The 12th Doctor
Invasion: Alice
Season 1
Season 2

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The Master rubbed his hands together in cold glee. “Soon my dear Doctor you shall suffer the most humiliating fate.”


“Not today I fancy.” The Doctor, hitherto standing in the shadows and watching his old and insane friend making a fool of himself, proclaimed. “I’ve foiled your petty scheme and those Autons will make rather good display dummies.”


“Curse you Doctor!” The Master hissed. “I shall have my revenge one day.”


“Perhaps,” the Doctor conceded “but not today.”


The Master turned and fled from the rain swept cathedral roof.


“That was great!” Eve applauded as Alice returned back to her normal self. “You captured them perfectly.” Eve handed her friend a cream doughnut. “You’re far better than a TV set and the voices were spot on.”


“Thank you.” Alice replied between bites of her prize. “Do we talk about boys now?”
“If you like.” Eve was glad the
Alice’s intellectual and emotional development was going so smoothly.


The Doctor inspected the TARDIS instruments with a casual attentiveness. Darting from one panel to the next and back again as the fancy took him. Suddenly all the red lights started to flash and the distant sound of the cloister bell began to chime ominously.
There was a flash of light and the sound of a tear in the fabric of reality, the sound of agonies that are beyond most imaginings. The primordial agony of creation and destruction, the sound of something forcing its way into the TARDIS.
The Doctor backed slowly away from the silvery ball of light that forced its way into the console room. It followed him however and struck him in the chest and encapsulated his figure in it’s silvery light.


“Uh oh.”
Alice said suddenly. “Something’s up in the console room.”


“The Doctor?” Eve asked.


“I think so.” Alice guessed. “Either that or someone who looks just like him.”


“Come on you overgrown ZX81, the Doctor’s in trouble.” Eve dashed out of their shared room towards the console room.


The Doctor shook involuntarily as power flooded through his body. Drops of saliva caught at the edges of his mouth and gave him a mad, rabid look. He looked over at the door and saw Eve burst into the console room. “Stay back!” He shouted a warning to her.


“Xay Kalk?” Eve wondered what cryptic message the Doctor was trying to tell her. She searched around the room for something to earth the Doctor with but all she could find was Alice so she pushed Alice at the Doctor.


“Wheee.” Alice shouted excitedly as her feet turned into inline skates and she sailed towards the prettily coloured Doctor.


“Nooo...” The Doctor shouted a warning to his friends but it was too late and Alice collided with him.


Alice felt strange as a great tiredness filled her and she went off to dreamland for a long snooze.


The Doctor pulled himself to his feet and looked sternly at Eve. “What did you do that for?” He demanded.


“I, I, I…” Eve started to say something in her defence. “Well it worked didn’t it?”


“The ends do not justify the means Eve.” The Doctor lectured his human companion before going to attend to his mechanical companion.


Eve looked over at Alice ’s figure and smiled with relief as she stood up. Then her relief turned to panic when Alice’s features changed into a tall bloke with a weird metal helmet on his head.


“Omega!” The Doctor panicked. “I might have known.”


“Doctor.” Omega boomed. “I had hoped to have the honour of seizing your body. However this one will suit me even more.” He stretched out an arm and seized Eve by the waist.


“Get your hands off me you creep.” Eve shouted and tried to kick at her captor.


“Leave my companions body Omega.” The Doctor insisted. “Return her back to her normal self.”


“I am an immortal God!” Omega ranted. “You dare to order me around? You are as an ant before me Doctor.”


“That’s the Omega we all know and love.” The Doctor chuckled to himself.


“Now then brother Time Lord, I shall give you a place at my right hand once I seize control of the High Council. How does the position of President sound to you?”


“Again?” The Doctor asked. “I thought they would be sick of me hogging the throne by now.”


“Doctor, we must do something.” Eve shouted. “There must be a way to bring Alice back.”


“Be silent puny Earth creature.” Omega shouted at his hostage.


“I’ll give you puny...” Eve tried to kick Omega again. “We’ll see who’s the meek, timid one around here.”


“Be silent!” Omega repeated.


“Wake up Alice.” Eve shouted back. “There’s lots of nice yummy scrummy toast for you to make.”


“I need your help Alice .” The Doctor urged. “Only you can help save the Universe from total destruction. There’s a lollipop in it for you.”


“Ha, ha.” Omega laughed. “I have complete control of this simple minded machine.”


“It’s a strawberry flavoured lollipop.” The Doctor continued.


“Strawberry?” Alice asked, her mind reasserting itself.


“It’s almost time for your favourite TV programme Alice.” Eve leapt on her friend’s re-emerging mind.


“Yipee!” Alice shouted and transformed herself into a potted cactus, then a Hi-Fi system before returning to her normal self. “Wombles!” She exclaimed as she rushed back to her room to turn the TV set on.


The Doctor looked at Eve. “I think we sorted things out.”


“No Doctor, I don’t think you did.” Eve pointed at the silver humanoid form that lay on the floor where Eve had regained herself.


“Omega.” The Doctor looked down at the figure. “It didn’t have to end this way. We could have found another way to restore you.”


“I’m free now Doctor.” Omega sighed. “Free of it all. I wish things had been different, I wish that I had returned home that day.”


“Life is full of regrets Omega.” The Doctor mused. “I have so many of them. So many things I could and should have done differently.” The silvery figure dulled and faded from view. “He’s gone.” The Doctor said. “He was one of my greatest heroes.”


“If he’s your hero, I’d hate to meet some one you really hated.” Eve turned to leave.
“I don’t hate people.” The Doctor said to his companion. “Greed, injustice, bigotry and liver certainly but not people. I like to think that even the most ruthless being has a spark of goodness inside of them that seeks redemption. Perhaps one day I can find it in myself too.”


“You’re a good person Doctor.” Eve patted him on the shoulder as she headed out of the console room. “Now I’ve got to make Alice some sticky toffee pudding so she doesn’t get too upset when she realised that her show isn’t on until tomorrow. Save you a bowl too?”


“Sure, why not?” The Doctor turned to his friend and smiled at her. “It may take my mind off of things for a while.” Once she left he returned to debugging the TARDIS console with renewed lethargy.


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