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When summoned hastily for the Palmer case, Tony obtains vital information for Nina, even though he knows that she is doing legwork on behalf of Jack. Tony is jealous of her obvious affection for Jack, and he asks if she is still sleeping with him. She disregards Tony’s question, giving no answer.

Tony eyes Nina warily, believing her to be covering up something for Jack. He finds evidence to support his theory when he traces her phone call helping Jack break into Dunlop Plaza.

Hearing news of Walsh's death, Tony does his own research to find out the cause. He notices the blood on Jack's hand and is suspicious. Tony becomes even more so, as he watches the covert gatherings between Jack, Nina and Jamey. He calls a superior to have Jack's command revoked.

Tony finds that there was an empty seat on the plane that crashed. He looks for a connection to the Palmer hit. When Nina questions Tony’s loyalty, he admits to calling Mason for the lockdown and tells Nina that he is unsure of Jack’s motives.

Tony questions why Nina is upset after his part in the lockdown. He believes that Jack has been hiding things from them, and he doesn't understand why Nina still believes in Jack's loyalty.

Tony notices that Jack booked a helicopter for personal use. When he asks Nina about it, she brushes him off.

Tony is suspect when Jack and Nina mysteriously leave for some unknown meeting. He scans the security footage and sees that Jack took Nina out at gunpoint. Yet he is perplexed at why Jack would have Nina put on a Kevlar jacket before exiting.

Nina phones Tony when she can't reach Jamey. As Tony is about to tell Jamey about the call, he realizes that she is lying about knowing Nina's whereabouts. He and Nina are convinced that Jamey is the informant. He arranges a car to pick up Nina, and is emotional toward her when she arrives at CTU. To protect them from the watchful eyes of unknown spies, Tony puts Nina in a room devoid of cameras. He convinces Nina to notify the Secret Service about Jack. They then catch Jamey, and threaten her with legal action. Yet when there is a problem at the Palmer event, Tony and Nina order Jamey to tell her employer that it was the CTU that was responsible for apprehending Jack.

Tony and Nina push Jamey to reveal her employer, but she remains silent. When Jack calls, Tony apologizes for his insubordinate behavior toward him. Tony and Nina find Jamey slumped over her chair, having slit her own wrist.

Tony finds a name encrypted in Jamey's computer, sending Jack to that man's office to confront him.

When Nina is about to get busted by Alberta Green, Tony creates a ruse that pulls the Acting Director away from Nina's desk. Knowing that they are treading on thin ice to keep their investigation a secret, Tony advocates that they admit the truth to Alberta. Although he is not happy about it, he obliges when Nina refuses.

Although he believes that they should go to Alberta Green with the truth, Tony backs up Nina's decision to remain quiet. He is interrogated by Green, but reveals nothing and is suspended. Green removes the suspension on Tony and Nina when Jack confesses his actions. Nina is appreciative for Tony's willingness to lie on her behalf.

Nina thanks Tony for his support in the whole ordeal. They question Jamey Farrell's mother, and learn that Jamey made large deposits into an account for her son. Tony traces the money to Belgrade, and he and Nina discover that a second hitman was paid by the same fund. The assassin may already be in Los Angeles.

Tony identifies two of the three hired assassins that may be in Los Angeles for the Palmer hit, and he advises Alberta Green to take Palmer out of California for his safety. Green, seeing Tony as a possible ally, convinces Tony to tell the truth to Division head Ryan Chappelle about Jack's inappropriate behavior. His doing so would only help his career under her leadership at CTU. Yet when Chappelle questions him, Tony has nothing but praise for the way Jack handled the Palmer case.

Milo tells Tony that he identified the third shooter as Alexis Drazen. However, Milo does not know why Drazen made a pit stop in Washington, DC for a few days before heading to Los Angeles. Tony passes on the news to Jack about his family's location, and gives him Teri's message.

Tony tells Nina that he didn't inform her about Jack's family because Mason ordered him not to. He guarantees her that they are doing everything they can to find the women. Tony goes to the Bauer house and shoots the assassin Myovic as he is about to murder Teri. Tony reassures Teri that she is now safe.

Tony rescues Teri from the assassin, and informs her that her daughter is alive. At Nina's order, he transports Dr. Parslow to a clinic and brings Teri to CTU.

Tony brings Teri to CTU. He carries out Mason's orders in assisting the commandos sent in to back up Jack.

