizon, a pleasant pinky hue surrounded it and Mickey felt at peace. He just hoped that some weird alien gang didn't invade or nothing, that would be too freaky a second time. However nothing much seemed to happen at all, although he was sure he kept hearing the words "warp shunt" and "shadow proclamation" whispered in his ear every now and again.


The evening ended in a bit of a special do with a few fireworks and a great barbecue. Mickey had a great burger and the Doctor gave him her onions while she took his tomato and pickle. They danced slowly as the last rays of the sun peaked up over the horizon and the glow of the fire bathed them both in a warm flickering orange hue.


That was when the Autons made their move...however they were there just to party and they performed unearthly bodily gyrations faster than the human eye could see and they played a weird funk fusion with some well phat bass lines. Mickey took the Doctor's hand and they danced on...





Mickey follows the Doctor across the roof of the art museum. They force a skylight open and then climb down a rope ladder into the museum proper. There they find their target. Mickey grabs hold of the alien statue and carefully puts it inside the 'swag bag' and then fastens it around his shoulder. They replace it with a similar statue the Doctor made, of a penguin she once knew, and then they start to climb back up the rope ladder again.


Mickey scowls as his fingerprints are taken. "I was only doing what the Doctor told me to do." However the filth aren't listening to him. "We work for the UN." He sort of lied, a bit, not much, well sort of. "UNIT to be exact. Call the prime minister if you don't believe me. Tell her the pass code is...oh what was it? That guy out of the A-team. Murdoch? Hannibal, that's it. Tell her Hannibal." He wonders why they just shake their heads and then start laughing.


The cell is cramped, barely 8 by 6 by 8. There's a bed and a bucket and they both smell like a urinal. He tries to spend as much time as possible standing, but his feet, ankles and legs are hurting like mad after only ten minutes. Finally he lies his coat down on the bed and sits on it. He plans to make the Doctor buy him a new one when they get out.


An hour later the cell door opens and in walks Harriet Jones, Prime Minister. "I don't know you." She says. "I'm with the Doctor." Mickey replies quickly. "I know your voice though. We spoke; you're the young man who saved me from the Slitheen." Mickey smiles. "The Doctor told me I saved the world. I didn't like her much then; I guess we were too much alike in some ways and totally different in others." The PM nods. "Well the Doctor explained everything to me, after she proved to me that she really was the Doctor. Does she change her appearance all the time?" Mickey shrugged. "No idea, I didn't even see her change this time. It is her though. I don't understand it myself." The PM nodded. "I've issued a cover story; you were passing members of the public who tried to stop the real thief from escaping and were accidentally arrested by the police, case of mistaken identity. You're both free to go." Mickey grins. "Nice one, do I call you Prime Minister?" Harriet nodded. "That would be nice. The Doctor kept calling my Harrie J." Mickey laughs, then quickly stops. "Sorry."


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