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Chloe is proven correct when she figures out that the bombing of the train is not the same as a rumored threat an hour later. She is even more sure when her programmer friend finds a code that could bring down the entire internet. Although Driscoll refuses to take Chloe’s conclusions seriously, Jack does. Chloe helps him discover the terrorists’ real intentions.

Chloe sneaks into Jack’s holding room to tell him about her friend’s findings on the web. They call Andrew and assure him that Jack will pick him up. Driscoll questions Chloe’s loyalty and she admits that she trusts Jack more.

Chloe secretly accesses the CTU satellite to help Jack track the suspect. She is horrified when she sees her friend Andrew tortured and about to be slain. She breaks down in tears.

Knowing that Driscoll is on to her, Chloe asks Edgar to help her track the satellite for Jack because her system is being monitored. She gets the satellite up for Jack just as she is caught by Driscoll, who has her arrested.

Driscoll allows Chloe the chance to save face and avoid jail by signing her own resignation. Chloe takes the offer. As she is walking out, Chloe assures Edgar that she didn’t name him as an accomplice.

Chloe is called back to CTU by Michelle in order to help Jack. Chloe agrees, and immediately takes charge when she returns. Chloe arranges the satellite feed to monitor Jack and she is able to keep Edgar in check.

Chloe finds out that she now has to report to Edgar and is annoyed by this. She tells Edgar to prioritize his new responsibilities, and the overworked Edgar ignores an important piece of evidence about the terrorist plot.

After Edgar screws up a task because he is upset about his mother, Chloe takes the rap for him. She does this even though telling the truth would have given her back her old job.

Chloe breaks the news that Air Force One has crashed.

After Edgar gets worked up about the suspect being released, Chloe urges him to get back to his job.

Edgar gives Chloe attitude, but she is vindicated when she takes a call from a woman whose boyfriend has suspicious files on his laptop. Chloe verifies that the information is a diagram of the trigger on the missing nuclear warhead. Buchanan orders Chloe to go to the woman’s house to decrypt the other files, and Chloe is nervous about being in the field. Her fears are warranted when one of Marwan’s men raids the house and shoots the accompanying agents. Chloe and the woman escape, and Chloe uses a CTU weapon to kill the gunman.

Chloe is strangely unfazed by the fact that she just killed a man, and she continues to work on decrypting the laptop. She returns to CTU and admits to Edgar that she doesn’t know why it has not affected her.

In a moment of attempted normalcy, Chloe offers to be a sounding board for Jack’s troubles. Unfortunately, Chloe picks the worst time to try to be friendly. When the Chinese official tricks Edgar into giving up information that would incriminate CTU, Chloe pulls Edgar away and calls him an idiot.

When Marwan escapes, Chloe loses him on the satellite. Yet she is able to track down the location where a cab drove the suspects from Richard’s house.

Chloe and Buchanan trade looks when Michelle loses her cool about Tony’s capture.

With Edgar’s help, Chloe is able to decipher what was left on Marwan’s PDA as a flight plan for the missile. They get the information to the Air Force in time to intercept the missile. When Jack fakes his own death, Chloe is one of the few people at CTU who are in the loop. She arranges to intercept the coroner to switch the bodies.



Chloe, who has just hooked up with her subordinate Spenser, is chased by the men who killed Palmer and Michelle. She calls Jack, and meets him at an oil refinery after going dark from CTU.

Chloe drives Jack in the assassin’s van to Wayne Palmer’s building. She taps into her CTU account from the laptop in the van in order to monitor agency deployment. She helps Jack enter the apartment without interference. When she is located by CTU, Chloe tries to escape and surrenders to the agents. She is put on the phone with Buchanan, and explains that Jack has been set up. No one believes her, and she is carted to CTU as a prisoner.

Buchanan allows Chloe to work through the crisis because she is an asset. Yet she goes behind Buchanan’s back to aid Jack in saving Derek. Chloe appeals to Spenser for help, and he obliges.

Chloe thinks Buchanan isn’t convinced they can save the hostages. She is directed to go through McGill from now on, but is annoyed because she thinks McGill is more of a hindrance.

Edgar tells Chloe that he is upset she couldn’t trust him with her secrets. Chloe goes to make up with Spenser, but sees that he has been using a higher security clearance than authorized. She immediately notifies Buchanan, and they take Spenser into custody. Chloe feels betrayed by Spenser because of their relationship, and Spenser accuses her of trying to get revenge on him. He claims that the President had him spy on Jack and CTU as part of an internal investigation.

Chloe is still annoyed with having to report to McGill, but she manages to find the boat where the nerve gas is hidden.


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