When Tony learns that Kimberly has been captured, he leaves it up to Nina to break the news to Teri. Nina can't tell Teri about her daughter, and doubts her own tenacity for the job. Tony soothes her fears and assures her that she is what the CTU needs.

Tony discovers that Mason had previously accessed the schematics of the underground detention facility where Victor Drazen had been held. Nina requests Tony to close off Mason's security on the network, and they both suspect that Mason is the dirty agent impeding the Palmer investigation. Along with Nina, Tony is surprised to learn that Palmer actually survived the assassination attempt.

As Jack holds Nina at gunpoint, Tony and Mason convince him that they will need her alive. Tony watches disgustedly as Nina is hauled away in handcuffs.



When Jack is brought to CTU, Tony successfully convinces him that he will do everything he can to protect Kim if Jack works to prevent the terrorists’ bomb. Tony sends two agents to pick up Kim.

Mason sends an agent to investigate some foreign passports that may be connected to the terrorists, and Tony chides him for using the very agent assigned to get Kimberly. Although the agent could not locate the missing Kim, Mason broke a promise to Jack. When Mason goes to leave Los Angeles, Tony confronts him about trying to escape the nuclear blast radius and ignoring his job.

With Mason out of the office, Tony takes command of CTU. On orders from District, Tony sends Mason to investigate a possible terrorist connection outside of Los Angeles. He then receives an urgent demand from NSA to transfer all CTU files about the nuclear bomb to NSA servers. Yet Tony is alarmed to learn that this directive was not sent to other agencies. He relays that fear to Mason, who informs him about finding the production site of the nuclear weapon. When a stray telephone worker passes a note about explosives inside CTU, Tony gives the order to evacuate. He then gets confirmation when he receives a call from White House aide Lynne Kresge about the bombs. As the CTU staff rushes out of the building, Tony realizes that Paula is still in Mason’s office transferring files to NSA. He runs upstairs to get her, and as they try to escape, the building explodes.

Tony, uninjured from the blast, finds the nearly unconscious Paula stuck under a girder. He calls Mason for guidance, but Mason refuses to return to CTU. Tony is furious that Mason would try to save himself when the whole city is at risk, and he takes charge of the desecrated CTU office himself. While initially opposing Mason’s decision to have Paula remain at CTU to retrieve the case files, even though it puts her life in jeopardy, Tony admits to Michelle that it is probably the right thing to do. Yet he is tormented at having been the one to bring Paula into CTU in the first place.

With Mason back in charge at CTU, Tony follows up with a Middle Eastern businessman who had connections with the terrorist they have been tracking. He arrives at the Warner home, where Bob Warner tries to convince him to come back another day. Tony is insistent, and interrogates Reza. Although Reza feigns innocence about any knowledge of Syed Ali, Tony shows Reza that Ali’s name is all over his personal computer files.

While not revealing anything to Tony, Reza claims that he is being racially profiled. Tony describes a mosque in Reza’s hometown of London that recruits terrorists fitting Reza’s description. Yet when Tony threatens to walk him out in front of his parents wearing handcuffs, Reza finally relents. He tells Tony that he only confirmed the money transfers to Syed Ali to cover up that the fact that they were done by Bob Warner. Tony then turns his sights on interrogating Warner.

Tony brings Reza and Bob Warner into CTU. He inquires about which of his co-workers died in the blast. Bob asks to speak to Tony privately, and he reveals that he is working as a consultant for the CIA. Yet he doesn’t know why there are links to him having a relationship with the terrorist Syed Ali. Although Tony has interrogated Reza thoroughly, Mason still suspects that Reza is the one dealing with the terrorists. Tony must pull Mason off when he attacks Reza. Tony then checks up on the frazzled Michelle. He gives her a kind word of support and encourages her that everything will be all right.

Tony briefs Mason on what he has uncovered at the Warner house. Mason wants both Bob Warner and Reza brought in for further questioning, authorizing Tony to arrest them if they won’t come. After Marie insists on accompanying Reza, Tony gives her permission to go with them to CTU.

Tony questions Mason as to why he put Reza and Warner in the same room. When Mason answers that he was trying a different tactic to get them to confess, Tony is confused as to Mason’s recent change of attitude. Mason admits that he was exposed to radiation and is dying. Michelle knows that Mason is sick, and Tony comes clean to her about Mason’s condition. Yet he says that he believes Mason is still fit to run CTU, and that he will help him in any way possible.

