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Jamey, like all the other CTU employees, is called in when Walsh comes in to discuss the potential attempt on Palmer’s life. Later she assists Jack in obtaining the password for his daughter Kimberly’s e-mail account.

Jack asks Jamey to trace the information contained on the magnetic strip of a CTU key card. Jamey reports to him that the card came from Nina's computer.

Jack informs her of Richard Walsh's death. He asks that she covertly confirm that the key card information originated from Nina's computer, and Jamey shows him the proof. Jamey then convinces Jack to strip Nina of her confidential CTU access.

Jamey uncovers an address on the key card and Jack goes there to investigate. When George Mason locks down the CTU office, she hides the key card. Mason tries to persuade Jamey that she is being used by Jack and Nina. She reveals nothing.

Jamey is slightly annoyed that Nina has removed her from decoding Walsh's key card. She is even more perturbed that the outside contractor questioned her skills when he was able to break into the key card's file quickly.

Jamey accidentally takes a phone call from Teri who claims that she and her daughter have been kidnapped. Although Jamey offers to send CTU agents to help, she instead gives up Teri's location to Gaines' men.

Jamey speaks to Gaines through a handheld device, letting him know that Milo is aware of the key card switch. She assures Gaines that she will handle it. After she tells Tony that she just spoke to Nina, he becomes suspect that she is lying, and he takes her into custody without Gaines' knowledge. Jamey is shocked to see that Nina is still alive. She admits that she has been sending outside messages about the Palmer case, but she does not reveal her employer. Tony and Nina threaten her, but Jamey only wants to speak to agency counsel. After they see that there was a ruckus at the Palmer event, Tony and Nina order Jamey to tell Gaines that Jack was not involved in the disturbance.

Jamey refuses to divulge any information on Gaines, saying she was forced to do it for the money. Jamey will only talk when she receives immunity in writing. However, the document can not be arranged in time to help Jack. When Jamey's son is brought to CTU as a way to get her to talk, Jamey is distraught. Left alone in the secure room and handcuffed to a chair, she manages to slit her own wrist.

After slitting her own wrists, Jamey dies in the hospital. Tony finds an email in her database that leads them to Cofell, the financial guy behind Gaines' plan.


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