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Agent Chase Edmunds is Jack’s partner in the CTU Field Operations division. He suspects that Jack’s erratic behavior is caused by a lingering drug addiction set off when he worked undercover on Salazar. Yet despite Chase’s attempt to broach this subject, Jack refuses to acknowledge it. At CTU, Chase sneaks away to see his girlfriend, Kim. Jack doesn’t yet know that his own daughter is dating his partner. Kim wants to tell Jack about their relationship, and Chase agrees to be the one to give him the news.

Chase confronts Jack about his heroin addiction from going undercover on Salazar, and he advocates a methadone program. Jack refuses to go public with his secret. Knowing that the case and Jack’s addiction are enough of a headache for Jack, Chase thinks that Kim should wait for another time to tell her father about their budding romance. Kim proceeds to tell Jack anyway. Based on Jack’s own experience, he lectures Chase that their job only hinders relationships. Chase believes that it’s Jack who has caused his own problems. He accompanies Jack in raiding the crack house, and they find a dealer who has connections to Salazar. Jack orders Chase to take the dealer back to CTU while he goes off in search of the kid who may have the virus in a drug bag. Chase asks if he is being punished for dating Kim. Jack says that he now has to give Chase the less dangerous assignments because his daughter is in love with him.

Chase tells Kim that her father is excluding him from the case because they are dating. He tries to call Jack, but only gets his voicemail. Kim attempts to alleviate his anger by explaining that Jack will come around. She says she does not want to end their relationship. Chase doesn’t answer in agreement.

Chase tells Kim that he is going to interrogate Salazar on his own, even though Jack doesn’t want him to. Jack calls Chase and orders him to stop. Chase refuses to take orders from Jack and says he is tired of covering up for him. Chase has the cellblock security cameras turned off so that he can beat the truth out of Salazar. Jack arrives and tells Chase he will go along with his plan. Chase apologizes to Jack for what he said about his drug addiction. Jack knocks out Chase and ties him up in the cell. Chase wakes up a few minutes later and is untied by the guards. He notifies the warden that Jack can’t be trusted, and they sound the prison alarm. Chase is handed a shotgun to find Salazar.

Chase is forced to tell the warden about the virus threat in order to get his help in securing Jack and Salazar. Chase then sees Jack among the guards taken hostage. He has explosives planted around the room with the hostages, and he spies on the area with a fiber optic camera. Chase leads the raid to secure the prisoners, but Jack and Salazar escape. After Jack emerges from the prison with Salazar, Chase has no choice but to give him a helicopter to flee safely. Yet when Michelle phones with news that CTU has found Kyle Singer, there is not enough time for Chase to tell Jack that they no longer need Salazar.

Chase begs Chloe to get through to Jack so that he can tell him Salazar is no longer needed to stop the virus. To buy some time, Chase suggests to Chappelle that it would be politically savvy to get the President’s approval before killing Jack. Chappelle agrees, and phones Palmer. Chloe manages to connect him to the helicopter, and Chase radios about the virus being contained. But Jack has already exited the chopper and did not hear Chase’s warning. Chase goes to the subway station where Jack landed, and he knows that Jack would have exited through the tunnels instead of cornering himself on a train. Chase calls Kim to request a schematic of the station, and he runs on foot to the only emergency exit. The grate is still open from when Jack and Salazar escaped. Chase calls Michelle and has her seal off the area.

Chappelle tells Chase that he believes he has been covering up Jack’s heroin addiction, and he threatens to fire Chase if he doesn’t return to CTU. Chase instead goes to the Salazars’ accountant and demands that he trace the money flow to see where Hector might be hiding. The records point to deposits in Las Nieves, Mexico, and Chase has the accountant prepare his personal plane to take him there. On his way to the airport, Chase calls Kim to inform her of his plans. She lets him know about Jack’s abduction and Gael being the mole. Chase pleads with her not to tell anyone what he is doing.

After landing in Las Nieves, Mexico, Chase is met by a Mexican agent sent by Tony. The agent instructs Chase to call Tony with his phone. As soon as Chase makes contact, he is ambushed by gunmen who take him capture. Chase is brought to the Salazar ranch, where he sees that Jack has switched sides. Chase is furious with Jack, and lunges at his former mentor. Jack is forced to shoot Chase to prove his loyalty to the Salazars, but the chamber is empty. Chase is taken away for interrogation, and Jack warns him to “shut up.”