When Jack tells him that he rescued Kate Warner at Syed Ali’s house, Tony fills him in on the investigation that he has been pursuing on the Warner family, and he wonders if Bob Warner’s ties with CIA have anything to do with this ordeal. Tony tries to connect the dots between the Warners and Ali, and he asks Michelle to open up her search to include all Warner employees. Michelle shyly admits to Tony that she has feelings for him. Tony is also interested in her, but has been reluctant after having been burned by his involvement with Nina. The two agree to go on a date if they survive an impending nuclear attack.

Tony admits to Michelle that he is happy about starting a relationship with her even though his experience with Nina gave him pause regarding office romances. When he learns that Marie Warner may have killed Reza and two CTU agents, Tony alerts Jack to be wary of Kate because she too might be involved. Tony then breaks the news to an agitated Bob Warner. Warner, however, thinks that Tony is just making the story up to get him to admit something.

Mason catches Tony working on the search for Kim Bauer, and he chides him for diverting attention away from the terrorist attack. Tony says he is only doing what he promised Jack. He continues to track Kim when Mason walks away.

Tony tells Jack that they have not yet found Kim. Jack begs him to do whatever he can to save her. Tony has Michelle round up the Second Wave terrorists named by Syed Ali. Yet when Mason directs all units to Norton Airfield, Tony’s order is overruled. Tony is annoyed that Division wants to shut down their operation, but he tells Michelle that perhaps Division will remove Mason from command once they see his rapidly declining state. After the tech uncovers the number from the burned paper, Tony gives the plane’s location to Jack.

Mason makes Tony the new Director because he is too sick to continue. He gives Tony the access cards for CTU and Division, and requests that he say goodbye to the staff for him. After Mason leaves the office, Tony informs the staff of Mason’s condition and the new chain of command at CTU. He asks them to mourn Mason after they complete their mission.

As the new Director of CTU, Tony is given a suitcase full of Syed Ali’s belongings found at the safe house. One of the objects is an encrypted hard drive that holds a recording of a conversation between Ali and officials from three Middle Eastern countries. The audio suggests that these countries funded the nuclear weapon. Tony notifies the President of this discovery, and tells him that, although they will have the tape authenticated, they have every reason to believe it is legitimate. Tony must also deal with Yusuf, a liaison from the country that gave up information on Ali’s whereabouts. Tony, however, is reluctant to give the man any access and shelters him from seeing information related to the case. Jack asks Tony to urgently find Kim, telling him that he has left a will and a letter for her in his apartment. When Tony gets Kim on the phone, he connects her to Jack so that they can say their farewells. Then Jack lets Tony know that Mason will instead pilot the plane with the bomb, and Tony has Michelle send a helicopter to pick up Jack in the desert.

Tony tells the staff of George Mason’s gratitude for their hard work. Yusuf Auda, the foreign liaison, asks Tony to be apprised on the investigation, but Tony rebuffs him once again. With Michelle interrogating Syed Ali, Tony has Carrie handle audio verification on Ali’s tape. The techs find that the evidence shows the tape is legitimate, but Michelle informs Tony that Ali says the conversation never happened. She wants to investigate further. Carrie snubs Michelle’s findings, but Tony decides to present both sides of the debate to the White House. When Michelle presses Tony to dig deeper into Ali’s claims, he says that Ali will be deported to Guantanamo for more interrogation. Michelle is sure that will be too late. Tony gives Jack the phone number of a sheriff looking for Kim in San Jose. When Ali is assassinated as he is being led out of CTU, Tony contends that the shooter came from one of the three countries named on the tape. Jack rebukes this, saying that it instead gives weight to Ali’s claims of falsity. Tony warns Jack to back off on the case because he is in charge. Carrie notifies Tony that Jack is kidnapping Kate Warner, and Tony stops them from leaving the complex at gunpoint. Jack asks Tony to stand down, but he refuses. Jack grabs the gun and knocks Tony out.

Tony injures his ankle in the scuffle with Jack. He tells White House Chief of Staff Mike Novick that Jack is on the run with a witness and can not be found. Carrie says that she believes Michelle was helping Jack to kidnap Kate Warner. When Tony confronts Michelle about this, she claims that Carrie is lying. Tony asks Carrie whether this is true, and Carrie explains that she saw Michelle and Jack speaking conspiratorially before he escaped. Believing her, Tony has Carrie track all of Michelle’s outside communication to see if she is contacting Jack.

