The 12th Doctor

Three Time Travellers and a Baby

Season 1
Season 2

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Alice woke up as the baby’s bleeps of hunger called out to her mothering circuits. Carefully she picked the tiny bundle up and slowly fed her warm engine oil from the pink coloured can of oil. It had been a most thoughtful gift from her most especially bestest friend Eve and Alice had been quite moved by her friends consideration and thought. “Shush now baby don’t you cry, or I’ll fry your circuits until you die.” She had heard Eve singing this beautiful song to Molly once and now she loved to sing it too.

Once her tiny newborn had drunk her fill
Alice placed the tiny colourful cube back into her cot and rocked her gently until her dreamy sleepy goodnight chip started up then she climbed back into her own bed and drifted back off to her scrummy dream about a massive open crust pie with its own diving board.


The Doctor found Eve asleep in the console room; she was sprawled on the floor with one of her many Professor X novels open nearby. The Doctor picked the book up; it was one he had read before. Something about a giant potted daffodil trying to take over the world. He sighed, remembering the time when Meglos had tried the very same thing. Eve opened her eyes and looked at him. “Sorry to disturb you Eve.” He half whispered, “just go back to sleep if you need a few more minutes.”


“What time is it?” Eve asked while stifling a yawn.


“Oh about half three in the morning Earth time.” The Doctor replied. “I just popped by to check a few circuits. Must keep the old girl ticking over you know.”


“I’ve half a mind to take a pickaxe to the console the mood I’m in.” Eve hissed.


“What’s up?” The Doctor asked concerned for Eve’s well being.
“I spent the entire evening babysitting that bloody cube.” Eve shouted. “All it did was bleep at me all night long! I’m sure
Alice heard me singing some very interesting words to those bloody nursery rhymes.”


“I see.” The Doctor adjusted his large red-framed glasses. “What was Alice doing this evening?”


“She was off driving around the corridors of the TARDIS again.” Eve examined her badly bitten fingernails and decided on buying some attractive pink and gold press-on’s.


“I’m surprised she didn’t knock you down actually. You know how fond she is of Formula 1.”


“Yes indeed.” The Doctor took his large hat off and placed it on the central column of the time rotor. “Sometimes she thinks I’m a pit stop mechanic and tries to get me to change her wheels. I think what we all need is a nice holiday to let hot tensions run cool again.”


Eve nodded slowly. “Somewhere without a beach though. We don’t want to dig it up again like last time when she turned one of her legs into sand and forgot where she had put it.”


“We did find it in the end.” The Doctor reminded Eve. “If it hadn’t been for you working through until three in the morning she may never have walked again.”


“That was a leg.” Eve said, standing up. “She has a baby now.”


“I see what you mean.” The Doctor began to brush his long raven hair slowly. “Perhaps an entertainment complex?”


Las Vegas.” Eve suggested.


“I was thinking more along the lines of Skegness.” The Doctor replied, seeing the disappointment in his young friends eyes he changed his mind. “Ok, Las Vegas it is then.”


Eve jumped up and down with rarely felt joy. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. I’m going to be a millionaire.”


The Doctor shook his head and began to check the TARDIS systems. “You might want to tell Alice the good news yourself, seeing as you’re in such a happy mood.”


Opening the door to her room
Alice squealed with delight when she saw her very bestest friend Eve standing outside. “Come in, come in.” She dragged Eve into her room and sat her down on the bed. “You’re just in time.” She grinned. “I’ve programmed Molly to say her very first word, I want you to be the very first person to hear it.”


“Mamma.” Molly called out on cue.


Alice hugged her baby daughter tightly in her arms and kissed her green side. “Who’s Mummy’s special girl?” She asked.


“Very nice.” Eve said, sitting back on the bed. “I’ve got a bit of news myself. The Doctor’s agreed to take us all to Las Vegas for a holiday.” She looked perplexed as Eve fainted and cuddled Molly until the dizzy android recovered her composure.


LAS VEGAS!” Alice screamed when her circuit overload had passed. “I’m going to be a millionaire! I can buy real quality things for the baby, like proper metal and maybe afford a few things for my friends too.”


“I see we have the same idea.” Eve’s eyebrows lowered. “With your magnetic personality we can’t fail…”


The Doctor placed baby Molly into the deep expanse of his jacket pocket, she would be far safer in there than back at the TARDIS. In another pocket he had bottles of engine oil ready in case of emergency feeds and the spare, empty fluid links for the inevitable mercury leakage. Eve and Alice rushed ahead of him, eager to try their luck on the fruit machines. He despaired of his young companions sometimes; in their naivety they occasionally overlooked the obvious consequences of their actions.