Although he is tortured, Chase does not reveal what he was doing in Mexico. Claudia secretly tells Chase about Jack’s true mission and she promises to help set him free.

Chase refuses to respond to the interrogation, and Hector shoots him in the hand to get him to talk. Claudia knocks out the guard, and with her knife, Chase stabs another of the men. She releases his binds, and Chase must sear his hand to cauterize the bullet wound. Claudia and her family get in a truck to escape with Chase. Gunfire ensues with Hector’s men, and Claudia is killed. Chase and Claudia’s father lose the Salazar henchmen. Chase calls CTU using the dead guard’s cell phone. Tony sends a team to pick him up.

Chase is picked up by CTU forces is brought to a remote command post where his wound is treated. Although CTU wants the on-site teams to hold back, Chase is insistent that they move quickly to help Jack. The delta teams get the coordinates of the location and are told to wait until given the order to attack. Chase volunteers to go in first to scope out the location before the combat teams are sent in.

In constant radio contact with CTU, Chase watches the virus deal from a nearby hill. After the transaction is complete, Chase sees Salazar point his gun at Jack. Chase knows that the delta teams will not make it there in time to save Jack, so he fires at Salazar and hits him in the shoulder. Salazar’s men open gunfire, and the delta teams respond when they arrive. Chase goes to Jack, and they trap Salazar. When the vial Salazar is holding explodes, Jack and Chase go after Nina.

Chase is trapped by Nina, but Jack rescues him and takes her hostage. As they head towards Los Angeles, Chase asks Jack why he didn’t trust him enough to tell him about the secret plan to obtain the virus with the Salazars. He is also upset that Jack pulled the trigger on him when Salazar handed him a gun. Jack blames it on the necessities of the job. Chase warns Nina that Jack could kill her if she lies to him again.

Chloe tells Chase that everyone at CTU, including Kim, knows about his baby. When he returns to CTU, Kim is distant toward him. Chase admits to Jack that he has a daughter, and Jack warns him to settle this with Kim as soon as possible. Chase goes to Kim and explains that he only recently found out he was a father when his ex-girlfriend dumped the baby on him. Chloe had merely been helping babysit. Chase wants to reconcile with Kim and protect his daughter at the same time.

Chase pleads to Chappelle that Jack should be allowed to remain on the mission because he is important to finding the virus. His persuasion succeeds, and he goes with Jack to the location where Amador was tracked. Jack asks about Kim’s knowledge of Chase’s child, and Chase asks him to stay out of it.

Chase and Jack follow Amador, but they are stunned when the car he gets into explodes.

Chase accompanies Jack to the MI-6 office, where they find a bomb attached to the computer mainframe. Jack orders Chase to get out, but Chase refuses to leave his partner. The two escape with the hard drive that has intelligence on Saunders.

Unaware of the true nature of their side trip, Chase chews out Chappelle for not allowing Jack to accompany him to Saunders’s location. Chase leads the raid, but he only finds there a switching mode that has been relaying calls from the building. Saunders is not captured.

Chase tracks Cole, the man who escaped from the Chandler Plaza Hotel. He discovers that Cole is symptomatic and has been in contact with a number of people since he left the hotel.

Chase leads the SWAT teams that are waiting outside Saunders’s building. He is unaware that Tony has moved their positions to allow Saunders to escape.

Chase finds that Saunders has escaped from the building. He returns to CTU with Jack, and they are forced to lock down the complex when Tony kidnaps Jane.

When Kim says she is hesitant to have a relationship with a field agent, Chase reconsiders his line of work. Chase leads the strike team at the bridge and they take down Saunders’s men.

Chase works with Jack to locate the missing courier holding the vial of virus. They take down a man with a transmitter, but Chase sweeps the bag and finds that the virus is somewhere else. The courier is still at large.

Chase tells Jack that he is transferring out of Field Ops so that he will have more time to take care of Kim and his child. Jack assures him that he will support his decision. Jack and Chase follow Rabens to a school, and they split up looking for the man. Rabens attacks Chase. In the battle, Chase prevents the man from taking the device with the virus by clamping it onto his own arm. Rabens activates the device but Jack shoots him. With no way to shut off the detonating timer or remove the clamp, Chase urges Jack to cut off his arm. Jack does so and safely deposits the device holding the virus into an airtight refrigerator. Chase is taken to a hospital to reattach his arm, and he is expected to make a full recovery.


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