Carrie informs Tony that Michelle is accessing satellite images and received a call that was not logged. Tony has Carrie find out what Michelle is researching because he assumes that Jack will be found at the coordinates of the satellite. Yet Michelle had pulled over a hundred different satellite quadrants. Tony goes to confront Michelle as she is exiting the restroom carrying her phone PDA. He questions her about helping Jack, but Michelle denies the accusation. When he gets word that there has been gunfire in Studio City, Tony has Carrie look up whether the location matched one of Michelle’s satellite images. He approaches Michelle again, and she finally admits to going behind Tony’s back. Michelle phones Jack from her cell and hands the phone to him. Tony tries to get Jack to bring Wallace into CTU, but Jack says that he needs to do this outside CTU parameters and he hangs up. Michelle comes into Tony’s office expecting to be fired. Although he is angry that she disobeyed his orders, he sends her back to work.

Jack phones Tony to tell him about the chip that contains the evidence to prove the Cyprus recording was falsified. He pleads with Tony to notify the President. Tony tells Michelle what Jack found, and she urges him to make the call to Palmer. He does, but can not confirm for the White House that what Jack has is authentic. Tony informs Michelle of the call and she is pleased. Yet he wants her to prepare to verify the evidence once Jack brings the chip in to CTU. Tony sees Michelle and Carrie argue, and he calls Michelle to his office. She admits that her brother left his wife for Carrie and that there has been uneasiness ever since. Tony asks her to try to put that aside for their current mission. After Michelle’s brother comes to the office and attacks Carrie, Tony comforts the distraught Michelle. They kiss, but are caught by Carrie. Tony gets another surprise when he learns that Chappelle and other bigwigs from District are coming to help him run CTU.

Chappelle warns Tony not to waste time searching for Jack and the chip to disprove the military attack. If Tony does not obey this order, Chappelle will not back him for a permanent job as CTU Director. Yet Tony goes behind Chappelle’s back and has Michelle track Jack’s movement in order to find the chip. Carrie tries to blackmail Tony into giving her Michelle’s job by threatening to tell Chappelle what he is doing. Tony calls her bluff, and notifies Chappelle of her extortion attempt. He then gives Chappelle the chance to fire him for pursuing Jack against his orders. Although he is not pleased, Chappelle lets Tony remain as acting Director -- only because there is no one else to take the job at such short notice.

Tony questions Chappelle why they are still in war mode when the President called off the attack, but Chappelle tells him that the order may soon be reversed. Jack calls, and provides Tony with the name Peter Kingsley as a possible lead. Jack also gives whatever he can pull from the damaged chip, and Tony sends for more I.T. support to retrieve anything from it. Chappelle learns of Tony’s request and chastises him for wasting manpower on Jack’s wild goose chase. After Tony tells him that Jack found the chip, Chappelle notifies Vice President Prescott. Tony and Michelle are unsuccessful in retrieving the audiofiles from the chip, but they are able to distinguish the chip’s possible programmer, Alex Hewitt. Tony gives Jack an address that Hewitt may be living in, as well as information about Hewitt’s background. He also finds that Hewitt has no connection to Peter Kingsley.

After Chappelle warns him about expending resources on Jack’s misguided hunt, Tony tells Jack that he will send a helicopter to pick up Hewitt. Yet Tony’s appeals to Chappelle are silenced when he is informed that he is being reassigned because of his judgement calls. Former President Palmer calls CTU looking for Jack, and Tony realizes that he must help them by taking unofficial actions. He has Michelle bring Chappelle to a holding room, and Tony sedates him. Tony orders the helicopter to be sent to Jack immediately.

Brad Hammond from Division calls, and he becomes suspicious when Tony tells him that Chappelle left the premises. Tony gives Michelle an access card and has her leave CTU to work with Jack from the field. Hammond comes to CTU and places the agency under a lockdown because someone from the inside reported that they were going against Division’s orders. Tony knows that it was Carrie’s doing. The Division agents find the drugged Chappelle, and they arrest Tony. Imprisoned in a holding room, Tony tells Michelle that he will take all the blame for their actions so that she can be set free. Yet Michelle won’t let him do that because she only did what she thought was right.