“I wonder if we will win?” Eve joked to
Alice as they rushed through the Solar Hike themed casino.


“Of course we will.” Alice said. “You know we will.”


“We’re supposed to pretend that we don’t know that.” Eve explained things yet again.


“I thought we weren’t going to do that.” Alice pulled the lever on the fruit machine and used her influence to make the machine pay out all of the money inside it. “This is so easy, Molly’s going to get lots of super cuddly toys.”


“Not as many as you though.” Eve laughed.


“Of course not.” Alice said as they moved onto the next machine. “She’s only a baby, she won’t appreciate them as much as I do.”


The Doctor sat down at the blackjack desk and smiled at the human card dealer in Volcyn makeup. “Hello.” He studied the dealer’s eyes and hands before making himself fully comfortable. “I’m the Doctor, now please remind me how this game is played again, it’s been a while.”


“I would be happy to teach sir.” The dealer announced jovially. “The object of the game is to get as close to twenty-one points without going above that figure. The player with the highest total, without going over the twenty-one wins. In the event of a draw the house wins.”


The Doctor nodded his head. “It seems a little familiar. Perhaps a few hands to get myself warmed up?” He fished into his waistcoat pockets and pulled out a small stack of gold chips. “I believe this will do nicely won’t they?”


The dealer looked at the chips, they were solid 24 carat gold. “They will do very nicely sir.”




“Let go of me!” Eve shouted as a gorilla in a security guard outfit marched her through the casino towards the manager’s office. Suddenly Alice changed her form into a tap-dancing mongoose and freed Eve while the guard was still in stage three of shock – extreme babbling and some loss of bladder control.


 some loss of bladder control.
“This way!” Alice turned into a Citroen 2CV and pulled Eve inside before making a beeline through the vast casino back to the TARDIS. She beeped her horn as she passed her good friend Hannah, in the close company of a green haired, silver garbed Six of Eight croupier over by the poker table.


“There’s the Doctor.” Eve pointed to their friend and turned the wheel so that Alice was pointed in his direction. “Don’t run him over, this time. You know how carried away you can get. We don’t want to carry him away on a stretcher again.”
Alice promised Eve but was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t become an ambulance again.


The Doctor looked up to see a silver and black car heading in his direction with Eve at the controls. “I was wondering when you would get around to general chaos and mayhem.” He laughed as
Alice returned to her human female form.
“I think we should go now.”
Alice said as she took her baby back from the Doctor.  “There seems to be one or two angry people about, I don’t know why.”


The Doctor pointed to the ceiling, which was slowly bulging downwards. “Run!” He shouted as a large foot came crashing through the already overstressed roof.


They fled in the general direction of the slightly battered, but much loved, blue police telephone box that was home to them. However a second foot came crunching down in front of them, cutting off their escape route.


“Typical!” Eve shouted. “You stop for a touchy feely moment and you loose your chance to escape the episode three cliff-hanger ending.” She screamed as annoying as possible to make her point known as a large portion of ceiling fell their way.


The Doctor got to his feet slowly, picking his way out of the heavy polystyrene ceiling tile fragments. He helped his two companions to their feet and made sure Molly was safe before they continued on.


“Doctor, what is it?” Alice asked, eager to put the information in her Time Travellers guide to alien creatures database.


“I don’t know.” Eve imitated the Doctor. “I’ve never seen one before but I have some nasty suspicions.”


“Well done.” The Doctor patted Eve on the back. “Just a couple of things however, it’s a Giant Ape and they prefer human females as their captives.


“Sod this.” Eve exclaimed and tried to run for the TARDIS.
“Can I be captured?”
Alice asked. “It’s been ages since the last time.”


“I fear it is Eve who will be captured.” The Doctor comforted his upset mechanical friend.


Eve saw a massive hand coming in her direction, however she had other plans and so picked up a handy flare gun. As the hand came nearer she aimed and fired getting a direct hit.



A massive roar filled the air as a great Ape suddenly got severe burns in a very delicate area. Eve grabbed her stunned friends and dragged them towards the TARDIS and pushed them inside. “Right, who’s for the beach?” She held her Diodedaughter in her hands.


The Doctor and Alice put their hands up and laughed when Alice opened her stomach up and all their winnings poured out like she was a fruit machine paying enough money to buy small Caribbean islands with.


“Now that’s what I call a win.” Eve laughed until a stream of mercury from Molly’s yellow side poured all over her clean dress.


Alice took her daughter off of Eve and gently admonished her by giving her a small cuddly penguin toy to play with.

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