Chappelle asks the imprisoned Tony and Michelle to put him in touch with Jack because he is being pressured by higher-ups to assist him. Tony demands that all charges be dropped against them. Chappelle agrees, and they are released. Tony contacts Jack and helps arrange the live feed and voice authentication. After the crisis is over, Tony orders Chappelle out of his office chair, and Chappelle grants Tony his job back. Tony then thanks Michelle for doing what she thought was best, even if it meant going against his wishes. He fondly tells her that he will see her tomorrow at work.



Tony serves as Director of the CTU Los Angeles office, and his wife Michelle works under him. Tony has received a job offer from Langley, but he is wary of moving across the country for it because there is nothing available for Michelle. Tony gets the news that a body found at National Health Services is infected with a virus that could rapidly kill millions if spread to the public. Questions about whether this virus is a connection to Jack’s Salazar investigation are affirmed when they receive an anonymous call demanding the prison release of Salazar in return for the prevention of the virus leak.

Tony updates Wayne Palmer on the investigation, and Wayne suggests that the President will not negotiate with terrorist demands. When Jack and Chase follow a lead on the body’s ID, Tony has Michelle place transmitters on them so they can be tracked. After Jack refuses to use the transmitter, Tony asks Chloe brief him on anything she has from the Field Ops division. Info comes in about a possible Northern Mexico connection, and Tony wants Michelle to have their contacts there keep an eye out for Hector Salazar.

Tony is overwhelmed with chaos at CTU. The white powder leaks into the sewage system, the media picks up the story about the dead body and Annicon is murdered. After Jack figures out that the virus is inside Kyle instead of in the powder, Tony has Kim trace Kyle to a mall. Before he can chopper there to pick up Kyle, Chase asks why he is being cut out of the investigation. Tony tells him that Jack made the decision. At the mall, Tony approaches Kyle in an effort to bring him in safely, but Tony is shot in the neck by one of Salazar’s henchmen. Kyle escapes.

Tony receives vascular surgery on his gunshot wound.  With no nerve damage, he is expected to make a full recovery.

When Michelle arrives at the hospital, Tony inquires about Jack and the case. After she tells him about Jack’s abduction and Gael’s involvement, Tony demands that she take him back to the office. He goes into the interrogation room to see Gael and orders Michelle and Chappelle out of the room. Michelle leaves, but Chappelle refuses. Gael’s handheld buzzes, and he indicates that it means Jack is in. Tony explains to Chappelle that he and Gael have been secretly working with Jack to help him infiltrate the Salazars again. They must now warn the President.

Tony informs an angry Chappelle that he and Gael were secretly working to put Jack back undercover with the Salazars. He then calls President Palmer and plays back a pre-recorded message from Jack that explains the mission to expose Ukrainians selling the deadly virus. Palmer is angry that he was kept in the dark, and tells Tony that he will be reprimanded later. Although Tony is still weak, he insists to Chappelle that he is in charge of this operation. After Kim breaks the news that Chase went to rescue Jack, Tony sends a Mexican agent to stop Chase. Yet the agent is killed and Chase is taken captive before Tony can alert him to Jack’s true mission.

Tony makes some errors when dealing with Kim. Michelle asks him about it and he denies that his health is impeding his work. Tony is angry when Michelle goes to Chappelle, but Tony proves to his boss that he is more than competent to lead the mission.

Tony learns about Jack and the situation with the virus. He orders commando teams to track Jack in Mexico. Michelle apologizes for turning Tony in to Chappelle, but he believes that she only did it to assert her own authority.

Gael gets a call from Hector about Chase’s escape, and he telss him that Chase has gone rogue. Although Tony’s team can track the virus in Amador’s hands, he will not send in troops until he has gotten confirmation from Jack that the virus does exist. However, Tony does not know how Jack will make contact with CTU.

Tony is abrupt with Michelle, and there is some awkwardness between them. When Kim brings it to his attention that Chloe might be psychotic, Tony decides to deal with the whole baby situation after the virus has been secured. After Chase radios with verification that Nina has the virus, Tony orders the delta teams on the ground to raid the area. Yet when the delta teams are ambushed by Amador’s men, Tony must tell Jack that they lost Amador and the virus.

After his team makes a connection between Alvers and Amador, Tony sets the search in motion. With Nina’s worm about to cripple the entire CTU system and endanger the lives of undercover agents, Tony insists that Jack’s plane go back to Mexico to meet Nina’s demands in return for the worm kill code. Yet when Chloe miraculously finds a way to stop the worm, the plane continues its descent into Los Angeles.

Tony openly places blame on Michelle for an error in protocol. She refuses to respond when he attempts to talk with her about it later. Tony interrogates Nina, but she tries to throw him off by bringing up their past. Yet when Tony mentions that Alvers tested positive for HIV, Nina’s rising pulse gives away that she had a romantic relationship with the man. Despite this break, Tony does not get any further with Nina, so he calls in the torture specialist. However, Nina causes the torture needle to hit one of her arteries, and Tony becomes covered in her blood. Nina is rushed to the clinic, and when Tony sees what he thinks is Nina falling under anesthesia, he goes to tell Jack and Chappelle what happened. This allows Nina to escape.

After Chloe tracks down Amador’s location and they learn that the Chandler Hotel might be the target, Tony sends an NHS team there with biohazard suits. Chappelle orders Michelle to lead the team on the site, much to Tony’s dismay. Yet Tony won’t let Michelle enter the building until she has a biohazard suit to protect her.

Tony wants Michelle to leave the hotel, but she adamantly refuses. He becomes concerned for his wife when he learns that Gael is already showing symptoms of the virus, but Michelle is focused on the task at hand.

Tony asks Michelle to get Alvers to describe the man who hired him so they can identify the man. After receiving bad news about the virus’s survival rate, Tony feels guilty for how he treated Michelle before she left. Chappelle chides Tony for not focusing on the mission, and he tells him to assume the worst. But Chappelle does allow Tony to send suicide capsules to the people trapped in the hotel.

Tony juggles dealing with the virus-stricken people at the hotel and coordinating the investigation. When Michelle becomes emotional, Tony is torn between his duty and being there for his wife.

After his team discovers that Saunders has a daughter, Tony asks Kim if she will stand in for the girl so that Saunders’s men won’t know CTU has captured her. Tony tells his staff that Chappelle died in the line of duty. After Chase gets information from Cole, Tony deduces that another 75 people may have been infected outside the hotel.

Tony keeps his team focused on containing the virus, and he is relieved to find out that Michelle is immune to the threat. However, Saunders contacts Tony directly with proof that he has captured Michelle. He orders Tony to make the CTU agents move to the front of his building so that he can escape through the back. With Michelle’s life on the line and no time to spare, Tony gives in and summons the SWAT teams to the incorrect location. Saunders escapes.

After Jack’s raid is unsuccessful Tony blames the erroneous attack plan on a staff mistake. Tony deletes all images of Saunders leaving the building from the satellite feed and he lies to his staff about Michelle’s whereabouts. Saunders demands that his daughter be handed over in return for Michelle’s release. Tony confirms that Michelle is still alive, and Saunders orders him to stop the phone trace CTU is doing. Tony obliges to save Michelle. Tony locks Chloe in the tech room and prevents her from accessing her system. He then breaks Jane out of CTU and takes her to Saunders.

Jack catches Tony as he is kidnapping Jane, and he demands that Tony follow his orders. Tony reminds Jack that he sacrificed his own wife in the line of duty, and Tony doesn’t want that to happen to Michelle. During the exchange, Tony and the CTU agents take down Saunders’s men. Tony reunites with Michelle.

Tony is taken into custody and brought back to CTU. He is told that his act of treason might be punishable by death.

Tony admits to his superiors that he jeopardized the mission by putting Michelle’s life ahead of national security. Michelle gets Tony released to help the case, and he leads the tactical mission for Jack from CTU. Yet after the virus is contained, Tony is taken into custody. He tells Michelle that although what he did was wrong, he can survive prison knowing she is still alive.



After Jack calls him for help, Tony saves Jack and Audrey from being killed by the terrorists.

Tony, who was dumped by Michelle and has been out of work since he was released from prison, allows Jack to use his home computer to track the surveillance footage. Although he doesn’t want to get involved with any more CTU business, Tony agrees to accompany Jack to pick up the suspect.

After Jack urges him to help on the case, Tony accompanies him to the hotel where Dina Araz is hiding out. The CTU agent in charge does not want to take orders from Tony.

Tony accompanies Jack to the terrorists’ hideout and they uncover clues about the day’s events. Jack asks Tony to take Dina and Behrooz back to CTU, but Tony is wary of returning there. Jack says that this will help him get reinstated. When Tony arrives at CTU, Driscoll hands him a badge and security clearance.

Despite the pardon, Tony threatens to send Behrooz to prison if Dina doesn’t tell him information about Marwan. She gives up that Marwan was her cell’s contact and that he has the Override device at the Rockland Building .

After Driscoll leaves, Tony convinces Heller to put him in charge of CTU because he knows the operation. Curtis is opposed to Tony’s new role, but Tony assures him that he it is only temporary. Tony is shocked to see the new CTU director arrive from District. It is his ex-wife Michelle.

Tony argues with Michelle about his sudden demotion. Knowing Jack’s field technique, Tony suggests that they send the backup in. Michelle disagrees, and she is proved wrong. Tony offers to leave, but Michelle asks him to stay. She gives him more responsibility.

Tony thinks that Edgar has lost focus, and Michelle brings back Chloe to pick up the slack. Tony tries to convince Jack to talk to Audrey before he goes undercover, but Jack refuses to burden her any further.

Tony keeps Audrey apprised of Jack’s situation. He also oversees the interrogation of Behrooz, advising Curtis to use physical torture. With Jack’s information about the shorted phone lines, Tony is able to pinpoint the location of Marwan’s hideout. He sends the address to both Jack and the CTU tactical teams.

Tony sees Buchanan be tender to Michelle, and he questions his ex-wife on whether she is sleeping with the boss. Tony and Michelle try to convince the President to remain in the air, but Keeler refuses and heads for Los Angeles. Tony helps Jack communicate with the pilot manning the stealth bomber, but Jack’s attempt to prevent the attack on Air Force One is unsuccessful.

Tony is curt with Buchanan, but Buchanan says that he and Michelle didn’t last as a couple because she was still hung up on Tony. When Jack recovers the Nuclear Football, Tony wonders why Marwan would give it up in order to escape. They realize that Marwan ripped critical pages out of the code book that correspond to warhead activations.

Tony apologizes to Michelle about his earlier comments on her relationship with Buchanan. He wants to put it all behind them so they can get on with the task at hand. After a call to brief the newly-sworn in President, Tony voices his concern that Logan is not up to the job.

Tony intercedes when Edgar’s recalcitrance to Chloe affects her job. After Chloe finds a woman whose boyfriend has files that relate to the missing warhead, Tony rightly suspects that the man is in Iowa where the convoy disappeared.

Michelle picks up Tony’s line and takes a call from Jen. Tony apologizes to Michelle and explains that he’s not in love with Jen. When Jack takes on a non-official raid of a foreign-governed building, he only entrusts Tony to monitor his mission. Buchanan finds out later and gives Tony flack. Tony questions whether Buchanan is only angry because of Michelle.

Tony tells Michelle that he doesn’t like being without her. She has the same feelings. When Jack discovers a live feed of a missile Marwan launched with the nuclear warhead, Tony and the team are unable to pinpoint its location in the few seconds they are given.

Tony tells Michelle that, in order for their relationship to work, they must both leave CTU for good. He joins Jack in the field, but Tony is captured by Mandy. She ties him up and gags him.

Mandy has a decoy go outside to see if the CTU agents will apprehend her, and a man dressed like Tony enters the car that explodes. Mandy takes Tony by gunpoint to the garage. He cuts his foot with glass and leaves a trail of blood for Jack to follow. Tony puts up a fight until Jack arrives and saves him. Tony calls Michelle to let her know that he is still alive. He tells her that he loves her and is coming back to CTU to see her.

Tony returns to CTU and embraces Michelle. She says that she never realized how much she loved him until she feared he was dead. After Jack finds out that he will be killed instead of handed over to the Chinese government, Tony helps him fake his own death to trick the agent sent to murder him. Tony injects Jack with the drug to increase his heartbeat and revive him. Then he and Michelle sneak Jack out and arm him with a fake identity and an untraceable cell. Jack thanks them both.



Tony and his wife Michelle debate whether to help CTU in the Palmer assassination. They have started their own company, and Tony thinks they should not interfere with their old employer. Michelle is killed when her car explodes outside their house. Tony is injured in the blast, and is taken to CTU for treatment on his head trauma so that he can be protected.


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